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Ugh, we have to turn on the air conditioner already, nooooo >_< It's supposed be just about 90F for the next three days, and already it's 79F inside the house despite it being still 70s outside because of how warm it was yesterday. And it's starting to get humid, which makes it feel sticky even with fans running. Yuuuuuuck. Nooo, Nebraska, this is the opposite of what I wanteeeeeed DX
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Figures. Two whole rumbles of thunder and one flash of lightning about 6pm, and then it all passed us by, no rain. But it's managed to leave me with an absolutely fabulous pressure-change headache. And that stupid Blind Melon song in my head. Fucksticks.

ell oh ell )

Finally started playing Wynnchester again, got her to 81. Getting over that weird mental block I had about ret paladin rotation/prioritization, at least for the moment. Got cranky when looking at the Elitist Jerks guide about retadins, because they could mention hit and expertise cap, but it's obviously beneath them to use the five extra words to actually *say what those are*. Because obviously people who don't know already shouldn't be looking at their guides, right. All hail Google.


Mar. 19th, 2011 09:17 pm
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I think I have managed to sleep away 95% of today. :/ At least I made a crockpot ham and bean soup, so I wasn't totally useless. I think it's actually annoyed the cats that I've been taking their spots on the couch so much.

Didn't have to concern myself with whether to go outside to look at the supermoon, since naturally here it's cloudy. Way to go, Nebräska.

One of these days when I get to feeling normal, I really need to see if the used game store has any copies of Twilight Princess or Animal Crossing (the Wii one's City Folk, I think?).
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Gotta love waking up and immediately realizing one feels like complete and utter crap. And then it goes downhill from there. Fuck allergies, seriously. Not even truly spring yet, and I want it to go away and be winter again already.

yes well.

Feb. 2nd, 2011 04:12 pm
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Woof. Not that much snow (esp since the husband and Mom did part of the shoveling yesterday morning), but the ice underneath is most annoying. Am glad the husband did the main part of the driveway again this am, because getting over the cold plus the usual asthma meant my lungs were really super freaking unhappy to be out in 5F plus windchill to work on the rest of the driveway and sidewalks. Super-tight and wheezy when I came in, though it seems to be settling back down to just irritated coughing. Tea helped, and the ice cream, well that was just a morale boost. Odd that I don't feel muscle aches from shoveling, but that my *hands* and wrists freaking hurt. Ow.

Have been meaning to read Gunnerkrigg Court for *years*. Was reminded of such awhile back when certain persons on my friends list mentioned it, but still never got around to reading it--until yesterday. Where I read the entire thing, all 833--now 834--comics, in one day. Why have I not been reading this for *years* now? Holy beans, so good. Poked Anj to read it, must get Kelly to check it out, too. I think they would love it.

But fffffff, when did it get to be February? Afdsafkjfjk. I'm pretty much at the point of ditching the idea I had for a BigBang, as well as my two secondary ideas. Trying to decide if an older idea is even worth considering. So I can, you know, like take notes and outline and maybe even actually start writing. I'm so freaking doomed. T__T

Also: yesssss, finally found a torrent for The Good, The Bad, The Weird's soundtrack. Hard. To. Find! I was going to buy from Amazon, but the only seller there wants $90 (and it's out of print from other sources such as yesasia.com). No way in *heck*. >_< So many stupid "sponsored downloads" out there, no way I'm signing up for something that does the free at first/pay later thing, don't trust that at all. But at least, hey, torrent. YEHARRRG, AVAST YE SCURVY SEADOGS, PREPARE TO BE BOARDED. So worth it, this soundtrack is *so good*. And it reminds me that even with the...interesting ending, I think I want a DVD. So funky, heh.
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Shoveled today, so the WiiFit can go suck it (though tbh I haven't done anything with it since Thursday--it's going to bitch at me when I use it again). We have so, so much less snow than last year's many feet, just ~6 inches this time, though another 3-ish due today, but it still sucks just as much to dig out.

Have been a withdrawn hermit lately, apologies. I've been reading flist stuff at least, I promise.

Sat out of the guild's first official raid night last Wednesday (where they got first kills on Magmaw and Omnitron), but got to be a part of the first kills of Conclave of Wind and Wyrmbreaker last night. Woo, us \o/

Le tired...and I blame my mother for the fact I just had a cup of cocoa with a scoop of peppermint ice cream in it.

Also, tempting things are very tempting. And I suck at resisting temptation. >_> /enigmatic
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*At least I got all the rest of my holiday shopping done Saturday, and got packages mailed. Just waiting for some things to arrive to finish wrapping.

