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A happiest of happy birthdays to one Sam Winchester ♥ Pretend that I have written a little something where he and his brother spend a peaceful day together to celebrate, and they keep on carrying on.  Many happy returns of the day, Sammy.

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] akintay and [livejournal.com profile] santacarlagypsy for tin foil hats! They're freaking adorable ^___^ Many *hugs*!

Finally watched our Secret of Kells DVD on Saturday. Really gorgeously detailed animation and a very interesting and unique art style. Am planning on rewatching sometime on my computer instead of my TV, so I can get a closer look at it.

Have been rereading Kerouac's Book of Haikus recently. Jotted down under the flap of the back cover in a poor attempt at his style:
new leaves
on swaying branches
birdfeeder pendulum swings

Guild got a first kill on Heroic Atramedes last night--took about five attempts total.  Have tried the "new" ZA and ZG (as well as the special quest chain in Stranglethorn), though I have yet to do the children's week stuff again.

[livejournal.com profile] paxlux is the Jerk to my Bitch. I'm just sayin'. ♥

Ohwow, finally tired. Finally\o/ Too much awakeness and anxiety all evening and night.


Apr. 24th, 2011 11:56 pm
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Guild name seen in WoW: <Seven Inches Unbuffed> Oh, eyeroll. Thirteen-year-old boys, unite. :p

Speaking of WoW, I have...been slightly immersed lately. Finally working on another Horde rogue alt, at last finally one I'm happy with and won't end up deleting for annoyance at appearance (or because of server transferring). Am very much enjoying seeing the post-Cataclysm old world zones finally, as I've wanted to do since the xpac began--interesting to see the visual changes, but also the alterations in quest design. Very much liking so far. But the one thing I really dig about the rogue class, is that no matter what changes, I have no problem understanding and playing the combat spec--something that isn't true for any other class I play. Oddly enough, despite female bloodelves not being my favorite to play, the alt is yet another one of them (my third). Because I am a lame weirdo, in my mind she's sort of a fem!Jared in look, named Samaara because of well, yeah (Samarra was taken, but I like this other spelling better now anyway).

Finally got the Stood In The Fire achievement, but of course on Samaara and not on Akseru like I really wanted. :p But it was neat to see--everything goes cherry KoolAid red, the sky goes black, then half a minute later, bam, everything and everyone's fried by the dragon's fire. That means players, game NPCs, monsters, critters, everything in the area. XD Good times.

Today there was Easter candy, woo hoo \o/ Made deviled eggs (which were awesome, tyvm), and a ham/fresh asparagus/hashbrown casserole that included a rather nice red pepper havarti cheese. And in other food news, Late Night Snack is ZOMFG amazing. I have been remiss in not trying Americone Dream, though, and will be doing so next (pint's already in the freezer \:D/ )

Bah, so need to switch out some icons.
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Henry AV
I...I...mixing WoW and Shakespeare? *______* Best Daily Blink comic ever.♥
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Tangled? Awesome♥ Friend Kelly asked to borrow my 1st season SPN DVDs. Even more awesome. Which makes how I'm so stupidly melancholy today even more incomprehensible >_< Ffffffffff, I still haven't gotten around to buying the DVDs of Totoro or Whispers of the Heart. Why do I never remember this until I need them most?

Guild finally got heroic Chimaeron down. Finally, finally, finally.



pale moon shimmers on
a black metal pond:
wherever we drive
our midnight sky is with us


Mar. 18th, 2011 08:45 pm
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Going to ignore the the thing some people said that made me very cross and write a massive rant before finally just deleting it, and instead focus on this:

Monty Python’s Terry Jones has teamed up with Gavin Scott from Small Soldiers to adapt Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s hilarious novel Good Omens into a British TV show for Prime Focus Productions.

Oh, squee, I say.

