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So. Still primarily interested in Sherlock and Sherlock/John (while continuing to catch up on Doctor Who, though not feeling the need to read fic). BUT. I seem to be getting hooked by this whole Avengers thing. A bit ago Pax had a Thor/Loki fic that was way cool, then recently, I mean like this past week, my brain went OH HEY STEVE/TONY IS PRETTY NEAT, and I've read some fabulous gyzym fic and am looking forward to poking at a rec list that went by on my tumblr dash. 

But also Pax has done gone and made me fall for a rare pair. :| From my rec post on tumblr:

Halo | by Paxlux | Tony/Loki (Avengers) | R/M | ~36K words

So it starts out with Pax telling me she's going to write something Tony/Loki and me thinking, hm, that could be interesting--and finishes with me being FUCKING RABID for the pair now. Which kills me, because this has got to be a massively rare pair, and where am I going to get my fix of fic of it? Especially more that's written as amazingly well as she does here.

The characters in this are just sparkling and sharp--her Tony is stellar, and her Loki is perfectly layered. Even the secondary characters are just spot on and vibrant, and the various friendships and team bonds (whether wacky and as nuts and the craziest of families in downtime, or a smoothly functioning unit in battle) really shine through. But most importantly, the chemistry between Tony and Loki is intense. Yet it's more than that; there's really something there between the two, more than just chemistry or a meeting of the minds.

It's a long fic, yes, but paced just right, and lets this complicated relationship of complicated characters develop in a very real way, while also having a really good action/villain story arc as well. I said many times in emails to her that I hope I enjoy the movie as much when it finally comes out, and hope the characters and their friendships/team relationships are just as freaking awesome.

But seriously--yeah, I've gotten hooked on the whole Steve/Tony ship that's out there, but I have to admit, I love Tony/Loki, at least how Pax writes it, far, far, far more. Pity her (though it's her own fault :p ) because I've already started gnawing on her about writing more with them. Obviously a 36k epic fic is not enough for greedy me. :|

In other news, in WoW, have accomplished the Through a Glass, Darkly quest, on the way to getting a legendary caster staff.  UGH SO, SO DIFFICULT, or at least it's that hard for a warlock to do, but despite that, managed to succeed after two days' work, respeccing into a talent tree I'd never played before, a lot of in-game gold on materials to buff my character (not to mention repairs), and studying many guides other players had written. A long ways to go yet to get the staff (a couple of months of raiding for the quest drops needed), but the worst is over, and eventually I should be the second in our guild to get one.
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Ugh, I need to post. Have fallen out of the habit so badly, and tumblr's mindless reblogging is just so nice when I get to procrastinating about actually saying things, and/or am being a hermit. Anyway, bulletpoints to catch up:

•Had a pipe from the kitchen down to the basement go bad and leak, resulting in the first time ever for making a homeowner's insurance claim. "Minor", but still resulted in weeks of repairs and contractors--plumber, carpenter, water damage treatment company, drywaller, painter, etc, multiple visits of each. And well, not the worst expense, but still expense.

•In amongst that, naturally was time to renew my driver's license and had to plate/pay sales taxes on the new(ish) car

•Had to deal with my aunt's, mother's, and stepmother's birthdays, am now about to my own. Not digging the whole nearly-38 thing.

•Did jury duty, actually got placed in a jury for a county criminal trial. Luckily, found out when it was time for deliberations that I was the alternate juror and could leave. The whole situation massively pushed all my anxiety buttons--I do not deal with new things well, nor with situations involving conflict/arguing. Also luckily, Omaha is 'one day-one trial', so once you do your day/trial (if it goes longer than a day, though mine didn't), your jury duty service is considered complete. So no spending days/weeks on it.

•Family member has gotten themselves into some trouble; nothing I can do for it but listen when my parents want to talk about it. It's not the end of the world, I'm sure they can work through it with some time. Just a strange and weird thing, the way people can fuck up.

•Still haven't gotten to show Sherlock (BBC) to the gals that come over on Saturdays. Stuff keeps coming up. GOING TO ASAP. Am going to demand it Saturday. (Have inflicted Stonehenge Apocalypse on one group of friends; eventually after Sherlock stuff, will make the gals watch it, too. Trolololol.)