*On the other hand, should have done financial stuff as well as beta something for someone today, am not going to accomplish either.

*In WoW, heroics are starting to seem challenging rather than impossible, but while I don't suck totally on Ak, I still do somewhat. Think some of the tensions between guild people are easing--it always gets bad during the start of an xpac. Got this achievement on Ak: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=4496#. Yes, an achievement about achievements. Because I rock like that. (Not even that cool anymore, sadly. Some have 12-13k of points.)

*The lever for the bathroom tub drain's broken, so it won't drain unless the lever's being held down. Annoying. Having someone out to fix it tomorrow. Noticed the 'seam' where the enclosed back porch meets the house is letting water from melting snow on the roof drip in. Will have to look up there to see if there's shingle damage or what. Maybe it needs the sealant on that join done/redone? Add that to the 'call someone' list. :/

*winter dry skin D: So much itching. And my knuckles are like sandpaper. So stupidly cold downstairs here, too, even with a flannel shirt on. And I guess one pair of socks isn't enough?

*Trying Google Chrome out the last few days, instead of Safari. So far it seems okay. Less time freezing because of gifs, definitely better at not crashing from Flash things (so far).

Ugh, I need a blanket. And cocoa. Not that I deserve cocoa, what with not accomplishing anything today. But I'll probably get some anyway. Asdfskjfk cold.
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ETA: Not SPN, but...snow? Snow?? Noooooooo. And it's accumulating, too. >_< Ffffffffff.

6.08 )
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Was woken up a little bit ago by the doorbell (yeah I know, I'm a slacker, I suck)--flowers from my in-laws, as a belated birthday gift. I guess maybe the husband's birthday coming up on the 31st reminded them they'd missed mine back in August? To be honest, I didn't even notice they missed it...currently thinking "didn't they send a card/check or something?"--but I guess they must not have or they think they hadn't?

Had to have a tech out yesterday evening because our internet, cable tv, and even our phone were acting weird. Turns out that one, there was a broken component where the main cable company line meets the line run to the house. But also--the line to the house had been chewed into by squirrels exposing and damaging the inner wire. Squirrels. I just...what.


I dunno, I think the 'how to ruin forever' options for all three should be boxes where no one says anything at all.

For so little happening, life feels very strange at times. Also, holy hell, why is waking up so hard. And fuck allergies, seriously.
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So when leaving the grocery store, got caught up in some congestion in the parking lot. A lawn service truck and trailer cuts in front of me, but can't completely make the turn, so the dude just makes the congestion worse. I honked at him when he cut me off...and the dude turns to us (mom was in the car, too), and through his open window makes crying motions at us. When we're stopped at the intersection to leave the parking lot, he sat there making more taunting gestures at us.

I'm trying to get ahold of the business, since I could see the name of it on the truck (uh, hello), as well as make note of what the truck and trailer it was pulling's license plates. Haven't been able to get ahold of them though, just a machine. Sounds like it might just be a family business, so I hope to hell I get the woman who did the answering machine message and not the guy (who I'm assuming was the dude driving the truck WAY TO BE A BUSINESS OWNER SIR).

So not like anyone on my flist is from Nebraska, much less from Omaha or the areas that truck screenprinting indicated the business covered (Fremont, Blair, Lincoln), but I figured it was worth noting the business name since this ends up on the internet and can be websearched. Landmark Lawn service who from what I could tell was from 29 county (truck plate 29-8266 and trailer plate ending in -X6654), has an employee/potential owner with extremely poor professionalism and who frankly is a prick while driving his company's vehicle.

Still v. irritable about the extended family situation, now pissed at this (I'd be just annoyed if it were some person in a private car, but a business owner in the business vehicle? PISSED.) And late this afternoon I get to drive to my brother's MFA (creative writing) graduation. Yay for him (his 4th damned degree, christ), but it's an hour drive either way, plus the ceremony time plus the fact that we're supposed to get there 45 min before it even begins. Lovely.

[Edit: I love getting the impression that a parental unit doesn't think I know how to dress appropriately for a graduation. I am, you know, nearly 37 and have attended many official ceremonies and I do have some common sense. I may be a loser slacker-slob, but I'm, you know, going to change into a nice shirt and not stay in this worn out Warcraft shirt. I've still got a few brains left.]
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Ugh, I am stressing about strange and minor things. I blame the coffee I had earlier, yet at the same time it's obviously worn off, because I'm absolutely drained-tired. >_< Yargh.

