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Nov. 30th, 2010 01:41 pm
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Thanks for everyone putting up with all of these. I know neither my fiction or poetry is particularly good, but I really appreciate the comments folks made this month.

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Medicated to the gills, so really not awesome writing. Am glad it's coherent at all.

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Have like a week's worth of comments and email I've ignored, sorry. :x Will work on those soonish, just not today.
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Ffffff, I think I've come down with something again. T___T I have the worst immune system EVER.

Got to see my brother and his gf, though. Went out with them, Mom, and the husband to this hole in the wall Chinese place that for some reason everyone else in my family loves. Was a cool chance to catch up with them at least. Even if they did taunt me with the fact that there's tons of dim sum places out in Denver.

Re: WoW-- I...give up. Even though some of their forms are horrid, I'm gonna try a troll druid. And maybe I'll leave my horde hunter as a troll, too. I really do like troll gals. They just look and sound cool.

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Wonder how I'm gonna get the day's writing in tomorrow. Have James' D&D game during the day (still need to write up a barbarian), then the Thanksgiving get together at our friends' place in the evening. Might have to resort to writing crap haiku during the game or something.
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J.K.'s Solstice Hard Cider ( is damned amazing, especially warmed. Tasty, I say, taaaaaasty. I almost never drink, and one reason is because it's hard to find alcoholic things where I like the flavor. This was awesome. Bought another bottle at the store today. :| I rationalized it as it's only going to be around a short time during the holidays. Split the one last night with mom, but she only wanted a small amount, so I ended up with about 2/3 the bottle. I'm heavy and was quite full thanks to so much foods, but yeah, I was very...mellow. :p (But truly, so very tasty.)

Re: WoW. Finally got my dk to 80, so I can ignore him until I level his alchemy come Cata. Am continuing to fall so hard for the new Orgrimmar. And ohman, I am kind of stunned at the detail they put into the female goblins' hair (no pcs yet, but the npcs all have the new appearances). It really puts the hair on other female toons to shame--really hoping the hairstyles get shared via barbershop with belves and nelves at the least.

Definitely avoided shopping areas today, though got a good number of gift things ordered online. So I'm doing much better than many previous years. And it's past Thanksgiving so I can allow myself to listen to my Christmas music YAY \o/ Happy happy.

Poetry for mininano/wrisomifu, the sort that could be read as original but is really about Dean&Sam. :p

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Happy Thanksgiving, or Happy Thursday, take your pick. :) ♥

Can't remember the last time we didn't go over to our friends' place for Thanksgiving (like since '94?), but they've both got work, so we'll go there Sunday evening instead. Not leaving the house at all--just gonna be Mom, the husband, and I doing a small thing here. Doing a really easy dinner--Mom will do a split turkey breast and drumsticks for us and tofurkey for her this afternoon, and I'll be heating up all the (premade) sides. Lazy sort of holiday, but it's cool, I don't mind it. Gonna WoW some, cook, maybe watch Army of Darkness to revisit an old Thanksgiving tradition. And maybe a nap, too. :p

Anyway, still wrote something, even if it's blah because I was half-paying attention to the Macy's parade on TV earlier. :|

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the usual

Nov. 24th, 2010 12:09 pm
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Despite sinus meds, horrible allergy attack kept me up most of the night, since laying down was a bad thing. Still yuck today. More meds and sleep sound dandy.

Got my mininano/wrisomifu out of the way at least. More pointless J2 schmoo. Can't seem to come up with the energy to think of much else lately. Yay, so uncreative. \o/

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So very November out there. Making me all tired and hibernatey. Feeling hidey again--think it's the usual pms withdrawing+anxiety thing. My usual. ^^; Promise I'll get to comments tomorrow, but thanks to y'all that said lovely things about yesterday's mininano thing ♥

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A little something for [ profile] akintay for my mininano/wrisomifu thing today. :)

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And appropriate lolcat is appropriate ^^
:D Jensen-kitty!