•Health willing, as am dealing with a cold for the last few days.

•Over the years, have seen bits and pieces of Nine and Ten era Dr.Who--have downloaded damned near all of the five-so-far seasons, am currently up to s1ep5 of Nine. Enjoying the hell out of it. Need to watch more.

•Have not been raiding in WoW, just doing the new dailies/achievements. But have come to the decision--I'm going to faction switch Akseru from horde to alliance, to do casual raiding with the husband's guild. They seem okay people, stable and low drama, from what I've seen playing on an alt there. I don't like the look of alliance male characters though, so Ak will be changing from a male bloodelf to a female human. In my mental RPG for the character, it actually suits him and is oddly fitting. And it's still him, even when a her. Don't ask :p The husband has done a Figureprints statuette of what he previously looked like for my birthday, and now that that's shipped, will do the faction switch later today. I guess it's come down to that in my very first guild six years ago, I didn't know anyone--but every time since, every time, that I've joined a new guild, I've known RL and/or online friends already in said guild. At this point, I don't want to join somewhere I don't know anyone at all. So this works for me right now.

•PS I am looking forward to more Supernatural, and will be watching s7. I guess the extent of my fanning is just reblogging a bit of stuff on tumblr, and sometimes reading a short fic here or there. It's just sharing my attention with Sherlock, Dr.Who and even Community, and I'm more feeling part of the Sherlock fandom than anything else, atm--even if I've pretty much proven to myself with one poem that I can't write for it for crap :p But I do so love reading the fic. S/J fic yes yes yes ♥

•But seriously: Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock ♥ Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch can shake my boat any day.

•...is that everything? Am I caught up? o_O I think that's everything.

•Oh wait--very, very, very belated thanks to [livejournal.com profile] silverraven and [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte for the vgifts. \o/♥ So sorry it took...a month and a half, ugh >_< for me to say something.
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*So many thank yous to [livejournal.com profile] zuben_eschamali for the virtual Jelly Beans :D That is so absolutely cute, and tickles me greatly. ♥ *hugs*!

*Managed to make it two whole months before I got another cold. ^^; My immune system is full of failings. Horribly queasy earlier today, not sure if it's related. Attempted soup for dinner (dry toast at lunch was so bleh :x but did help settle things).

*Guild got a first kill on Heroic Magmaw the other night. Peeked in on Heroic Omnitron and that fight looks...interesting, in which interesting translates to 'a pain in the butt'. Wondering how far we'll progress before Firelands goes live (it'll be awhile, I'm sure, since there was just a major patch, just pondering since it is on the horizon.)

*[livejournal.com profile] paxlux is my squishy ♥ And [livejournal.com profile] silverraven is a lovely, wonderful person. ^____^

*Community. Community. I just. This shoooooow. \o/ Still working on 1st season, but still. I honestly don't feel the pull to read fic, but I'm adoring the show and love the graphics and gifs I'm seeing. Reminds me how I was with Avatar: The Last Airbender, where I fanned the show simply in and of itself. And amazing how something some label as just a comedy could hit me with a quote that truly rocked me--see the tumblr post I made after seeing the s1 episode, Beginning Pottery, this afternoon (beware the rest of my tumblr, though, there are some SPN spoilers there).

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A happiest of happy birthdays to one Sam Winchester ♥ Pretend that I have written a little something where he and his brother spend a peaceful day together to celebrate, and they keep on carrying on.  Many happy returns of the day, Sammy.

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] akintay and [livejournal.com profile] santacarlagypsy for tin foil hats! They're freaking adorable ^___^ Many *hugs*!

Finally watched our Secret of Kells DVD on Saturday. Really gorgeously detailed animation and a very interesting and unique art style. Am planning on rewatching sometime on my computer instead of my TV, so I can get a closer look at it.

Have been rereading Kerouac's Book of Haikus recently. Jotted down under the flap of the back cover in a poor attempt at his style:
new leaves
on swaying branches
birdfeeder pendulum swings

Guild got a first kill on Heroic Atramedes last night--took about five attempts total.  Have tried the "new" ZA and ZG (as well as the special quest chain in Stranglethorn), though I have yet to do the children's week stuff again.

