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The tub drain plug/lever thing's being replaced, about 150$ as I expected. Less expected was the discovery that the pipe leading away from the bathtub drain has become frighteningly corroded this past year, and absolutely requires replacing of said segment, for another 500$. D:, *facepalm*, arghlwarghl, etc., and so on.

After last week's hormone-induced anxiety and then massive anger, I've meandered through a more typical low mood and then back to holy crap anxiety. :x Hence a panicky bout of Doing Things of a RL and holiday nature. At least that means the bills and present-wrapping are caught up on (only bits left are the last couple things yet to arrive). Have started planning my must-do list of things for January, including insurance and house-related issues. I guess this is the sort of thing I am good for now, but it means contacting people, which yeah, not my best skill.

foolish WoW fretting )

Jojo, I swear that beta will happen tomorrow, I mean it this time. :( It'll be my first thing on the list this time, I promise.
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At least got the shoveling done (not that there's much snow), and what presents I do have wrapped. Ordered almost all the rest that I need. Just need a few more stores Fri/Sat to be done-done. And the stuff that has to be mailed is ready to go, so that can be done Tues. That's progress at least.

Car went in to have the accident damage repaired yesterday, found out today that...yeah, Saturn parts are hard to find now, so they won't have it done until Tuesday or Wednesday earliest. We're a one-car family. Yeah. So now I've got to rent a car. At least Dad can help the husband get to work tomorrow, and get me over to Enterprise. The other person's insurance is...just not talking to USAA. Though USAA says that they will handle it if this continues (has been a month) and will go to arbitration if need be. Such stupid hassle for what was a minor fender bender.

I fail so hard at WoW. I suck at the new heroics, like seriously suck. And I'm pretty sure most of my guildmates like the husband well more than they like me right now. Really starting to feel like I don't fit in anymore, and starting to think I'm just not good enough for what the game is right now.

I guess I should be happy that I've got heat and the internet http://www.johnnywander.com/comics/232 so at least I'm warm and able to make bitchy, whining posts, yeah? :/
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Yeah, still sick. But improving, I promise. This thing seriously kicked my ass, and I'm unfortunately used to how colds treat me. Least I don't feel like I need a dr/antibiotics anymore, just normal-cold cruddy. No energy though, which really gets aggravating. A good night of sleep would help, but just can't seem to thanks to waking myself up contantly coughing--either getting up for cough syrup/drops keeps me up for awhile or if it's past 5am, I might as well just get up, you know? But a few hours a night is gettin' a mite old. ^^;

UGH, need a new keyboard. Long time ago, I'd had a spill that'd gummed up a few keys--they got kinda-sorta better, but then recently have out of the blue gummed up even *worse*, and my 6-7-8 are darned near non-functional. Guess I know what my Christmas money from Dad will go toward.

OMFG WOW: CATACLYSM TONIGHT \o/!!! Shows how out of it I am--I kept thinking when I heard midnight release 12-7, that meant midnight Tuesday. No, Beavis, you dumbass, that means Monday midnight. Oy. I seriously only realized this *last night*.

For some reason, realizing Cata comes out tonight instead of tomorrow night started me on some sort of anxiety-cascade, and thus massive insomnia before the coughing problem even factored in. >_< Aasfsdkjfk. I'm just so behind on basic house stuff, and thought I was okay on holiday things but now feel hugely behind. And I'd wanted to do cards for people, but honestly that's not going to happen. :/ So I really love all those that have posted entries saying to leave an address for a Christmas/holiday card, but I feel really weird taking and not giving. Bad enough I've left prompts for comment-fic when I'm not going to have anything to offer.

Was supposed to go to the husband's work holiday dinner tonight, but highly likely not doing so. And of course, had planned on waiting at Gamestop this evening for the midnight release, but that's probably not a good idea. :/ The husband is willing to do it, which is cool, since he's not one for standing out in crowds and usually I'm the weirdo that does that sort of thing. (Unfortunately it does mean standing out in the cold again >_< Which is why I definitely can't do it.)

PS REGARDING A CERTAIN TV GUIDE COVER WOOOOOO HELL YEAH FANDOM :D :D :D Holy cats, for the first time in like a decade I actually give a shit about buying a TV Guide. XD;
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Got Missy-cat to the vet this morning. They removed the growth, a short procedure that only took a bit over an hour. They'll send it for biopsy so we should know in a few days if it's something that we need to worry about. For now, she's doing really well, not acting too out of the ordinary at all. They gave her an antibiotic and steroid shot, and it left only a small incision, so hopefully it'll heal quick. Then there'll just be taking her back in a couple weeks to get the sutures out.

Another 550$+ today, though. : / This has been an expensive, expensive year for the cats. We never intended to have that many, but I kind of have liked having four. But I'm starting to agree with the husband's statement that as they age and eventually die, that he doesn't ever want to have more than two at a time again. I don't know how we ended up with ones that all have so many medical issues. There's always been so many other animals I've wanted to have, too, but I couldn't imagine doing so now, even beyond him saying no--the cost, even for just normal stuff, is so high. And when they have health issues, it's just astronomical. : /

Ugh, and now I've been short with Mom about something in regards to this all, and I seriously hate when I do that. But she gets so overly concerned, almost obsessive, about the littlest things, almost hypochondriac, and I'm already stressed and worrying about it all and about costs, and I just...crap. I mean, we've been home just a bit over an hour, and of course she's going to groom it some--they only said to go back for the cone if she really won't leave it alone--ffs, give it some time, mother.

