May. 13th, 2011

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*So many thank yous to [ profile] zuben_eschamali for the virtual Jelly Beans :D That is so absolutely cute, and tickles me greatly. ♥ *hugs*!

*Managed to make it two whole months before I got another cold. ^^; My immune system is full of failings. Horribly queasy earlier today, not sure if it's related. Attempted soup for dinner (dry toast at lunch was so bleh :x but did help settle things).

*Guild got a first kill on Heroic Magmaw the other night. Peeked in on Heroic Omnitron and that fight looks...interesting, in which interesting translates to 'a pain in the butt'. Wondering how far we'll progress before Firelands goes live (it'll be awhile, I'm sure, since there was just a major patch, just pondering since it is on the horizon.)

*[ profile] paxlux is my squishy ♥ And [ profile] silverraven is a lovely, wonderful person. ^____^

*Community. Community. I just. This shoooooow. \o/ Still working on 1st season, but still. I honestly don't feel the pull to read fic, but I'm adoring the show and love the graphics and gifs I'm seeing. Reminds me how I was with Avatar: The Last Airbender, where I fanned the show simply in and of itself. And amazing how something some label as just a comedy could hit me with a quote that truly rocked me--see the tumblr post I made after seeing the s1 episode, Beginning Pottery, this afternoon (beware the rest of my tumblr, though, there are some SPN spoilers there).

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