At least OPPD replaced the main power line, and Cox will be coming Friday to rerun their cable. Waiting for a tree service to come give an estimate and tell me when they can schedule work (obviously all are busy right now). We had more storm damage than I even realized after last Wednesday. Another branch that had been hanging finally broke off and fell yesterday, though it was thinner and shorter (like 3in at the base), and could be carried by just two of us--and at least it just fell into the yard, not on the lines or on the roof. Other branches are hanging though, and who knows what we don't see. Ugh.

[livejournal.com profile] motherlessguns is having a poet challenge where you pick a poet from the list, and find one of their works that fits the comm theme of being somehow Winchesters. This is a very cool thing, though when I picked Samuel Green, I didn't consider...make sure you can *find* their work. He's only got about 4 or 5 poems online, and neither of his books are available at B&N, the public library, or UNO's library. Not to mention, sold new, his current book is like 35$ at Amazon and 50$ through B&N. I gave in and ordered a used copy from Amazon, because at the least that's approx. 15$. :/ I shouldn't really spend, but I'll count it as my self-education on contemporary poets. Just hoping it's here before the challenge 'due' date of posting by Aug.1 (though Amz did say it would arrive by about the 23rd, so even with potential delays that should be okay).

I did buy a Wislawa Szymborska collection at B&N, though. >_> Still have another of hers on my Amz wish list, but I just kind of weakened on getting this one (view with a grain of sand) now. God, I'm so weak and stupid about resisting books.

[Edit: I keep wanting to find a collection of Richard Siken's work. Am I surprised that I can never find him at B&N, and he's not to be found at the public library or at UNO, despite it being an academic library? No, sadly I'm not surprised at all. Fucking midwest. I guess Crush goes on my Amz wishlist as well.]

that 28 questions meme )
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B'awww. Yeah, I gotta pony up the ten bucks. :|

Sporting a couple of new bruises, thanks to dealing with the branch that took out our power line Wednesday. One on my shoulder from carrying (one part of the branch took two of us to carry, the main part took all three of us to get it from the back out to the driveway), and one on my leg where part smacked against it repeatedly when I was trying to brace it while James sawed part off (handsaw, we don't have a chainsaw). Not sure what we're going to do with the branch debris (see the no chain saw bit), but since our driveway's wide we can leave it all sit there maybe until I can get someone over to prune the storm damage and run that stuff through a chipper.

I do need to remember to call Cox in addition to the power company about the power line--even with the branch off the cable line, it's still hanging down so low to drape over the fence and touch the ground. I'm surprised it's working. Even though it wasn't pulled away from the house like the power line, it's so stretched. >_o

Beware of stupid WoW babble:
Omgomgomg won the Kalu'ak fishing derby on Ak, woooooooooooooooooooooo \o/ That is such a pain in the *butt* to accomplish. Then I only had one thing left to get his Accomplished Angler (http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=1516) achievement--the rare fish/One That Didn't Get Away one. I've been trying for a Dark Herring (http://www.wowhead.com/item=44703) since WotLK started, and have never managed it, but after hours of fishing in the afternoon, got it :D (of all the rare fish, it's one of the few to be a weapon, I mean it's a dagger but it looks like a fish, so you can kill things *with a fish* \o/ ) So *FINALLY* Ak has Accomplished Angler and thus the title of "Salty". This amuses me more than it should. (What can I say--I'm one of the few WoW players that *likes* fishing. I even max the skill out on all my alts. If there was anyone that should try to get that achievement, it's me--and it was driving me nuts after working on it these past couple years that I still hadn't finished it. :p Felt so lucky yesterday, I nearly went and bought a lottery ticket. :p :p )


Jul. 15th, 2010 06:40 pm
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We have power again ♥♥♥♥♥♥

See, there was this freak storm last night, straight winds of 60-70mph, and it took down a bunch of branches off our trees--including a 20-25ft one that yanked the main power line to the house right out of where it connects to the roof. So power went out last night, no AC, no phone, nothing. No AC in Nebraska in July sucks. ^^;

The power company still hasn't been out, but connecting the line to the house I guess is homeowner responsibility (this is something I hadn't known), so we had a private electrician out to get the power line hooked up again. OPPD will still have to replace the line as there's now no slack at all, so a good wind could yank it again. And I'm going to have to have the tree damage repruned, which we *just* had done in spring. So argh.

But WE HAVE POWER AGAIN YAAAAAAY. And apologies, but I've just skimmed LJ stuff posted since last night, so let me know if I missed anything big? :x ♥

Oh, and after the freak storm and the normal thunderstorm after? Rainbow. A double rainbow even. :| The double was just faint, though, so I'll not be posting any videos about it being omg so intense. :p

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It is the sort of day where:
1. At the store, Mom gets one of the 10lb. bags of birdseed she was buying out of her cart at the register, and lo and behold it had a hole in it which snagged the cart, ripped the bag open, and spilled all over the floor.

