Mar. 20th, 2011 04:26 pm
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The mother finally finished Pratchett's I Shall Wear Midnight. I know what I'm doing sometime this week ♥♥♥♥♥


Mar. 18th, 2011 08:45 pm
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Going to ignore the the thing some people said that made me very cross and write a massive rant before finally just deleting it, and instead focus on this:

Monty Python’s Terry Jones has teamed up with Gavin Scott from Small Soldiers to adapt Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s hilarious novel Good Omens into a British TV show for Prime Focus Productions.

Oh, squee, I say.

Also, saw an image of Adrianne Palicki as the new Wonder Woman. (http://geeks.thedailywh.at/2011/03/18/geek-news-first-look-at-wonder-woman-of-the-day/) First off, I love that the costume's got pants. PANTS ♥ Though the outfit is a bit too shiny, and um, I'm sorry, but she is going to pop right out of that bustier :p Needs to be a bit more covering like Xena's was, tbh--even if hers was a bustier/corset whatever, I could sort of see her fighting fine in it. Not so much this one, sorry. Though in the end, she's just freaking gorgeous as the character, at least imo.
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Dramatic Pokemon Theme Reading "Portable Atrocities", as written by written by halolz.com (http://www.halolz.com/2010/11/05/portable-atrocities/), read by Totalbiscuit aka The Cynical Brit. Aaahahahahahaha. ♥

And! Cata servers go live--or crash--in 30 minutes~ :D
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Back when the handful of us left Dauntless and started our 10man guild, Woken Too Soon, we weren't even going to raid until Cataclysm, at all. We're still mostly casual now, only doing 2 nights a week at most--though we're now running solidly guild, including two consistent 'non-guild but might as well be guild' friends. Tonight, we were just going to 'poke at' Lich King, since most of us haven't seen that encounter in months (and even then, only a couple had seen him down--in 10s--and people like me had only seen until phase 2 from Dauntless' 25man raids). Two of the group hadn't even seen the fight at all.

Four attempts/wipes later, BAM. )

I promise no more WoW babble for awhile. ...maybe. :|
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Old weird flash animation nostalgia, part the third:
MGS3: Crab Battle! (C o_o)C A certain individual and I still at times make ascii crabs in gchat to threaten each other. :p

And in WoW/Wynnchester news )

Also. http://community.livejournal.com/huntersarchives/55932.html
fingers hooked in their hearts by [livejournal.com profile] paxlux, "Sam&Dean or Sam/Dean, however you want", PG, 913 words
This. Omg this. ♥ Ohman, my heart--epic freaking love story, whether you see it as the & or the /.
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The Guild, "Game On" (or The Guild does Bollywood *hee*) Lyrics in the YouTube info.

Won't lie--I hand-flailed.
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B'awww. Yeah, I gotta pony up the ten bucks. :|

Sporting a couple of new bruises, thanks to dealing with the branch that took out our power line Wednesday. One on my shoulder from carrying (one part of the branch took two of us to carry, the main part took all three of us to get it from the back out to the driveway), and one on my leg where part smacked against it repeatedly when I was trying to brace it while James sawed part off (handsaw, we don't have a chainsaw). Not sure what we're going to do with the branch debris (see the no chain saw bit), but since our driveway's wide we can leave it all sit there maybe until I can get someone over to prune the storm damage and run that stuff through a chipper.

I do need to remember to call Cox in addition to the power company about the power line--even with the branch off the cable line, it's still hanging down so low to drape over the fence and touch the ground. I'm surprised it's working. Even though it wasn't pulled away from the house like the power line, it's so stretched. >_o

Beware of stupid WoW babble:
Omgomgomg won the Kalu'ak fishing derby on Ak, woooooooooooooooooooooo \o/ That is such a pain in the *butt* to accomplish. Then I only had one thing left to get his Accomplished Angler (http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=1516) achievement--the rare fish/One That Didn't Get Away one. I've been trying for a Dark Herring (http://www.wowhead.com/item=44703) since WotLK started, and have never managed it, but after hours of fishing in the afternoon, got it :D (of all the rare fish, it's one of the few to be a weapon, I mean it's a dagger but it looks like a fish, so you can kill things *with a fish* \o/ ) So *FINALLY* Ak has Accomplished Angler and thus the title of "Salty". This amuses me more than it should. (What can I say--I'm one of the few WoW players that *likes* fishing. I even max the skill out on all my alts. If there was anyone that should try to get that achievement, it's me--and it was driving me nuts after working on it these past couple years that I still hadn't finished it. :p Felt so lucky yesterday, I nearly went and bought a lottery ticket. :p :p )
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Where the Road Ends, Sam/Dean, adult, 5,600+ words