Nov. 20th, 2010 05:57 pm
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Crappy and rushed writing today, since I had less than half-hour to do anything at all. Had something else I wanted to work on today also, but ugh, oh well.

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Eh. Half-assing the mininano/wrisomifu thing again today, because I suck with words. I like how I had this grand idea that I'd give it my all and start developing all these ideas (the superhero au, plus several others I haven't even tried to start--a cyberpunkish j2 AU, a s/d dragon/wingfic thing, a s/d Mage: the Ascension-ish sort of AU), but really other than a few days of actual inspiration and energy, I'm mostly just tossing out crap to just get it done and out of the way. So it's developing a habit, sort of, but is it a *good* or useful habit?

Would help if I weren't doing the insomnia-but-not-let-myself-sleep-in thing lately. Few hours a night followed by being kinda zombieish during the day isn't leading to being productive, much less a pleasant person for the husband and mother to deal with.

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Nov. 17th, 2010 02:34 pm
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Feeling kind of quiet today. :x Sorry for my antisocial hermit-ness.

Have been tagged for that 25-things meme by two people--I promise to do that tomorrow...or later in the week, at least. ^^;

Have managed to screw up baking break-apart cookies. Seriously.

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Of course today would be the day where Dad would call (see point one). And man, can he chatter.
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So, Trader Joe's Dark Peppermint Covered Peppermint Joe Joe's are my demon blood. Good lord'n'butter, those should be a controlled substance. (See? Asdfkjfsk*omnom*)

Speaking of tasty things, ♥thanks, [ profile] jojothecr for the fruit plate virtual gift :D Cute!♥

Re: WoW. >_> So addicted to playing Yared over on Khaz Modan. :x I think I got her like four or five levels yesterday (up to 22 already). When did warriors get to be this fun? I think I'm Fury tree for life... At least I can sort of rationalize playing her instead of my belf DK or my mage (still 3 levels and five levels from 80) since it's sort of a last chance to see Darkshore and Ashenvale before The Shattering. I'll miss Auberdine, in a way. ^^; (Nostalgia again...remembering being there the first time on Sas in vanilla, and it was so very crowded--met the people who got me into my very first guild on a quest there.)

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Decided to just write something short today, since I still want to rewatch Laputa: Castle in the Sky before I do more with that (and also since I'm tired, because being manic/giddy/wired yesterday meant not sleeping until after 4am >_>; ). Sort of inspired by the lyrics to this song:

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The next time my mother suggests going to something like Trader Joe's the day of its grand opening, my answer will be "Nooooooooooooooooo". Cats and dogs, living together. So to speak.

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Nov. 11th, 2010 04:24 pm
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I'm pretty much a waste of space today. Wrote seriously crappy sort-of poetry (pseudo-kids' and otherwise), just to hit my word/time goal. Awesome. And I'm pretty much proving I'm still not Shel Silverstein.

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Re: WoW...when did warriors get awesome to level? Holy cats, leveling them is absolutely fun now (I've tried before, several times...always give up between 10 and 20). Yared the intended-to-be-throwaway-alt will probably stick around, and I'm really looking forward to starting my belf gal warrior post-Cata now (♥ girl!Dean so Wynn has a buddy). Even just a couple talent points in, and the Fury tree is already cool as hell.
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Very minor accident, but the husband got hit by some woman when driving back to work for middle-of-the-night overtime last night. He's fine, and it's just a little damage to the driver's side taillight and surrounding area/bumper, but now he's got to deal with filing with insurance fun. Her fault, she ran a flashing red light, so he had the right of way. But whee. She must have been traveling at a good speed though, because the hit spun the car around a good 180 degrees, he said. Though it wasn't enough to trigger airbags. Lucky it was so late/early morning, so there wasn't any other traffic, or it could have been something multicar.
Fucking truth, seriously. Sort of explains the stuff I've been writing of late, maybe? Or maybe not. (I feel like I should apologize to those that actually read what I do, for it so often being down/ouch :/ Sorry.)

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