2. We get home and discover that the bottle of milk I bought was seriously leaking, and because of course no grocery bag can be without holes, it'd soaked the carseat beneath it. (Have tried to sponge it up with dry towels, clean the seat off with a damp towel plus upholstery cleaner, but it's so damned hot and humid out in the garage, I don't know if it'll dry well, even with the car and garage doors open. Please don't let it end up smelling of bad milk or end up mildewing. The upholstery cleaner fragrance smell is bad enough.)

Bebop's supposed to be seen by the vet again today, but thanks to the freak windstorm of this early morning, their power's been out and they haven't been able to schedule it. So freaking behind on everything today. ANNOYANCES. At least my inner voice is down from "shitdamnsonofabitchfuck" to a more calm "wharrgarbl". I should be glad I haven't gotten cursed with [livejournal.com profile] verbranden's luck and ended up with a car accident like what happened to one of my RL friends. Though I'm still looking over my shoulder because surely someone's going to end up hit by a meteor or something.
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What, only 62% humidity? LIES. It's freaking saturated out there. D: Ugh ugh ugh. Just bringing in groceries shouldn't result in ending up sweat-drenched. Gross. >p (Dear Nebraska: You suck. No love, me)

So yesterday when the techs were over doing the vent cleaning, we shut all the cats out on the enclosed porch, the one that's separated from the kitchen by a glass patio door. Cat 2 of 4, Missy, (the Maine Coon fuzzy-tubby bear of a diva princess cat) at one point decided she was going to make a break for it and run from the porch into the kitchen oh yeaaaaah. Remember the glass patio door? Yeah. *Bonk*. Good thing she's got a skull that's like granite (which is obvious when she decides she must nuzzle by ramming her head up under a person's nose).

Someday I will talk about something other than cats. Today is not that day.


six of one

Jun. 1st, 2010 03:19 pm
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Taking Mom to my second cousin's wedding shortly, and Nebraska being what it is, they've changed their mind twice already today about whether it's being held outside or at where the reception will be. They've settled on outside, even though we're still predicted to have thunderstorms. \o/ Should be awesome. At least the aunt I ranted about recently won't be there after all--I guess only some of the family is invited (the term 'good parts of the family' may or may not have been used). Ah, family politics. Just the way my mother's side of the family is--there are just some with whom most people really, really, really, really would not want to associate.

The other day in WoW, I reported another player to the GMs for having the name "Nofatgirlsx". They dealt with the situation, and forced them to change their name. Which they changed to "Nofatgirlsxo". Have rereported them. Saw another name I wanted to report because it's gross and once again a crack on women, but didn't because I didn't want to be seen as causing trouble with too many reports at once. May do so in a couple days. Just a reminder of what the online environment can be like. I once saw a poll on NPComic about whether it was harder to be a male gamer or a female gamer, and it makes me want to rant at all those who voted that it's tougher to be a male gamer. Show me, SHOW ME where boys/men have to deal constantly with sexually derogatory or harassing names or guild names (how many versions of the guild [Come Honor Face] have there been now?), constant demeaning comments about their gender as a whole in the chat channels, even dismissive and near-discriminatory behaviors from their own guildmates? I sure don't remember in any of the guilds I was in having someone say that you had to watch male players because they caused more drama like some guy once tried to tell me was the case with female players.

Cranky, cranky, cranky. Awesomes.
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May 12 and we've had to turn on the heat again? W(eather)TF, mate. The brother said they even had a dusting of snow on the roofs in Denver. (I'd say "in before someone out in the world claims this means global warming doesn't exist", but I'm certain I'd be too late already.)

The SPN CuddleCommentFic Meme

This shit is bananas. I mean adorable. Adorable bananas.

I'm shocked--the thing I wanted to do to celebrate the SPN season finale tomorrow, I actually very nearly have it ready. \o/ Not writing (ahahahaha, I wish). But just a bit of something. Couple of times before, I've put a little special thing together for the show, only to end up tossing it out. Am a little bit happy with it, so hopefully others will enjoy.