Did my mulligatawny soup yesterday, the vegetarian one, though using yellow split peas since it's been a pain finding yellow lentils and I'm too lazy to go to one of the Indian markets. Did a big double batch. Nothing compares to the smell of it cooking, or the way it leaves the whole house scented all night. That mix of aromatics, the onion, garlic, cumin, tumeric, curry, lemon, and cilantro--lot of prep work to set up, but always awesomely worth it.

revenge of the 'Henge )

Why'm I so freaking tired. No idea why. And I'm being horribly lazy on the bigbangs for some reason--not reading them yet, but compiling all the URLs of ones I want to read in a text file. Eventually I will wallow in them, yes.
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Woo, the thunderstorming today. \o/ It's been crazysauce. Though the torrential downpour/freaky winds part seems to have passed mostly already.

Bebop-cat's doing a lot better, which is yay. ♥ Still not fully normal, but starting to act a lot more like his usual self. Will take him in tomorrow to check his rbc counts, as well as Crystal-cat who at approx. 22 is finally starting to act like her hips/back legs are really arthritic, something they've been kind of expecting. At least they should have some sort of pain reliever shots/pills since arthritis in cats and dogs is so common.

The vent cleaning had been rescheduled for the 15th (which wasn't *that* much sooner than the massively late reschedule but oh well), but thanks to the massive rains this morning freeing up techs from outside work, they've come over today. Yay for it finally getting done.

I am still SO FREAKING EXCITED about the Supernatural The Animation announcements of yesterday. I can't put into words how much omgyaygleeflailhappy I'm feeling over this. It's like Christmas and my birthday and everything I love to fangeek on wrapped into one. Eeeeeeeee♥ And to hear Madhouse is involved? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madhouse_(company)) Omgomgomg yes! \o/ And this bit: Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Trigun) is designing the characters! Yesssssssssssssss \o/ Ohman, Madhouse, they've been involved with some awesome stuff I've loved. SQUEE, I tell you, SQUEE. ♥ I wonder how long until we find out who's doing the soundtrack, because you bet your ass I'm crossing my fingers for certain composers (my dream is Yoko Kanno takes on classic rock like she handled jazz/blues, but yeah, the odds of that are so nil--but still, I can hope! ^^ ) Too bad this all didn't happen back in the days of cel animation, because HOLY CATS would I start cel collecting again.
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\8D/ Yes, I will watch this. I will SO watch this. I would even watch it raw/unsubbed. WAAAAAANT. Now I want it to be September and I want it to be January. Eeeeee~ (And I'm curious who'd they'd get as seiyuu/voice actors, and when it eventually ends up dubbed/subbed on DVD, would they get Jared and Jensen and other SPN cast members to do the English dubbing? Because that would rock!)
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So I listened to an Adam Lambert song and I liked it. :< (Curse you, fanmixes! Quit surprising me with this sort of thing. *shakes fist*)

Anj mentioned this the other night as we were watching Ghostbusters. Done to help raise funding for the New York Public Library. Wish like crazy that something that awesome would happen where I'm at (they won't, this is Omaha after all. Cool things don't happen in Omaha. :p )

Also. [livejournal.com profile] driving_music?? THERE IS A SPN FANMIX COMMUNITY AND I DIDN'T ABOUT IT HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT IT?! Asdfkfjkzomg \o/ It's like paradise~ ;-; (Not that I'll ever post the two mixes I did, but oh*man* music! \o/ Music~! ♥)
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*genuflects* Brilliant.

Descent yesterday was cool. Think it might be something I could buy for the usual him for birthday or Christmas, since he never ever ever ever wants *anything* and is the most impossible person to buy gifts for ever. Also heard that Talisman has been re-released which is AWESOME and now that is a board game I need to get. (Though, again, saving for a gift idea for him.)

Anj, Gina and Kelly over as usual last night. Watched Blues Brothers with a Ghostbusters chaser, while eating unfortunately colored Shrek Twinkies and cheeseburger flavored Doritos. If that isn't epic partytimes, I dunno what is. (You know, I've seen Blues Brothers before, often, but it didn't truly hit me until last night how, at its heart, it's a *musical*. It is. For some reason this makes me even more amused at it).

And won the latest round of [livejournal.com profile] spnland bingo, which is more fun than it has a right to be. \o/

Right, DnD time. I need coffeeeeeeeeee. Hells yeah, it's caramel frappucino season.

So anyway.