Read the first two volumes (and some of the third) of Scott Pilgrim at Borders while Missy was having the vetwork done. Really was liking it, wish I could buy them. Definitely want to see the movie when it hits DVD.

I swear I'll get to comments tomorrow. :x Right now I want comfort!pizza-rolls. :x
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The yay is that we got heroic 10m Putricide in WoW last night. It really is a cool thing, and the result of a lot of work. Only two more achievements left for the 10man drakes (heroic Sindrigosa and the Waited A Long Time For This one).

Really, really down today. A moodswing from being up/manic/productive last week, I guess. And I'm worried about one of my cats--Missy (aka cat 3 of 4), the maine coon. What we thought was a mat of fur is an about third inch growth on her skin, and I'm going to have to get her to the vet. Don't know if it's something that's infected/inflamed, or if it's a tumor of some sort.

But also, fandom is just...making me sad right now. I thought it was bad enough to see/hear about such hate for my favorite character, but to know how people are being to each other now...it's just really disheartening. I do not understand the meanness, the hurtfulness, even the swearing at each other. I just don't comprehend it. Aren't we in this for a common love of this show and it's characters? Even if you don't like all of the characters or parts of the show, don't people know how to be respectful and considerate of others, to know that something you say horrible things about might be something that someone else likes or even loves?

I guess for me...well, I'll put it simply. I like Sam Winchester. I like Jared Padalecki. I like fanworks, whether they be gen or slash or even RPF/RPS. I like Supernatural--and I will, I am pretty damned sure, continue to like it. But most of all, most importantly, I like you. There's a reason I friended you all, and there's a reason I keep you as friends and hope you keep me as well. I greatly appreciate that I can share in your lives in these small ways, and share in this common love of the show Supernatural, its characters, and cast/crew.

Please, just be excellent to each other?

Anyway. Stuff I have to do first, but what I want to do is find feel-good, uplifting, hopeful fic and just hide and wallow. Though I also kind of want to see if I have a DVD of Bill & Ted, and watch it and try to get rid of this stupid urge to cry I've had since waking up. I'm too old to be like this--I'm 37 not 17.


Sep. 14th, 2010 11:44 am
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Today I am: stupid-tired, croaky, fretting, and absolutely dreading Saturday. Yeehah. :| Also, the heroic Putricide fight in a pain in the butt (at least we've made some progress in learning it). Also also: http://www.asofterworld.com/index.php?id=595 is so a SPN fic prompt if I ever saw one.


Sep. 10th, 2010 04:40 pm
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Dear self:

Fic posting date is the *18th*, not the 22nd. FFS, above all else, do not forget that again. Also, today may kind have sucked, but you *will* work on/finish the thing tomorrow or Sunday at the freaking latest, no more excuses. This is not hard, and it's not long. Why are you making it be hard when it isn't? Other people can compose something awesome in like, an evening's work.

Quit panicking (again),

Oh god, next Saturday. D:
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[livejournal.com profile] seisei_ftw, how are you so awesome? \o/ ♥ Seriously, you are awesome. Random vgifts are full of win. And awesome. ^___^ Thankyou~ *squishhug* (Also: (C o_o)C Crab battle! ♥ )

At least I've finally started on my [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love fic, because honestly I've been feeling like the worst failure ever for having not gotten my act together up until now. Was feeling more and more panic since there's only fifteen days left until I post, and I do want to leave sufficient beta and edit time. I'm good at having anxiety attacks over stupid little things, yeah. Anyway, it's only half done, and it won't be long (only about 2k so far), but considering it's sort of like pulling teeth, I'm glad to have that much and to have the basics of the rest bulleted out. But yeah, 2k words for over four hours of work--I'm not kidding when I say I'm a slow writer or when I say that it's like pulling teeth. I have a lot of respect and awe for those who can write fast, whether good or otherwise. This is why I'll never do a big bang.

By the way, I do appreciate those that offered to help me brainstorm ideas on this when I've posted about stressing on this before. I just...I had so little, just tiny seeds of what I wanted to do, that I was embarrassed to write anyone to get plotting help because it would highlight how much next-to-nothing I already had. I'm just glad I finally had bits and pieces finally come together in my head last week. It won't be epic or anything stellar or deep--I'm just hoping for okay, frankly. Simply done will be nice. :p (Ugh, too bad tomorrow's so busy...hopefully Thursday?)

I have a couple of people I'm going to PM about betaing (I haven't gotten beta help in a couple years, since an old fandom, for lack of fellow fans, and then later--seriously--for fear of how bad I'd be told what I did was once I did know fellow fans), but if one of them can't, I'll post and ask here.

Anyway, I still owe a ton of comments, have barely commented on anyone's posts or the ones sitting in my email for several weeks now. Apologies again. Stressing has sort of made me want to hide, a lot. : /

Also also...some of the extended family that was causing teh dramaz? Still going on. I'm glad I don't have to deal with it, but am upset that my mother and those family members I do care about are still having to. Those of my extended family that are freaks and idiots and are generally reprehensible, good lord, I wish someone would slap some sense into them, seriously. Punch some sense into them, better still.

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