Mar. 4th, 2011 01:41 pm
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unpopular opinions ahoy )

In other news, omfg almond milk. Best food ever ♥ Especially on this best granola ever I got at the farmer's market (cranberry & pecan, om nom nom).
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via thedailywhat Kickass Choir of the Day: Real-life School of Rock students from Handsworth, Birmingham, perform Iron Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus” to promote Kerrang! Radio’s Cash for Kids charity.

A new generation of metalheads♥ As I stated when I reblogged this on my tumblr: Now I want a fic with Dean Winchester as their music teacher. So want.

Also metal: Doing things the Metal way, Episode 1: Baking.
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J.K.'s Solstice Hard Cider ( is damned amazing, especially warmed. Tasty, I say, taaaaaasty. I almost never drink, and one reason is because it's hard to find alcoholic things where I like the flavor. This was awesome. Bought another bottle at the store today. :| I rationalized it as it's only going to be around a short time during the holidays. Split the one last night with mom, but she only wanted a small amount, so I ended up with about 2/3 the bottle. I'm heavy and was quite full thanks to so much foods, but yeah, I was very...mellow. :p (But truly, so very tasty.)

Re: WoW. Finally got my dk to 80, so I can ignore him until I level his alchemy come Cata. Am continuing to fall so hard for the new Orgrimmar. And ohman, I am kind of stunned at the detail they put into the female goblins' hair (no pcs yet, but the npcs all have the new appearances). It really puts the hair on other female toons to shame--really hoping the hairstyles get shared via barbershop with belves and nelves at the least.

Definitely avoided shopping areas today, though got a good number of gift things ordered online. So I'm doing much better than many previous years. And it's past Thanksgiving so I can allow myself to listen to my Christmas music YAY \o/ Happy happy.

Poetry for mininano/wrisomifu, the sort that could be read as original but is really about Dean&Sam. :p

And yeah, I had the song stuck in my head )
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Once again I am late to the party. Last night for the first time I tried Pandora, and FFFFFFF why have I never tried that before? BEST THING FOR MUSIC EVER \o/ Can tell that I'll tear through the free hours quick, though. :/

Holy shit, allergies today. So awful, so very, very awful. 'slike having all the worst parts of a cold, without the cold itself. Want to medicate myself into oblivion (sad, since I'm already on so much prescription stuff). But no oblivion. Need to get my mininano/wrisomifu stuff done. Ugh.
s6!Sam to Dean omggggggggg \o/ Even the mouseover text. ASW, how do you keep doing the *best* SPN type strips? I swear they watch show (okay, I'm certain they don't but wow, it fits so well...).

Self, go write words. 100. I don't give a rat what they are, just do it. *whine* want to set my sinuses on fire. on fire T_____T

le random

Oct. 2nd, 2010 01:17 pm
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Found an old, old (zomg old) favorite anime video again
There needs to be a SPN video to Dennis Leary's Life's Gonna Suck song. NEEEEEEEDS to be. Seriously. It would be spectaculacular. And maybe inject some needed levity into some folks. :p

And then I thought, "What about Jim's Big Ego - Stress?" I used to love that song, and the Cowboy Bebop AMV that went with. And this isn't quite as snappy, but it's cute and made me grin:
Looks like s1 clips, I think.
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Just a couple links that may have been writing-related recently. Didn't get to go last year, really hoping to do so this year.
(From that site: Blue Label — Johnnie Walker's premium blend. Every bottle is serial numbered and sold in a silk-lined box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. There is no age declaration for Blue Label. 80 proof (40% ABV). It is one of the most expensive blended Scotches on the market, fetching prices upwards of $200 a bottle.)

And a couple for more for my usual tag. Boys, end s5. Sam, imo.

The husband's D&D game today. Just not really feeling like it, wish I didn't have to go. But then again, just not really feeling like WTS's raid tonight (nothing in regards to them, it's just me). Blah on everything.
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Sam: Yeah? When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.

Blahblahblah WoW... Got Wynn her 2pc of t10 finally, and finally got my dk to Northrend. The best part of which is he's my alchemist, so the moment I dinged 68 on him, I made him transmute spec and ground out the skill to 450. That toon should be handy to have going into the next expansion.