May. 15th, 2010 10:59 am
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Something made me cranky just a bit ago, but I am going to ignore it. It may have been insulting, but I think I'm gonna choose not to take it personally. Instead, Exploding Dog comic links \o/

Ones I like just for the hell of it:
http://explodingdog.tumblr.com/post/595555412/only-ugly-on-the-outside \o/

And ones for the 'everything is about show' file:
http://www.explodingdog.com/title/ihittheroadlastnight.html Afsdfkf! I want this to be a Dean-centric 5.22 coda prompt. So much.

And for some reason this http://explodingdog.tumblr.com/post/586935142/i-want-to-get-to-know-you-better makes me want to find someone to use this as a J2 fic prompt. :p

In other news, I may have been feeling a touch extra stress recently, as we been informed there are some major issues with our furnace and AC systems and we are very likely needing to replace both. They are 12 years old, and those sorts of things only last about 12-15 years, but still, it has left me a bit touchy on the "Goddamnit, I never wanted to own a home, this was all him" front. Person is coming over this afternoon to discuss our options.

Folks coming over as usual tonight. Gina discovered Anj has never seen The Blues Brothers (WHAT. How can this BE \o/ ), so she is offering to bring the DVD over for a group viewing. I am most okay with that.

I can't rec this yet, as I haven't read it, but this looks like one of those best things in the entire universe sorts of fics:
I mean, look at that summary. Look at it! \o/ \o/ \o/ This fic looks so freaking everything-that-Diane-loves that I'm giddy just from the header alone. (When they have to warn for schmoop, I know life is awesome.)

Also, Mountain Dew Whiteout tastes like the lovechild of it and Fresca and I am sort of really fond of it.
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Diane's super special, non-spoilery, one-word review of Iron Man 2? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! \o/

After, friend Don treated us to late dinner at IHOP as a belated anniversary sort of thing. And after after, I made an absolute fool of myself. We were walking out of the restaurant, talking about who knows what (the conversation had covered various comic universes and meandered through Star Trek recent vs. original, Babylon 5, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force), and I managed to trip over the seam between two sidewalk squares.

Thanks to having been starting to step off the curb, trip led to swearing multi-stumble led to full 100% wipeout. I am awesome. Only reason I didn't end up shredding my hands and knees was I think I twisted left overcompensating to keep from falling off the curb and landed side first before front. Now to see if all the padding stops bruises or no. :p Various bits are freaking complainy, though (hello, wrists). As is my pride, considering that was all right along restaurant windows, as well as in front of the husband and the guys we were with. Haven't tripped so stupidly since my early high school days when I was still the sort of person to go on a youth group retreat, and did a full somersault tripping over air molecules while running through a motel parking lot with other kids.

Did I ever mention how I don't have depth perception/stereoscopic vision, technically? Yeah. (And someday I'll have to tell about what a great idea it was to sign up for softball when I was 11, from my best friend smacking me right between the eyes with a softball while we were playing catch, to the coach having yelling fits because I tended to swing while the ball was still a good five feet in front of the plate. Or not, that's probably all good enough story right there. :| )
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Feeling sort of hidey, which I guess translates into not replying to comments or working more with the current [livejournal.com profile] spnland game like I should, while yet being okay with babbling here. :F Also didn't seem to have problems doing some WoW on Bronzebeard, though I didn't really talk much except to Al and Kas. Made myself get Nin to 73 so I can finally start her on Grizzly Hills, finally finished the Draenei starting area stuff I like so much on Sampala. Still think that ending quest series and the little mini-event at the end after you turn it in is one of the coolest things in the game, and certainly *the* best way of ending a starting zone.

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] spnland and WoW.... Slept for beans last night b/c of the knot in my shoulder, shallow and restless. Had bizarre dreams all night that I was trying to keep up with comment threads, but at the same (quit spelling that as Sam) time was running Sampala around the Draenei capital city, the Exodar. Then I realized that other characters I was passing by had the name of other community members (I distinctly remembering seeing [livejournal.com profile] coyotesuspect's name). Yeah, I don't know. I just don't know. Other people get Supernatural dreams, I get [livejournal.com profile] spnland/game dreams. What.

For my gamer friends:
The Humble Indie Bundle. Being sold for the next 6 days, it's 5 games that you can get either in PC, Mac, or Linux format, and *you name your price*. No lie. You choose how much you want to pay, can either pay by Paypal, Amazon, or Google checkout, and you can choose whether to have what you pay go either all to the Child's Play charity, entirely to the developers, an even split, or a split of your customization. And the games come DRM free. Friend of mine recommends 3 of the games for sure, hadn't tried the other two yet. But it's a great deal, and is worth trying out. The downloads were quick, too.

http://malandchad.com/ This is cute.