Also, saw an image of Adrianne Palicki as the new Wonder Woman. (http://geeks.thedailywh.at/2011/03/18/geek-news-first-look-at-wonder-woman-of-the-day/) First off, I love that the costume's got pants. PANTS ♥ Though the outfit is a bit too shiny, and um, I'm sorry, but she is going to pop right out of that bustier :p Needs to be a bit more covering like Xena's was, tbh--even if hers was a bustier/corset whatever, I could sort of see her fighting fine in it. Not so much this one, sorry. Though in the end, she's just freaking gorgeous as the character, at least imo.


Feb. 3rd, 2011 01:29 am
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I have for years now wanted a way of archiving/displaying my WoW screenshots. I've been a nut for taking them since the game started in 2004, and I've accumulated somewhere close to 1.4GB worth (somewhere over 4300, though many are just junk). Was always too lazy/clueless to make a webpage though, and didn't like the concept of doing an LJ or DW account for such. Then it finally hit me last week--DUH, Tumblr.

So~ http://livingflame.tumblr.com/
I am very Tumblr clueless though, so I have terribly little idea of how it all works, but it seems like it could be fun to learn. Anyone who feels like following is certainly welcome. Also, it'd be cool to follow you guys if any of you have Tumblrs.

The name of it, like my Last.fm name, is from the quote "Reckless mortals! None may challenge the Sons of the Living flame!" by the boss Majordomo Executus in Molten Core, and the page title there is from "Trifling gnome! Your arrogance will be your undoing!", yelled by Lord Jaraxxus in the Crusaders' Coliseum (the *only* thing I liked about that instance was seeing the gnome, Wilfred Fizzlebang, die every raid week--and I'd pretty much always yell TRIFLING GNOME! when the boss did. :p )
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*Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] purequicksilver! ♥

*Thanks, Anna and Jojo, for the v-gifts! ♥ & *hugs* to you two

*Guh. Should not be so tired from just two errands and two stores for groceries. (Am better, honestly, just the lingering cough is a bit annoying.)

*Wowowow )

*Mood's so weird right now. Got asked an uncomfortable question that I just can't answer without spotlighting how much how much of a failure I am. I hate looking bad to people, especially those I really like--but it's my own fault, isn't it? Just have gotten more and more down thinking about it. Yet at the store, even when I was running out of energy so badly, the music I was hearing made me sort of want to dance around. Self, what, just what. (Also, totally fangirled at Mom when I heard Little Lion Man on the radio again. Sort of amuses me that they refer to it as new, when I first got ahold of an mp3 in October of last year from the EP and the CD version in May. Ah, radio.)

*To balance the emo, cute! http://icanhascheezburger.com/2010/12/08/funny-pictures-well-heres-your-problem/ Kitty! \o/

P.S. Still not managing to reply to the last couple weeks of comments. -__- Nearly at 3 weeks worth? I'm so awesome at being a friend, asdfsdfkjf. :/ Sorry (again).
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I think I shall talk about WoW, and only about WoW, and not even pretend to mix it in with other stuff or tuck it at the end of a post. Wowowowowow. :p

Hmf. I need more current WoW icons...

okay, fine, walls and walls of text so I guess I'll cut )
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Yeah, still sick. But improving, I promise. This thing seriously kicked my ass, and I'm unfortunately used to how colds treat me. Least I don't feel like I need a dr/antibiotics anymore, just normal-cold cruddy. No energy though, which really gets aggravating. A good night of sleep would help, but just can't seem to thanks to waking myself up contantly coughing--either getting up for cough syrup/drops keeps me up for awhile or if it's past 5am, I might as well just get up, you know? But a few hours a night is gettin' a mite old. ^^;

UGH, need a new keyboard. Long time ago, I'd had a spill that'd gummed up a few keys--they got kinda-sorta better, but then recently have out of the blue gummed up even *worse*, and my 6-7-8 are darned near non-functional. Guess I know what my Christmas money from Dad will go toward.

OMFG WOW: CATACLYSM TONIGHT \o/!!! Shows how out of it I am--I kept thinking when I heard midnight release 12-7, that meant midnight Tuesday. No, Beavis, you dumbass, that means Monday midnight. Oy. I seriously only realized this *last night*.