[livejournal.com profile] paxlux is the Jerk to my Bitch. I'm just sayin'. ♥

Ohwow, finally tired. Finally\o/ Too much awakeness and anxiety all evening and night.
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Under The Sea by cherie_morte
J2, PG13, 1508, short, but so freaking utterly adorable that I still feel like I could happily wrap myself up in it like a blanket. So very darling for so many reasons.


re: Wowowow. First kill on Heroic Maloriak Monday night, and for a short time got to enjoy an unfortunately temporary title (i.e. Lord Victor Nefarius yells: Congratulations! Allow me to grant you a title befitting the amazing achievement you just performed! Henceforth, you shall be known as the Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions!)  Patch day today, got to try out Zul Aman as a 5man heroic--definitely challenging. Eagle boss was just as much a pain in the ass as when way back when.


Still need to change out a bunch of icons. So lazy. Especially on days where I'm pretty much sick/wrecked all day because of only a few hours sleep the night before. Only maybe three, four years ago, 3 hours a night was my normal.


Apr. 24th, 2011 11:56 pm
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Guild name seen in WoW: <Seven Inches Unbuffed> Oh, eyeroll. Thirteen-year-old boys, unite. :p

Speaking of WoW, I have...been slightly immersed lately. Finally working on another Horde rogue alt, at last finally one I'm happy with and won't end up deleting for annoyance at appearance (or because of server transferring). Am very much enjoying seeing the post-Cataclysm old world zones finally, as I've wanted to do since the xpac began--interesting to see the visual changes, but also the alterations in quest design. Very much liking so far. But the one thing I really dig about the rogue class, is that no matter what changes, I have no problem understanding and playing the combat spec--something that isn't true for any other class I play. Oddly enough, despite female bloodelves not being my favorite to play, the alt is yet another one of them (my third). Because I am a lame weirdo, in my mind she's sort of a fem!Jared in look, named Samaara because of well, yeah (Samarra was taken, but I like this other spelling better now anyway).

Finally got the Stood In The Fire achievement, but of course on Samaara and not on Akseru like I really wanted. :p But it was neat to see--everything goes cherry KoolAid red, the sky goes black, then half a minute later, bam, everything and everyone's fried by the dragon's fire. That means players, game NPCs, monsters, critters, everything in the area. XD Good times.

Today there was Easter candy, woo hoo \o/ Made deviled eggs (which were awesome, tyvm), and a ham/fresh asparagus/hashbrown casserole that included a rather nice red pepper havarti cheese. And in other food news, Late Night Snack is ZOMFG amazing. I have been remiss in not trying Americone Dream, though, and will be doing so next (pint's already in the freezer \:D/ )

Bah, so need to switch out some icons.


Apr. 21st, 2011 01:39 pm
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Computer's been seriously choking on the 3 gigs of RAM we got when it was new last year. Just Firefox and WoW together have been having serious issues. Machine's been relying on a lot of caching/swap usage, and really has shown on its performance.  Last week the husband found a good deal on used RAM, switched out some modules, and now it's at a beefy 8gig. So incredibly much better. Was obvious right away that it was an incredible improvement--game runs tons smoother, even Firefox runs tons better (especially on the gif intensive tumblr and such).

Probably a good thing. Keeps me from up and burning my hard drive since the rest of it's so nice and not to blame for the crap I store on it (sorry, in a mood). Also finally have v.3-5 of Chii's Sweet Home, which I already read yesterday, and am currently rereading today. Need to drown myself in sweet until I'm not such a dour, mopey grump.

Killing me to not have a PS3. Want DA2 so freaking badly.
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Henry AV
I...I...mixing WoW and Shakespeare? *______* Best Daily Blink comic ever.♥
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Figures. Two whole rumbles of thunder and one flash of lightning about 6pm, and then it all passed us by, no rain. But it's managed to leave me with an absolutely fabulous pressure-change headache. And that stupid Blind Melon song in my head. Fucksticks.

ell oh ell )

