Dec. 3rd, 2010

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Sudden, inexplicable, out-of-the-blue urge to hear that song again. Still makes me all teary ♥ I need to watch that movie again sometime soon. And I need to get the urge to write a J2-Anastasia AU *out* of my head, because I so need to start work on my [ profile] j2_everafter Castle In The Sky AU like pronto and not get distracted by anything else. :x

Show tonight! \o/

Almost two weeks behind on comments and email D: D: D: Afdsfkjf so sorry T___T

Also...peppermint sandwich cookies, peppermint cocoa, peppermint there such a thing as too much peppermint? >_> (Answer: No :B ) (PS Don't ask about the peppermint ice cream up in the freezer. :| And the peppermint mocha ice cream up there is my Mom's fault.) (PPS Peppermint is also way, way, way better than cough drop flavor. So tired of medicinal cherry-menthol >:pp )

ETA: OH RIGHT. ALSO. The radio station I listen to ( played Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man this morning and that is the BEST THING EVER \o/ Never thought since discovering the group last year that such a thing would happen ♥ Also, Mom is awesome for still considering Muse's Resistance as her favorite song and bugging me to send her a link for the YouTube video of it :3

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