For some reason, realizing Cata comes out tonight instead of tomorrow night started me on some sort of anxiety-cascade, and thus massive insomnia before the coughing problem even factored in. >_< Aasfsdkjfk. I'm just so behind on basic house stuff, and thought I was okay on holiday things but now feel hugely behind. And I'd wanted to do cards for people, but honestly that's not going to happen. :/ So I really love all those that have posted entries saying to leave an address for a Christmas/holiday card, but I feel really weird taking and not giving. Bad enough I've left prompts for comment-fic when I'm not going to have anything to offer.

Was supposed to go to the husband's work holiday dinner tonight, but highly likely not doing so. And of course, had planned on waiting at Gamestop this evening for the midnight release, but that's probably not a good idea. :/ The husband is willing to do it, which is cool, since he's not one for standing out in crowds and usually I'm the weirdo that does that sort of thing. (Unfortunately it does mean standing out in the cold again >_< Which is why I definitely can't do it.)

PS REGARDING A CERTAIN TV GUIDE COVER WOOOOOO HELL YEAH FANDOM :D :D :D Holy cats, for the first time in like a decade I actually give a shit about buying a TV Guide. XD;
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WoW \o/ Yays. What tiny bit of the new stuff I've seen is really neat. I dig the 'new' Orgrimmar a lot more than I thought I would. Didn't really explore any other areas, but I need to. Already started my new belf gal warrior--another girl!chester, aka Deannajude, because (girl!Sam) Wynnchester can't be left lonely. :p

Very much bummed--was very, very much looking forward to the new t-shirt put out by the Johnny Wander webcomic crew. Only to find today that they don't go up to 2XL like their previous shirts, so I can't get one. :/
It's so cool, too. :( Technically, I could wear an XL, but it would be really snug, and I can't stand wearing stuff that's snug/binding/tight. I've worn things baggy since I was like 14. :/

Ugh, what has been killing my allergies today...sinuses and throat are so swollen and sore -__- I feel horrid. And it's weird, but like my close friends in-guild in WoW, I was fine with them today, but the 'acquaintances' or like people I sort of know or who are friends of friends...holy shit, were those people pissing me off so much. I wanted to smack some of them for very little reason. Irritable, irritable. Oy.


Nov. 8th, 2010 04:20 pm
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Forgot to rec this yesterday:
Darker Pieces of the Night, by [livejournal.com profile] zuben_eschamali, for [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang, J2 AU, NC-17, 16,488.
Inspired by some absolutely *amazing* art. A superhero AU, with winged!Jared (winged! Jared! ♥), an interesting world that felt unique, h/c, and intimate, personal explorations of the characters and the relationship that developed between them that you don't tend to find in a story about one or both as superheroes. I was so excited to read this after hearing about it earlier last week, and is one of those fics that I just *enjoyed* reading, that pressed so many of my buttons just right. Definitely on my reread list.

In other "news"...am indulging in night elf therapy in WoW again. Used to do this a lot in vanilla and BC, where when down or stressed, I'd honestly crave to start yet another night elf alt. Teldrassil is still my favorite starting area (sorry, Eversong Woods, you're a close second), and well, I can't help but feel that night elf female is still my favorite to play, as much as I love blood elves and draenei (sorry, Ak, but Sasukeh/Sasuke will always be my first main ♥). Though maybe that's colored by nostalgia. I just...it's so pretty, and the music's so soothing and beautiful, and I dunno. Nostalgia, like I said. Reminds me of when I fell in love with WoW back during the open beta for the original release. And it's familiar, so it's soothing like that, too. She's a warrior with long, dark blue hair named Yared, which may be the Hebrew form of Jared. :p Yeah, I know, I'm lame.

dean/sam mininano-wrisomifu ficlet )
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People are awesome ♥ Thanks part two from yesterday, to [livejournal.com profile] psychelock, [livejournal.com profile] mysticwaters, [livejournal.com profile] ditta_spn, [livejournal.com profile] finnigan_geist, [livejournal.com profile] chyldeofnyte, [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte, [livejournal.com profile] lady_eilthana, and [livejournal.com profile] joseishijin for birthday wishes and messages. ♥ And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] keerawa and [livejournal.com profile] seisei_ftw for the vgifts (omg Katkat you gift-spammer! XD!) Honestly, you all made yesterday AWESOME. Group hug, right here, right now! ♥♥♥♥♥ I'm still all like ^______^ today.