Finally started playing Wynnchester again, got her to 81. Getting over that weird mental block I had about ret paladin rotation/prioritization, at least for the moment. Got cranky when looking at the Elitist Jerks guide about retadins, because they could mention hit and expertise cap, but it's obviously beneath them to use the five extra words to actually *say what those are*. Because obviously people who don't know already shouldn't be looking at their guides, right. All hail Google.
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Artery by [livejournal.com profile] paxlux, Sam/Dean, R, 11,075
♥♥♥♥♥ I just. \o/ Freaking awesome fic inspired by a freaking gorgeous bit of Siken poetry. Reflections of the poem are woven into the story so well, and she writes the boys *SO* right--and with such brilliantly snarky banter and roughhousing between them. And I love how the snark is perfectly *them*, like tradition, the way they've always been--then becomes like a mask to hide the thing developing between them, and then shows the blend the old and the new of their relationship. This made me grin and snicker and laugh and want to draw hearts on things. And leave an overly long comment. (Again. ^^; ps Carhenge! \o/)

In other news, nearly set the oven on fire again. I dunno. I guess using two cookie sheets on the same rack screwed up air circulation so the thermostat wasn't reading right, and it just kept blasting hotter and hotter--nearly charred the parchment paper and the food thereon. Only realized something was wrong because of the smoke alarm, though it wasn't smokey at all (the heat, I guess?). Who knows. I suck. (Though I at least succeeded at break-apart cookies and nearly from scratch carbonara pasta). In other other news, I seriously freaking suck at a computer game. It is pathetic how badly so. Just makes it feel worse, not feeling truly comfortable, knowing that those certain few are judging me. I just..why do I make such *stupid* mistakes, and give them ammunition?

Also, love this song, so so much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wAS8JUP39I http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858671084/

in which

Feb. 12th, 2011 01:20 pm
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I am the sort of person whose mood can be strongly influenced by fictional characters in TV shows \o/

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh~ )


Feb. 3rd, 2011 01:29 am
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I have for years now wanted a way of archiving/displaying my WoW screenshots. I've been a nut for taking them since the game started in 2004, and I've accumulated somewhere close to 1.4GB worth (somewhere over 4300, though many are just junk). Was always too lazy/clueless to make a webpage though, and didn't like the concept of doing an LJ or DW account for such. Then it finally hit me last week--DUH, Tumblr.

So~ http://livingflame.tumblr.com/
I am very Tumblr clueless though, so I have terribly little idea of how it all works, but it seems like it could be fun to learn. Anyone who feels like following is certainly welcome. Also, it'd be cool to follow you guys if any of you have Tumblrs.

The name of it, like my Last.fm name, is from the quote "Reckless mortals! None may challenge the Sons of the Living flame!" by the boss Majordomo Executus in Molten Core, and the page title there is from "Trifling gnome! Your arrogance will be your undoing!", yelled by Lord Jaraxxus in the Crusaders' Coliseum (the *only* thing I liked about that instance was seeing the gnome, Wilfred Fizzlebang, die every raid week--and I'd pretty much always yell TRIFLING GNOME! when the boss did. :p )


Jan. 27th, 2011 04:43 pm
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Low mood, not feeling well, not getting done what I promised someone I'd do. And opened my virtual mouth and hit someone with major TMI and am regretting such. Way to push boundaries in the name of being sympathetic, self. I'm great at making people uncomfortable.

New warlock in guild (person from our old guild rejoining us) is, as I expected, kicking my ass hard in DPS. Not only is this person very good, but it just shows how bad of a player I am. I'm mistake prone, I forget things, I'm not efficient about spell rotations/cooldowns, my reflexes are crappy. I can keep trying to learn, but honestly that's what I've been doing for 6 years of gaming. I'm just at heart a lousy player, and it's kind of embarassing to have it so spotlighted again. Also, observing subtle sexism in game makes my stomach knot. Or maybe the individuals in question are just being assholes and it wouldn't matter who to--but I have this feeling, especially considering the past issue, that it's more than that.

Went to finally spend my Amz giftcard from my brother for my birthday last summer (I know...), and...I swear, I used to spend so damned much on music. But I could find barely anything I wanted. All my favorites, I mean, they're still good, but almost all of them are doing stuff that's no longer my musical tastes. Kind of sucks. At least picked up two new things from Ben Cooper: a new EP for his Radical Face work, and his latest Electric Presidents CD. At least, he's got 3 new projects in the works for 2011, so that'll give me something to listen to eventually. Also got the other Ian Astbury/Unkle song, and the newest Assemblage 23 for when I'm in an electronic mood. Just weird to still have a balance with Amz (not counting the iTunes gc from the husband I still have). I swear, I used to devour music, what the hell's wrong with me. Need to try to find new groups/artists to try, I guess. (Thought I was going to try more Mogwai, but I dunno, the samples just weren't hooking me like their newest did.)