No more allergy shots, which is yay. Though it was because my allergist says they're really not doing any more to help me, sort of hit a plateau and haven't improved over the past year. It's been about 5 1/2 since I started those though, which is about a normal course. He is having me try new allergy meds though, since the Allegra/Nasonex combo really hasn't been working well anymore.

Finally noticed that my bangs are down to my chin. >_< I'd say I have Sam hair, but mine isn't nearly so thick or wavy or full of awesome. Need to get it trimmed, as I look fugly with it gone so long. Won't lose much off the back though, other than to even it up--very nearly to my goal of knee-length.

One last thing and I shut up:
Incredible fanmix by [livejournal.com profile] secretlytodream called Not As We, focusing on Sam and Dean this season. I have a thing for s5, I really do, and I've wanted to do a fanmix for it--but she does it just perfectly. And her art is *Amazing*. Truly. And art for each track. The music is just utterly perfect fit, too, and just what I love most--a mix of favorites I already knew, and things I don't know but realize I'm now in love with. (I think I especially fell for Grand Archives, will have to find more of their work someday.)
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Oh, John Stewart ♥ Oh, John Stewart, ILUUUUUUUUUU~~~ ♥ *sparkles* Ohman, I think I need a gif or animated icon of him dancing around at the end of that. ♥

And Mel, you are such an awesome, wonderful person. Truly ♥ Thank you *hugemassivehugs* I never do as cool things for you as you do for me, like that.

It is rainy and thunderstormy, all dim and humiddampearthgreen-smelling, and I love it. I swear all the trees just went leaf-crazy last week, like all BAM at once. And I noticed while driving that lilacs are blooming. ♥! Lilacs are only my favorite flower of all freaking time, and SOMEDAY I swear I will get some bushes going in the yard.

I noticed last night when trying to send something in WoW to my new alt on Bronzebeard, Sampala (Yes X3 God, I'm a dork--but Impala was taken on that server WTFFFF!! And by some undead guy, too THAT IS SO WRONG OMGWTF)--anyway, I noticed that one of the DotA members has a hunter alt with the name Samanddean ♥♥♥ I so went *SQUEE*\o/ and sent her an in-game mail saying hi. XD; I am amused at her other alt name (Belaruby, hee), and *cough*I may have snooped her LJ and noticed she watches the [livejournal.com profile] wincest community. What can I say, finding other fans that share some of my interests makes me happy. :<

And somehow this seems appropriate given show of late:
http://icanhascheezburger.com/2010/04/21/funny-pictures-infiltrated-heaven/ >:3

Oh, and almost forgot--I still ♥ DSotM tags :x
Showdown by Tyranusfan, gen, T, ~6880 words
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Off to Don's tonight to watch Sherlock Holmes. \o/ Yessss. I need me a dose of RDJ since Iron Man 2 insists on not being out yet. Did finally see The Gamers: Dorkness Rising last night with folks, and it was decent, really charming, and some bits that did crack me up. Not quite as quotable as the first, but definitely more a real movie ("hide behind the mound of dead bards" will so stick in my brain for all time).

Feeling a lot better \o/ If I could shake this stupid cough, all would be much more dandy. (That and to not be ubertired constantly but oh well, that'll happen soon enough.)

I am a dumbass that forgets how to utilize the software technology I own. Case in point: I finally remembered (how many eons have I had this program?) that I can get streaming radio stations via iTunes, and have been poking at their Electronica section on and off. Found one I really dig called Discover Trance Radio (http://www.discovertrance.com). Don't ask me why I'm back into the techno/trance so much again. Just am. *shrug*

Dear Sam Winchester icon: ILU. I love your hair. Always stay awesome. Love, me. P.S. Haaaaaaaaaaaair♥
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So this morning I'm a hell of a lot more irritable about show than I was last night for some reason. And we overslept. With the way my mood was/is, I felt like it should be thunderstorming outside, all dim and blue-grey--but no, it's *brilliantly* sunny, going to be freaking gorgeous today. And last night one of the officers in guild emoed out and made a note in our guild message of the day how he was disappointed in all of us because he's not getting enough people for 10man runs (which makes me feel *AWESOME* because I choose to not participate and I don't like being guilt tripped when that shit's optional). And I'm a fat tub who shouldn't be wasting money, but I stopped at McDonalds this morning because I needed bacon and fried potato grease like goddanged Prozac. And and and LJ is being a little bitch today. *Again*. Aasdfsfkjfdfk.