And return fire Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] finnigan_geist! Back at ya! 8D

Anyway, there was birthday sushi yesterday, and an ice cream cake (despite Cold Stone's best attempts to have *lost* the order Mom called in earlier in the week--they were even kind of snotty and acted like she hadn't called or hadn't called that store, even when she showed them the date/time in her cel phone history >_< ). My brother and his gf sent and Amazon giftcard, Mom gave me a cast iron griddle/grill for the stovetop that I'd been eyeing (watching Food Network shows makes me want things D:), and the husband took care of both birthday and Christmas with a Wii. XD; Mom also did an early Christmas gift and gave me Super Smash Bros. Brawl since she didn't want us to just have the sports/sports resort games the base Wii system comes with. Eeeee, it is awesome and I am never going to grow up \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ Thinking of using the birthday $ from my Dad to get the WiiFit accessory and game, since I've wanted it for ages and could *really* use something for exercise. Though a balance board, I dunno...balance and I are NOT FRIENDS. D: We shall see.

Anyway ^^; This is my brain today: is thunderstorming, and after one particularly good roll of thunder, my brain chimes in "...thunder, Thundercats, hooooooooo!" And if that wasn't bad enough, while I was getting ready earlier, it started throwing SILLY thoughts at me, of Jared as Lion-O, Jensen as a dude!Cheetara (it's the freckles, I tell you :x), Sadie-Kit and Harley-Kat, and oh god, what is wrong with me. (And I can't decide if Misha would be a good Tigra, and I dunno for Panthro. One thing that's certain--Chad Michael Murray as Snarf. Or Mumm-Ra. Or both. Seriously, what the hell's wrong with me. XD;; )

Right. Enough foolishness for today. Or for now at least. :|
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Back when the handful of us left Dauntless and started our 10man guild, Woken Too Soon, we weren't even going to raid until Cataclysm, at all. We're still mostly casual now, only doing 2 nights a week at most--though we're now running solidly guild, including two consistent 'non-guild but might as well be guild' friends. Tonight, we were just going to 'poke at' Lich King, since most of us haven't seen that encounter in months (and even then, only a couple had seen him down--in 10s--and people like me had only seen until phase 2 from Dauntless' 25man raids). Two of the group hadn't even seen the fight at all.

Four attempts/wipes later, BAM. )

I promise no more WoW babble for awhile. ...maybe. :|
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Old weird flash animation nostalgia, part the third:
MGS3: Crab Battle! (C o_o)C A certain individual and I still at times make ascii crabs in gchat to threaten each other. :p

And in WoW/Wynnchester news )

Also. http://community.livejournal.com/huntersarchives/55932.html
fingers hooked in their hearts by [livejournal.com profile] paxlux, "Sam&Dean or Sam/Dean, however you want", PG, 913 words
This. Omg this. ♥ Ohman, my heart--epic freaking love story, whether you see it as the & or the /.
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The Guild, "Game On" (or The Guild does Bollywood *hee*) Lyrics in the YouTube info.

Won't lie--I hand-flailed.
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B'awww. Yeah, I gotta pony up the ten bucks. :|

Sporting a couple of new bruises, thanks to dealing with the branch that took out our power line Wednesday. One on my shoulder from carrying (one part of the branch took two of us to carry, the main part took all three of us to get it from the back out to the driveway), and one on my leg where part smacked against it repeatedly when I was trying to brace it while James sawed part off (handsaw, we don't have a chainsaw). Not sure what we're going to do with the branch debris (see the no chain saw bit), but since our driveway's wide we can leave it all sit there maybe until I can get someone over to prune the storm damage and run that stuff through a chipper.