Countdown to SPN season finale song-sharing:
Green Day - Working Class Hero http://www.mediafire.com/?neizygwdtqj
Tomorrow! \o/
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Oh, tee hee, Blizzard, tee hee. ^^ (Also: http://us.blizzard.com/store/details.xml?id=1100000922 and the way characters look on the WoW armory site today ^^ http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Eldre%27Thalas&cn=Akseru Woo, Tuskarr! *hee*)

So, today it's supposed to get to 83F. ...wasn't it just snowing back on the 19th...? \o_O/

Also: Thank deities it's Thursday. ♥
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Yesterday got to 65F, so naturally today it's at freezing with sleet and snow starting. :B Nebraska, you are full of suck. At least since the ground was warm, it shouldn't accumulate on the pavement and should melt tomorrow if it does. At the least we're not getting something really yuck like the 11 inches predicted for Denver--not that my brother is home there to experience that, after all his smugness of their good weather this season. No, he and his gf are touring various spots in France and Spain for the next week and a half (I am full of envies >_< So so so many envies.)

For some reason while grocery shopping, I was pondering abbreviations and words I hate. Like when people say chappie for chapter, compy for computer, ficcie for fic, etc. But the one I detest most lately...tummy. I know, it's not an abbreviation, and is a normal word. I wouldn't freak if it were said to a child or by a child. What I can't stand...is how it shows up in fic. Like from Sam or Dean's POV. I'm sorry, but a 20s or 30s something male would *not* refer to or think of that area of their body as tummy. D< Stomach, belly, gut, abdomen, maybe. Tummy, NOES. Ugh. I dunno if any male that's over schoolage would use that term--even my flamingly gay friend in college (who wanted to grow up to be Madonna) didn't refer to it like that. I think the only time I've heard a guy say tummy is the singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the beginning of the song Love Rollercoaster. I know it's something I run into at the ff.net pit, but still. Rarghate. (And it's not even a 'obv the writer is female thing' because I don't say tummy, my friends don't--it's like these authors can't be bothered to mask that they're teens or mothers with infants/toddlers.)

My brother just called Mom to say they've landed in Cannes. ENVIES. *flails* I could never get the husband to travel there, even if we weren't doing the one income thing at the moment. I'm lucky to get him to travel as it is--but he absolutely hates France (not because he's one of those neocons that said things like 'freedom fries'; his younger sister who I don't even like now was just a prissy bitch to the extreme when they were kids, and he spent his high school and college years hearing how France and anything French was superior to anything and everything from her, so it's backlash from that).

Found scanlations of Fairy Tail online, yaaaaaaay ♥ Already to chapter 103. >_>; Yes, the art is goofy and exaggerated and cheesecake. But the end of one of the story arcs made me very nearly cry (twice) and like many shounen stories there's so much emphasis on friendship no matter what and on forgiveness. ♥ And big fights and big powers and eeee ♥ And Erza Scarlet the Titania is so fucking awesome. ♥♥♥
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Outside today for some reason reminds me of Seattle winter--cold, wet, a weird mix of drizzle and almost snow. Makes me crave/pine for Seattle like *freaking crazy*. I am not meant to live in the midwest, landlocked--I am *meant* to be up there. Never marry someone who is intent on never moving ever if you aren't sure where you're meant to be. And/or move to where you're truly meant to be before you develop ties like that. Yeah.

Aaaaaaanyway. At least we're above freezing, so more melting, even if all the thawing, rain/drizzle and such means the ground is truly a bog. Squishy mushy. I hear rumors of 50s next week o_o! Though I kinda like how it is now, actually--pff on snow and ice, but this is reminiscent of early November, that late fallishness I wish it still were.

Enough about weather! >:B

Yeah, so I'm looking forward to Tron Legacy. >_> Hush. Also, why is it not May 7th for Iron Man 2 yet? *flailswants*

Ahahaha~ Though sadly, this comic made me finally go and find the Beyonce video on Youtube, because I've seen this song referenced all the hell over the place but was the last person on Earth who hadn't yet actually heard it. Not sure I'm better for finally having done so. (Esp. since it keeps getting stuck in my head AUGH D:)

adfsdkf, so freaking true. T___T

*rec-ish stuff:
Driver Picks, Sam/Dean, Adult (NC-17)
OMG AWESOME FUN PORN *glee*! Hothotadorablehot yessss X3 I like how one of the warnings is "unsafe driving"; that makes me griiiiiiiiiiin. >:D Ohh, I do so like this *lots*~!

Faith that doesn't fade, Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3319 words
This. This is where I want them to be--coming back together in multiple ways. The ending just is a moment I want so much for them to have.

Ars Bromantica, Cas/Sam, R, 1888 words.
SassyAU~ I went from 'cute cute!' to laughing myself *stupid* to 'eeee cute cute adorable!'. Made me so grin.

Also ffffff, daylight savings time hits this weekend D: D: D: DNW. I do not like the spring forward thing, no. D:

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