Saw the "Supernatural - Fun with Real Audio (Advertisement Edition)" vid recced a couple days ago, and I think I'm going to watch it every freaking day because it makes me crack up so much. Perfect. :p Fandom needs to remember to laugh more often. or


Sep. 14th, 2010 11:44 am
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Today I am: stupid-tired, croaky, fretting, and absolutely dreading Saturday. Yeehah. :| Also, the heroic Putricide fight in a pain in the butt (at least we've made some progress in learning it). Also also: is so a SPN fic prompt if I ever saw one.
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Helloooooooooooo, J2 prompt. This so sounds like a Jared line like woah (can't decide if it'd be an AU where he says this when they first meet, or a sort of AU where they already are friends but he for some reason says it anyway. :F )

So many tiny, minor annoyances leaving me so stupidly stressed today. All's done, but I'm still feeling FFFFFFFFFF with leftover adrenaline. (A day involving not one, but two trips to the DMV--the first of which had nearly a hour and a half wait on its own--is never a spiffy day. But Mom needed a state ID to be able to get a notarization, and the website wasn't clear so she didn't have one of the required proof of ID and arghl SO many people on a Monday.) Didn't help that it was nearly 3pm before we realized we hadn't eaten at all, except for the coffee I had while driving us on errands. I NEVER forget to eat. But it was that sort of day.

Ohhey, there's the adrenaline going away. Holy cats, tired.

But first:
and (omgomgomg so tinyyyyyyyyyyyyy *_* )
and and
Just, you know, to make it not all whine for once.
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For the everything is about spn tag:

Mood swing lingering, mixed with high anxiety. Bit of insomnia, a lot of procrastinating about everything except a few absolute must-do things (about one must-do a day seems what I'm capable of). Or procrastinating until the deadline passes and it just becomes skipped. Though it says a lot that what's highest on the anxiety/panic list is that I'm still failing at writing the summer_sam_love fic I said I'd do, rather than say, the fact that I'm still jobless and in lieu of employment still haven't committed to going back to school. Way to be an adult, self. (Also, it's a bit extra stupid that a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the community mods checking in if I'd still be doing my claim fic, and I could have asked to have the episode given to someone else. But no, I said I'd be ready. I promised. It's stupid to be failing even in hobbies. And I know I still have several weeks, but I have come up with *nothing* so far. And yet I told them I was going to be ready. How can I go back to the mods and say no, I really can't do it after all? Stupid. I wish I hadn't been "up" then, and able to be more realistic.)

I really need to take a lesson from those who are going through similar real life type issues (or worse), and who are actually *doing* things about it and not just hiding and fearing and being useless.

Noted I've been procrastinating about getting my hair cut since May. It was too long/a mess even then. Yeah.
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Okay. Okay, so I saw this, and it made me laugh.
Then my brain went "J2 fic involving Chad Michael Murray the sushi chef", and I laughed *hysterically* until I couldn't breathe. What gets me is that notes like that don't happen in a workplace unless it's already been done. *heeeeeee*

Old weird flash animation nostalgia, part go:
Dean always pretends he's looking at porn sites when Sam comes back to their motel room, but Sam knows perfectly well what Dean's really watching on the laptop.

Two for the everything is about SPN files:
Fourth image down. I guess Becky ordered Sam a decorated cookie? :p
The boys play chess. Or something. :p

Dentist appointment tomorrow. D: Booooooo. Had forgotten about it.
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I. There's already so many Dean-or-Jensen gets turned into an animal fics. I don't need to flail that this photo is the best prompt in the world for yet another one. I just. I don't. But, but, omg :x ♥♥♥ It does not help that backpack-wearing guy has dark curls under his hat, no it does not help at all. So very Sam-or-Jared-like, omg *flails* I just...*criminy*, this photo is just *begging* to be a fic prompt, I swear.

day eleven

Aug. 12th, 2010 12:38 pm
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Still fighting that cold. Isn't getting worse, just is being really, really slow to go away. Life's mostly about sleeping and being really tired. James'd taken a couple days off work and really wanted to go to the zoo, so I did that with he and Mom Tuesday for a few hours, but that kicked my ass hard. Good to get out in the sun a bit though (even if we kept to inside exhibits because it was so hot). But I haven't even done WoW much--even sat out of the raid last night so I could lay down early. Thanks to those that have sent 'get better' wishes. ♥ It's appreciated, truly. I've just been crap at answering my comments again, sorry. :(

Dad and my stepmother stopped over for awhile this morning to talk about my aunt (my dad's sister). This is...kind of the home stretch for her. She's been having another round of chemo (after they'd found how her cancer'd spread back during that surgery she'd had in February), but it's been going really horribly, and she's so incredibly ill and dehydrated. They're having to stop it because her kidneys are failing again. And it's one of those things that there's just no more chemo that can be done. When Dad took my aunt to her oncologist, she was compassionate and definitely is a good doctor, but was bluntly honest about how advanced the cancer is now. Obviously this is really rough for my aunt, and even just talking about it with us, Dad was alternating between being strong and starting to cry. The doctor had said my aunt will be able to see her granddaughter be baptized in early September, but beyond that... I wonder if we'll still have her with us come Christmas. Anyway. She's been a survivor for twelve years now, so she's done fucking well, and that's what really matters.

Followed a link from someone's Twitter, saw this website:
So very striking. I'm particularly fascinated by photo 66, because even though these are just day-in-the-life sort of photos, that one in particular looks like art. It looks like it should be an oil painting.