I do need to remember to call Cox in addition to the power company about the power line--even with the branch off the cable line, it's still hanging down so low to drape over the fence and touch the ground. I'm surprised it's working. Even though it wasn't pulled away from the house like the power line, it's so stretched. >_o

Beware of stupid WoW babble:
Omgomgomg won the Kalu'ak fishing derby on Ak, woooooooooooooooooooooo \o/ That is such a pain in the *butt* to accomplish. Then I only had one thing left to get his Accomplished Angler (http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=1516) achievement--the rare fish/One That Didn't Get Away one. I've been trying for a Dark Herring (http://www.wowhead.com/item=44703) since WotLK started, and have never managed it, but after hours of fishing in the afternoon, got it :D (of all the rare fish, it's one of the few to be a weapon, I mean it's a dagger but it looks like a fish, so you can kill things *with a fish* \o/ ) So *FINALLY* Ak has Accomplished Angler and thus the title of "Salty". This amuses me more than it should. (What can I say--I'm one of the few WoW players that *likes* fishing. I even max the skill out on all my alts. If there was anyone that should try to get that achievement, it's me--and it was driving me nuts after working on it these past couple years that I still hadn't finished it. :p Felt so lucky yesterday, I nearly went and bought a lottery ticket. :p :p )
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Stumbled on this song on my iTunes playlist, just was floored all over again how breathtakingly beautiful the music from this movie was. At least we do have this one on DVD since god, I want to watch it again so very much. But realized in that time where we threw out old, all but dead fansub tapes and boxed up all our commercial VHS tapes that while we got DVDs for Laputa, Kiki, Mononoke Hime and Spirited Away, we never for some reason got around to getting the DVDs for Totoro, Nausicaa or Whisper of the Heart. (Criminy, I *need* to see Whisper of the Heart again). I dunno, I'm in a mood. It's nostalgiamelancholy or something.

Got to try the Ruby Sanctum instance (10man) with the guild tonight, or all 7 of us plus James' alt mage and a couple pug people. Figures on our 'okay this is it last attempt' of the night we were able to finally get Halion down. And figures the only good dps caster loots are from the 25man.

Made a sort of pad thai-ish style stir fry this evening with the leftover peanut sauce from a few days ago. I think I'm enamored with rice noodles now--so going to use those instead of just plain rice when I do a curry again.

Aaron gifted me with Torchlight via Steam (games there are so *cheap* at times, it's amazing). Cannot wait to try it. ♥

...geez, July already.


Jun. 27th, 2010 11:09 am
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Seriously awesome. Already also available as a standalone program for PC, and I'm eagerly awaiting when the Mac version is ready.

And speaking of flames... >_> I may have nearly set my oven on fire yesterday. I was reheating fried chicken from the grocery store deli, and I got the brilliant, *brilliant* idea that I would do so on one of my airbake-type pans to help crisp it up. The airbake pan with holes in it. Let's do the math...pan with holes, chicken that when reheated puts out a fuckton of oil and grease, gas oven...yeah. Filled the kitchen with a massive amount of smoke, and I have no idea how it didn't set my smoke alarms off. Awesome. I'm such an idiot. (And today I'm trying to 409 off the bottom of the oven over and over, so it's safe to run the self-clean cycle. At least I had the brains not to just go for the self-clean cycle right off, or I think there truly would have been fire involved.)

Off to James' D&D game today. Still wishing I could somehow switch my cleric out for a barbarian... >_>;


Jun. 6th, 2010 08:54 pm
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Re: today's D&D game...

Leslie (GM): "...and characters from 30 to 300 feet save or are shaken."
Me: "What's 'shaken'?"
The husband and our friend Greg: "Not stirred."
Me: >:|

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