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Omg, is LJ actually back? I'm shocked :p

Okay, that ep? Whoa. o___o WHOA. So much that I freaking did *not* expect.

--I must admit, I laughed at the "I don't speak little bitch" line :p

--boys tied up? must be Thursday Friday

--ah, the deal with Meg I'd heard spoilers about (hah, @ the hugs and puppies line)

--can't help it, was also amused at Sam luring Cas down with the Raiders of the Lost Ark plot :p

--Aha, the big reveal about Samuel, fitting very much in with what I'd seen others theorize...Mary's pic, and allegedly Crowley will "give her back" Dang, that scene with Dean and Samuel. Intense o_o And jeez, that "runs in the family" thing, so freaking *true*.

--Okay, the Cas watching porn scene, made me laugh, too. Felt like a nod to some of the humor of last season in a way (I can't scrub the "now he's got a boner" line from my brain augh XD; )

--Hokay, Sam with the demon killing knife again? Total hot BAMF, jeebus. Dude is just badass this ep, in *so* many ways.

--The reveal about Sam's soul...had seen this bit in spoilers, but hearing it all. Holy crap. D: I mean, seriously, holy CRAP. Not only has his soul been in hell for over a year--120 years--but it's been *mutilated* by Lucifer *and Michael*. Good fucking grief. :( All I can say here is Oh, *Sammy*. D: D: D: D: Even if they get it back, it could leave him suffering horrifically, a paralyzed vegetable that knows only pain? And yeah, of course Sam overheard that. :/

--And of course Samuel sold them out. Should've known they couldn't trust his 'information'. >_<

--The lines "Sam. I'm standing in pee." and "Consider yourself lucky" yeah, amused me. My brain is 12 years old. A 12 year old boy. :p

--SO GLAD TO SEE CHRISTIAN DIE. Also, I am finding myself kind of liking this Meg, in a way. She's feisty. ^^;

--*Loved* Dean telling Samuel off. Jeez, he was BAMF intense in that bit. Shivery :9

--The scene with Sam chewing his wrist? Freaked me the fuck out. ^^; But the results? HOLY CATS SO BADASS \o/ SAM ILU. Goddang, devil's trap on the ceiling in his own freaking blood. Goddang \o/ Serious OMFG *_* moment

--Sam clubbing the living *fuck* out of the things attacking Dean and then Crowley under the devil's trap, also damned BAMFy :D

--Okay, the first wtf moment :( Crowley *can't* even get Sam's soul back?? WTF. So he was just stringing them along. :( :( :( And saying the same things about the state of Sam's soul as Cas did, yikes.

--HI AGAIN CAS o/ He's good at showing up at just the right time :p

--"What's in the gift bag?" "You are." "Cookie for you." Heheheh.

--BIGGEST OMFG WTF MOMENT. O____O THEY BURNED CROWLEY OMFG. DID NOT EXPECT. SO DID NOT EXPECT. Wow, okay, and I so thought he was the big bad of the season. :x Talk about having me fooled.

--So things aren't going well for Cas at all :( I sort of wanted to give the poor guy a hug, he looked so downcast. And now there's not even a Crowley, and he wouldn't have been able to get Sam's soul back anyway. So...their only big lead, just gone.

--Aaaaaaaaaaaand then the end scene. Oy. -___- I guess I've seen that coming. Especially with the new revelations. Sam's been seeming very ambivalent, and from his 'logical'/'perfect hunter' pov, I can see why. It would just bring (emotional) suffering and weakness, and he'd be a poorer hunter for it. Now? He's been told by the main angel and demon he knows that his soul is in tatters, and if it's given back to him, he's very likely to be just utterly...well, destroyed, even if he's still alive after.

*beware, babbling starts here:
Honestly...if I were him, I wouldn't want my soul back either. I can see why he would say he didn't want it back, and that he's better off without it. Before he was becoming uncertain--now, there's so little in the "pro" column for him, and TONS of things in the "con" column. I mean...even if he knew it wouldn't outright kill him, even if he wasn't even considering how it affected him as a hunter--if faced with the most-likely that getting it back would leave him paralyzed, only knowing agony and suffering for the rest of his life? Who would want to face that sort of horror and pain? Even if it meant he was "Dean's Sam" again, I don't think that's enough to make him--or pretty much anyone--risk it. Especially when he was ambivalent already.

So he walks away. And I can totally understand why. He's already known that the only reason Dean was willing to be with him anymore was because they were trying to get the old Sam back. Now that he thinks there's no way to, now that he doesn't even want to with those consequences--I think he knows there's no way Dean would want him around anyway. So I could see him figuring well, might as well just leave and get back to hunting his way. Why wait for the inevitable fights with Dean about his methods/personality/etc?