*King of All Cosmos voice* Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut~♥

[livejournal.com profile] octoberxsong sent me a puppy! \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ Okay, a virtual gift puppy. But ♥ thank you, hon! How awesome is that? And Mom wants to go meet my aunt at this craft show in town, so that should be cool, right? And tomorrow Anj is bringing the second The Gamers movie for us all to watch--Dorkness Rising--so that should be *really* cool, right? And I can focus on Ninevveh-mage on Bronzebeard or Dasube-druid on the alli side of Eldre'Thalas if people are making me feel bad when I log in to my Dauntless toons (though I really do want to work on Wynn more, but she can wait til the emo dies down, yeah?)--or heck, maybe I'll start a Draenei paladin on Bronzebeard since I want an Impala I can work on while hanging with the DotA gals, but shouldn't waste more money transferring the one on Hellscream. SO THINGS CAN BE OKAY MAYBE, YES?

This week's post-SPN musical interlude; or, five to feel better on a Friday:
Andrew W.K. -- Kiseki http://www.mediafire.com/?hdzkyioudig
City and Colour -- The Girl http://www.mediafire.com/?mkl2jmzwytd
Elbow -- Grace Under Pressure http://www.mediafire.com/?wzanmzuqyy3
OK Go -- This Too Shall Pass (Live Version) http://www.mediafire.com/?iqqm4m2amjn
Matisyahu -- One Day http://www.mediafire.com/?nmzzunrfzyd
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Someone sent me a sugary bunny virtual gift :D :D :D I don't know who it was, but whomever you are, ilu~! ♥ It's so cute X3 Thankyou!

I need to find the link of it, but one of my uncles on my mom's side (one of her younger brothers) pointed her at a Youtube video he and some friends did of them blowing up a junk van with dynamite. Mom's family is odd like this, yes. This is my genetics. :| And he's one of the *good* crazy ones. (Though at times he's somewhat of a lazy, forgetful doofus, but anyway.)

In WoW news, I used the AV weekend to finally accomplish two goals I've had for Ak for a very, very long time. One was to get exalted with the AV (Frostwolf) faction (38th exalted--need Timbermaw and...something else now, for the 40 exalteds achievement). The second, was finally FINALLY getting the 100 mount achievement.

And the reward~! )

I have wanted the red dragonhawk for so very long--it's one of those in-my-own-head roleplay things. There are certain things important to him as a character, including the Wyrmrest Accord faction and his red drake mount, his black drake mount, anything to do with the Argent Crusade faction/Ashen Verdict faction and his standing as 'exalted champion' for such and title of Crusader. But most of all, his racial identity and loyalty to Silvermoon City (the rebuilt bloodelf capital). That red dragonhawk looks just like the ones in Eversong Forest in the bloodelf starting zones, and to me is iconic of the race. Thus it was something I wanted to really have a sense of him being "of Silvermoon City" (which is the title I've switched back to for the moment). Anyway. Yay ♥ (And getting the last 3 mounts I needed only took two grueling, grueling days of pvping in mostly AV with some Wintergrasp thrown in. Ohgod, all the losses, over and over and over and over, with so few wins, just to eek out the honor and the rep. Egads.) Also, yes I know it looks orange but is labeled red. Blizzard is colorblind (see 'violet' protodrake that is pink/fuschia).

Friends wandered over for the evening, spent more time playing the original God of War with Kelly spectating and Anj walking me through. Post title is something I said during the proceedings. :p Have gotten past the Cerberus fight, and left off in this godawful room where you're supposed to get into alcoves for chests before you get trapped in and impaled on spikes. The 'puzzles' or minigames or whatever you call it in GoW are designed by sadists, I think. I normally don't talk when I game, but this one has me going from "crapsticks" to "fucksticks" to "AUGHWTFWTFWTFshitshitshit!". But Anj says I'm picking up on it faster than she did her first run through, so go me or something. \o/ Random tangent--I love Kratos' Artemis blade. Love. After I first got that, I started cleaving mobs in two and decapitating things and it made me honest to god *giiiiiiiiiiggle* in glee. And it's pretty 8D (First sparking blue and now sparking purple X3 ♥) You can keep your dressy girl stuff--I want me a Big Ass Sword that's pretty and glowy and sparking/sparkling. 8D 8D (Or axe. Big Ass Axe also works. :3 )

P.S. also [livejournal.com profile] ysi_leftovers is my new best friend. :x Yes, I am very late to the party on this sort of thing I'M SLOW OKAY D: But omg muuuuuuusic music music music. I found so much yesterday >_> I will have to poke at it more soon. :3 (I do buy and will still buy, I promise \o/ This just...helps, with the whole not getting to do so often thing.)

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