Mar. 18th, 2011

whitereflection: (WTHIF!!!!)
Why do I still have my Omaha Public Schools Drivers Education Certificate card (dated 7-16-90) in my wallet? Why have I been keeping this? Why have I been switching it from wallet to wallet for nearly twenty-one years? Self, whyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anyway. Mostly sleeping, with occasional bouts of checking email/LJ/Tumblr. Cold-thing is starting to improve, but so tiiiiiiiired.

Speaking of Tumblr, is there anyone's out there that I'm missing? My fan one's still (and my WoW screenshot one's though it needs updating). The fan one's just like here--focused on Jared, Sam, Wincest, J2, and SPN in general, with occasional reblogs of food, music, games, anime, characters/pairings about which I still get nostalgic, and other stuff that makes me geek out. P.S. for those who still don't know, Tumblr has no LJ cuts except for plain text--THERE ARE SPOILERS THERE. Don't go looking if you don't like.

Made a root beer float earlier (for entirely medicinal purposes, of course), and it's [ profile] paxlux's fault.


Mar. 18th, 2011 08:45 pm
whitereflection: (sam dat ass)
Going to ignore the the thing some people said that made me very cross and write a massive rant before finally just deleting it, and instead focus on this:
Monty Python’s Terry Jones has teamed up with Gavin Scott from Small Soldiers to adapt Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s hilarious novel Good Omens into a British TV show for Prime Focus Productions.

Oh, squee, I say.

Also, saw an image of Adrianne Palicki as the new Wonder Woman. ( First off, I love that the costume's got pants. PANTS ♥ Though the outfit is a bit too shiny, and um, I'm sorry, but she is going to pop right out of that bustier :p Needs to be a bit more covering like Xena's was, tbh--even if hers was a bustier/corset whatever, I could sort of see her fighting fine in it. Not so much this one, sorry. Though in the end, she's just freaking gorgeous as the character, at least imo.

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