So now what, I wonder. :/ I mean, seriously, what the hell do they do now? I guess the next ep. will maybe shed some light. But I'm wanting to know what the hell else they can do, how Dean convinces (if? he convinces) Sam to keep trying, and what the hell do they do about the state of Sam's soul being so wrecked.

Honestly, it'd be nice to see some God fixing this damned mess, but I know there's no way. :| Just bugs me though, that down in hell, it's not just Lucifer that's been destroying Sam's soul, but the archangel Michael. But I guess I won't really go there, because I still trip up on the nature of angels and heaven in the show, and trying to figure out if there's any truly good/holy out there in its universe (is weird, I'm non-practicing, all but lapsed, somewhere around agnostic, but I still believe there's *good*, and...eh, not going there.)

But really...Sam saved the fucking world, and everything/everyone else gets fixed...but he was left down there. And even when Crowley got him out, his soul was left down there, just to be trashed by God's freaking creations. No one pulled him from perdition, or is doing so now. I'd kind of like to see someone throw Sam a freaking bone for the freaking giant "one he took for the team", already.

I have to admit, I want some Sam-pain when he gets his soul back, I can't help it but I do--I want some good old fashioned h/c where he gets to be old Sam and gets taken care of by his brother. But, I just don't want him totally broken/destroyed in the process. I don't want that sort of hurt. :( That's just...too much. I want Sam to be able to come back from this, like Dean did from his time in hell. Guess I can just keep hoping...and hoping they don't make this last the entire season. >_<

Discussing preview below...


WTF. Okay, knew about the Dean-as-Death thing from spoilers. And I know some of what's going on with the Sam & Bobby they show glimpses of, the basics of why. But holy SHIT, that looked really fucked up. :( I mean, axing in the door like he's freaking Jack Nicholson in The Shining? Crap. :( Is that the last ep before the holiday hiatus? Or do we get another? Because...man, I just wonder what sort of note/tone they're going to leave us hanging on. :x

I have to admit, I like the wankfreespn comm, but I may have to start watching spnparty again. :/ I needs more spoilers, can't help it but I do.

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Date: 2010-12-04 05:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cacklesthewitch.livejournal.com
So now what, I wonder. :/ I mean, seriously, what the hell do they do now?


I am freaking stumped here. I really am. This season has me feeling so off-kilter and wanting to rage... yet I don't hate the season like other people. I'm still in the wait-and-see stage but WTF are they going to do about Sam's soul?! And who the hell is the big bad this season now that Crowley's gone?! (not that I thought he was the the big evil but still... see what I mean about everything being off?! *throws up hands*)

And don't get me started about Sampa! I MEAN SERIOUSLY?!
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Date: 2010-12-04 05:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] silverraven.livejournal.com

I really want some h/c too when Sam's gets his soul back. I don't want him to come back all okay, like he was asleep the whole time or doesn't remember. I want hurt! And comfort. Not sure if show is going to give us that though. :/

I believe next week is the last before hiatus. :( I hope it won't be a long one.
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Date: 2010-12-04 09:04 am (UTC)
the_milky_way: (sam/dean (against all odds))
From: [personal profile] the_milky_way
Yes.. to everything... again.. LOL

I get why Sam wouldn't want his soul back now. I mean he still can think for himself and knowing what he knows now.. it makes sense that he's thinking like that. 120 years! Holy Hell.

Oh boys.. just I want them to be all supportive and h/c in the second half of the season.

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Date: 2010-12-04 07:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kros-21.livejournal.com
Honestly...if I were him, I wouldn't want my soul back either

LMAO! this is what I have been saying in each comment. I mean, come on, Sam didn't have any reason for wanting his soul back even before and now that he knows that he will probably have to deal with the consequences of Lucifer and Michael's game and no one knows how to restore his soul, why would he want it back? So I really don't get why people should blame him.

And Dean, he is cute for wanting his brother back so bad but I feel like he is loosing lucidity on everything else. Like, he wants the soul back no matter what but then it's Sam who has to deal with the consequences....

bah, I dont know....

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Date: 2010-12-05 06:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] akintay.livejournal.com
Hokay, Sam with the demon killing knife again? Total hot BAMF
WASN'T IT? I swear I didn't like guys with weapons before I started watching this show, but seeing Sam or Dean fighting is so damn HOT.

I'll cry if they don't bring Crowley back somehow :( He was one of my favorites!

Man, when Sam attacked the guys who were fighting Dean? You can't tell me the guy doesn't have feelings. He was INTENSE.

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