I See Lightning, J2, NC17, ~3,100, breathplay
Leaving myself this to reread, seriously got under my skin. Not just because of the kink or the fact that it's so well-written--but how incredibly well she gets inside Jared's head and enables the reader to share that headspace, before, during and after. And the incredible feel of trust, caring and love that is shown between the two is as much the reason it was so powerful and intense as the kink and sex.


Wonder if this is 'coming down with something' or just allergy flare up. And wonder if the husband would mind pizza or something.
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All Fired Up, This Soul by [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte, Sam/Dean (brief Sam/OFC and Dean/OMC), R, 13,450 words
From her summary: Slowly but surely, Sam gets his soul back. I have been wanting to rec this for DAYS, since I betaed part 1, and now I finally can \o/ So good, in so many ways. I really am in ♥ with this story--and Show so should have gone like this.

privacy of storm, J2, R, ~2,600 words
CASUAL INTIMACY IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD THE END. I'm just sayin'. Gorgeous, gorgeous fic. Also, I leave stupidly incoherent comments at times.

Re: WoW. Got down Atramedes and Chimaeron tonight/last night/whatever, go us. The second was notable for the fact that it was the first time our group attempted it, and took just four tries to get the kill.

Dear winter: Stop making me itch, ffs.

Also, I'm sort of pondering ideas for a soulless!Sam fanmix, which probably says I'm a horrible person. Also also, I'm so gd tired, why am I still even up, I don't know.
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So I am *handwave* in a mood. This should come as a surprise to no one. (I should make that a tag.)

The guild got a first kill on Maloriak (in Blackwing Descent) yest evening. Brings us to 6/12 of the current tier of raid bosses, and raises us to 7th ranked 10man guild on the server (4th Horde-side).

After totally botching my au-bingo and hc-bingo cards and the whole j2everafter thing, I have, yes, signed up for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang . ...ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, self.

Once There Was a Darkness by [livejournal.com profile] zuben_eschamali, PG-13, J2 AU, 591 words
I love this ficlet/missing scene like freaking WOAH so much. It goes with her Darker Pieces of the Night story--the winged!Jared one--from a yet-to-be-written (but-better-be-written-really-freaking-soon!-\o/) sequel. It may be short, but it is SO chock full of things I love so much, they're practically kinks. I could read this scene over and over and ♥

I think I need to get my hands on anything and everything from the band Mogwai. Like now.
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Shoveled today, so the WiiFit can go suck it (though tbh I haven't done anything with it since Thursday--it's going to bitch at me when I use it again). We have so, so much less snow than last year's many feet, just ~6 inches this time, though another 3-ish due today, but it still sucks just as much to dig out.

Have been a withdrawn hermit lately, apologies. I've been reading flist stuff at least, I promise.

Sat out of the guild's first official raid night last Wednesday (where they got first kills on Magmaw and Omnitron), but got to be a part of the first kills of Conclave of Wind and Wyrmbreaker last night. Woo, us \o/

Le tired...and I blame my mother for the fact I just had a cup of cocoa with a scoop of peppermint ice cream in it.

Also, tempting things are very tempting. And I suck at resisting temptation. >_> /enigmatic
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Just a bout of whining (pretty much just WoW related). Feel free to ignore. Once again emphasizing why on my fanmix about myself, Basket Case would be song number one.

in which the tags say it all )

Wanted to come up with a list of New Year's resolutions, but I think at most I'm going to only focus on 1)use the damned WiiFit thing I bought last summer, and 2)write, especially original poetry. Though I've really dropped the ball on my hc- and au-bingo cards, as well as the j2everafter challenge.
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I've seen a lot of wrap-ups and memes going around for the end of the year, and have been pondering doing one, but I don't think I will. As much has gone on this year, nothing feels worthy of 'highlighting'. I don't really have a lot of accomplishments or progress to report. But I am glad that 2010 has meant getting to know a lot more of you better. I really do appreciate you guys, and am glad you're still letting me share in your lives and your creativity. ♥

Thought about doing some sort of compilation of the things I've written this year, but I'm not quite sure how to approach all of November. So much of it is just...meh, and the rest is in desperate need of editing (and if I actually do get it edited, real beta and official-with-titles posting). Maybe tomorrow I'll make a list of the little bit I did this year, sans my mininano things.