So time to time I read the webcomic Boxer Hockey, which I've been tempted to link to in the past, but there was one story arc so freaking *weird* (which turned out to be a dream) that I didn't. But this latest story arc just has me all OH HEY HEARTSTRINGS I HAS THEM. Starting here: The current strip that's a short animation has me all 'awwww'. Sort of reminds me of me as a kid.

One for the 'everything is about SPN' files:

And leaving this link for myself for rereading, since I'm sure everyone in fandom's read it already:
Mildred: A College AU by [ profile] causeways and [ profile] walkawayslowly, J2, NC17, 62K+ words. Most adorable, sweet thing ever. Ever. I am so completely charmed by young, awkward, confused, discovering-himself Jared that it's not even funny. The background characters are delightful (And I think some are OCs, and I *never* like OCs usually).

Anyway, time for lunch, making myself shower, and most likely more sleeping. Wooooo, crazy times.

(P.S. This gif is my happy place: Afdfksdfk.)
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Ugh, I am stressing about strange and minor things. I blame the coffee I had earlier, yet at the same time it's obviously worn off, because I'm absolutely drained-tired. >_< Yargh.

At least OPPD replaced the main power line, and Cox will be coming Friday to rerun their cable. Waiting for a tree service to come give an estimate and tell me when they can schedule work (obviously all are busy right now). We had more storm damage than I even realized after last Wednesday. Another branch that had been hanging finally broke off and fell yesterday, though it was thinner and shorter (like 3in at the base), and could be carried by just two of us--and at least it just fell into the yard, not on the lines or on the roof. Other branches are hanging though, and who knows what we don't see. Ugh.

[ profile] motherlessguns is having a poet challenge where you pick a poet from the list, and find one of their works that fits the comm theme of being somehow Winchesters. This is a very cool thing, though when I picked Samuel Green, I didn't consider...make sure you can *find* their work. He's only got about 4 or 5 poems online, and neither of his books are available at B&N, the public library, or UNO's library. Not to mention, sold new, his current book is like 35$ at Amazon and 50$ through B&N. I gave in and ordered a used copy from Amazon, because at the least that's approx. 15$. :/ I shouldn't really spend, but I'll count it as my self-education on contemporary poets. Just hoping it's here before the challenge 'due' date of posting by Aug.1 (though Amz did say it would arrive by about the 23rd, so even with potential delays that should be okay).

I did buy a Wislawa Szymborska collection at B&N, though. >_> Still have another of hers on my Amz wish list, but I just kind of weakened on getting this one (view with a grain of sand) now. God, I'm so weak and stupid about resisting books.

[Edit: I keep wanting to find a collection of Richard Siken's work. Am I surprised that I can never find him at B&N, and he's not to be found at the public library or at UNO, despite it being an academic library? No, sadly I'm not surprised at all. Fucking midwest. I guess Crush goes on my Amz wishlist as well.]

that 28 questions meme )

So anyway.

May. 15th, 2010 10:59 am
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Something made me cranky just a bit ago, but I am going to ignore it. It may have been insulting, but I think I'm gonna choose not to take it personally. Instead, Exploding Dog comic links \o/

Ones I like just for the hell of it: \o/

And ones for the 'everything is about show' file: Afsdfkf! I want this to be a Dean-centric 5.22 coda prompt. So much.

And for some reason this makes me want to find someone to use this as a J2 fic prompt. :p

In other news, I may have been feeling a touch extra stress recently, as we been informed there are some major issues with our furnace and AC systems and we are very likely needing to replace both. They are 12 years old, and those sorts of things only last about 12-15 years, but still, it has left me a bit touchy on the "Goddamnit, I never wanted to own a home, this was all him" front. Person is coming over this afternoon to discuss our options.

Folks coming over as usual tonight. Gina discovered Anj has never seen The Blues Brothers (WHAT. How can this BE \o/ ), so she is offering to bring the DVD over for a group viewing. I am most okay with that.

I can't rec this yet, as I haven't read it, but this looks like one of those best things in the entire universe sorts of fics:
I mean, look at that summary. Look at it! \o/ \o/ \o/ This fic looks so freaking everything-that-Diane-loves that I'm giddy just from the header alone. (When they have to warn for schmoop, I know life is awesome.)

Also, Mountain Dew Whiteout tastes like the lovechild of it and Fresca and I am sort of really fond of it.
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TopatoCo: Look at the Moon Shirt
So want...

Speaking of the Exploding Dog webcomic--
♥ Everything is secretly about show.

Am telling myself I don't need more icons, that it'd be such a waste of money to buy more slots. 202 should be *enough*. Except I'm at 202 once again and have more I want to add and dunno what in the beans I'll remove to make space since I really like what I have. Argh.

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