Anyway, a very, very quiet New Year's here. We were supposed to have several of our friends over, but icy conditions made them uncomfortable with driving, so we postponed that until a couple weeks from now. So it's just the usual him and I doing the WoW thing, in which I've been skilling up the archeology profession. It's tedious, yet strangely addicting. But I will admit resulted in the new pet and mount for Ak:

Oh, and he's now got the title of "Assistant Professor". :p 6 more rare artifacts, and he could get the "Associate Professor" title. Queue the sound of real professors facepalming, eh? ;)

Surprisingly quiet in-game, too. Most of the others in our guild actually had gatherings/parties to go to, I guess, unlike last year where there was quite a group of us hanging out and talking in Ventrilo (until the one drunk guy got pissed and started a slurred argument with others). Only a couple people on tonight, and no one hanging out to talk this time. ^^; I think I need to get some music cranked up, yes?

May wonderful things happen for you all in 2011 ♥


Dec. 29th, 2010 04:08 pm
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Happy birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] wutendeskind and [livejournal.com profile] dahliablue!

Car is back from being repaired as of last evening, rental has been returned. I'm gonna have to get used to a manual transmission again. >_o Also, finally got word about the other person's insurance--they're only accepting 70% responsibility because, despite that their person ran a flashing red light and hit my husband when he was driving, they claimed it 30% his responsibility that he didn't reduce speed for his flashing yellow. Which I guess is technically what you're supposed to do? I guess? Except *no one does*, and it doesn't excuse that their person *ran the red* and if the husband had happened to slow down, she would have hit him worse. What the fuck. \o/ I dunno. Insurances are soulless bastards (no offense, robo!Sam). Anyway, so we get paid back for 70% of our deductible and rental car costs, which is good, I guess. Though we're hoping that USAA doesn't ding us for that 30% bit on our record when that's a technicality and meaningless considering he got hit by her and would still have.

Massive monster headache yesterday afternoon, which is finally gone but for some reason my allergies and asthma are kicking off today and I keep coughing. Oy. Have health insurance issues on my mind very much--have two months left because of the COBRA thing from my last job, but they're switching providers, so I have to go through getting new info and cards just in time to have to switch again. In either case, I'll be losing vision and dental insurance, but I can make my glasses last more and just pay for those when the time comes (will need to learn to go to a real optometrist, but maybe get the glasses from a mall place), and dental I think I'll do okay since I still pretty much only need cleaning twice a year ever. I need to contact the BCBS person for current info again, since application I have is for this year's rates. (I procrastinated, yes :/ Was just easier to keep the COBRA thing going, despite its cost. Yeah, I know my way of thinking/avoiding doesn't make sense.) It's just sort of interesting to note that none of the plans offered offer any sort of mental health coverage--way to go, USA. Nice to see that we continue to refuse to acknowledge that mental health *affects* physical health.

Despite my whining, WoW stuff is going pretty well, actually. We haven't yet raided again, but I think when we do we'll do better because more people have gotten to the recommended gear level. Just concerned about how a RL friend has pretty much given up when faced with doing poorly post-changes to his class (and being a RL friend, I feel kind of stuck in the middle, and also unable to be honest with him that I think he's the one mostly in the wrong for not doing what's needed to adapt and adjust). Plus the situation with the one guy being a dick, who I keep hoping will just leave (since he's coming up with reasons why it's my fault that are blatantly incorrect, and since he's not even addressing that any of that doesn't excuse his behavior towards me or our GM, therefore it's doubtful we can expect any remorse or change from him). But really, playing itself is fun, even if the new stuff doesn't have that epic, vast, wild frontier feeling that the Northrend zones and quests had.

Yesterday, I managed to be productive; today, not so much. Need to make sure I Get Things Done tomorrow.

Not that I've seen it (on my to-watch list), but the new Tron soundtrack is pretty neat.

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