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Oh my god, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] zuben_eschamali for pointing me at a streaming vid link, so I could at least catch the last 2/3 of the later timezone broadcast while I had the full ep file downloading.


Woo, gonna be kind cool to take notes directly into a post while watching. :) Since my computer's in a spot where I can't see the TV, I usually just do notes on paper while I watch and then compile thoughts after. Kinda fun to be able to pause and rewind as I go.

(Though um. When it's all just notes, and not like edited/compiled after like I usually do...there's a LOT of them. ^^; Er.)

*Man, the THEN just gets to me. Oh, boys. :x

*Eeee, crop circle! X3 Sorry, I have a thing for crop circles. And LOVE the X-Files-esque credits, SO MUCH OMG. I'd seen it in spoiler clips, but I'm wondering how people who hadn't been spoiled reacted. Just too fun. X3 Show, ILU.

*I love that it starts out about UFOs and aliens, allegedly :3 Won't lie, when I was younger, I used to be *fascinated* at the concepts, so it just kinda tickles me. Read every book I could get my hands on, did papers in high school and college, was even a section in a supernatural culture and phenomena class I took in college (special colloquium for my university's honors program--was one of the most fun/cool/most interesting classes I got to attend, heh.)

*"What, flying saucers not insane enough for ya?" XD Oh, Sam. Ohman, blunt, no-tact, no-mout-filter Sam cracks me the *hell* up.

*brown acid reference XD (What can I say, one of the albums I was raised on was the 2 LP set my folks had of the recording of Woodstock. :) )

*"wussified, dew-eyed crap" Ahaha, oh Dean, you mock it while you're missing it terribly. :)

*Hum, wants him to fake caring? Except...I dunno, hasn't he hated when Sam fakes it previously, told him to quit it? I kinda see Sam's frustration--told one time to be honest, told another to fake it, he really is getting jerked around.

*"You'll be my Jiminy Cricket."
"Shut up. But yeah, you freakin' puppet." XD So many great lines. BEN EDLUND, STILL ADORE YOU, JUST FYI. Heh.

*Hmm, not suspicious at all, eh, Mr. Watchmaker? *dun dun dunnnn*

*"You know, Jiminy, I was on my own for a whole year." Yeah, truth. Though, yeah, obviously some bad decisions during that time, and since they've gotten back together. But a fine line between Dean having to be Sam's moral compass and treating him like a robot or someone without a brain at all. This could cause difficulties since Sam's soulless, but he's still Sam and that means, Sam's personality--pride and all. (Not to mention, post last season's wanting to be an equal and not just ordered around thing, that's still part of Sam's personality, as well as his memories of he and Dean having that conversation.).

*lol "UFO! UFO! Close encounter! Close encounter!" XD Ahaha, and Sam's reaction, looking so eager for a moment, then asking what kind. XDDD "Third kind already!" "I think the fourth kind is a butt thing." LAUGHING SO HARD OMG. The quotes from this episode--I WANT ICONS. XDDDD (Also, can you imagine being around on set when Jared was having to do that line? *hee*)

*Ahaha, theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind XD

*"The truth is out there" X3 ♥

*"I've had time to adjust" Oh, Sam, you do amuse me. :p Oh god--"Have you considered the possibility that you suck at hunting UFOs?" Saaaaaaam XDDD (And probably another thing that tickles me because of my old interest in the topic, and that one of the professors of the supernatural class in college was not only part of the univ. physics department, but was also a big name at the time in this area's MUFON group.).

*Good lord, Sam, you horn dog. :p I recognize that look.

*Hmm o_O Dean came back as if right at the moment he left?

*And I repeat: JEEEEEEZ, Sam, you horn dog. :p (But the girl cracks me up, so much. XD)

*Woo, lost time! \o/ Classic. ;D

*Heh, Dean stopping himself before he sat on the bed of smexin'. ^^

*Aw, Sam takin' care of Dean by liquoring him up. :)

*Ahaha, the hand on the knee awkwardness. XD

*Heh, Dean being all smirky--"I had a close encounter, Sam, and I won."

*Ah, the scene in the diner, saw that as a webclip. Now it makes sense with the context of why Dean was nagging Sam that he should've been sitting in the dark and suffering instead of bangin' a hippy chick. XD "It'll be in the dark." *hee* (But seriously, Sam, horndog, dude. ^^; He's like all baser instincts without control, in a lot of ways--back to the childlike thing he's been described as in previous eps.).

*"So you're saying, having a soul equals suffering." ...hm, Dean, you might want to be careful about where you're taking this train of thought. o_O

*Space Oddity by David Bowie :3♥ LOVE that song, so much! So perfect!

*OMG. OMG. "...nipples?" Ohgod, the scene with Dean and the fairy light and it kicking his ass and Space Oddity. BEST. And OMG microwaving it, eww XD Seriously, so was cracking up in this bit. And man, Jensen's awesome in that scene. Just kickass. X3 "HAHA!" (The ding! The *ding*!)

*Hm, Dean seeing the guy and the fairy guts, but not Sam. "A little, glowing...hot...naked lady. With...nipples. She hit me." Oh, Dean. XD Omg, Sam. That straight-faced, deadpan, "I'm not supposed to laugh, right?" HOWLING here! And there they go, finally on track about the fairies. (Smurfs XD; ) "You're the one who pizza-rolled Tinkerbell." Ohman, the *quotes* from this!

*Another reality...amuses me because I've heard some fanfiction referred to as alternate reality instead of AU.

*Aha, and the explanation why only Dean can see them. Also aha, first born sons, so thus why it was Dean.

*"Dean...did you service Oberon, king of the fairies?" AHAHAHAHAHA. And omg, that *look* between them. XD

*"forcefully interact" Heheh. Hm, always iron, silver, and salt. Least they have all that on hand. :p

*"It's like Sedona, Arizona crapped in here." *heeeeeeeeeeeee* Did I say Sam cracked me up this ep? Because for serious. XD But: pewterrific, Dean? *dying*

*Also--Jared dwarfing that cup. XD "Do you have bigger cups?"

*Aha, watch guy, and all that cream. ...and little fairy workers o_O

*Woo, Sam goin all badass on that guy. (Okay, Jared's mean-tough face sorta makes me um, you know. *hand wave* >_>; ) And the "I'm assuming you have a soul, so what's your excuse?"

*But dang, the poor watchmaker. :/ So screwed over by the leprechaun and the fairies and the "fruit and the fat of the land" thing.

*... >_< Oh no. Dean attacking that guy and shouting about 'little fairy'...that's got hate crime written all over. Aha, yep.

*However, there's my favorite Dean quote ever right now. :3 "Fight the fairies! You fight those fairies! FIGHT THE FAIRIES!" XD;; God, seeing that on the spoiler webclip, laughed myself so stupid. WANT ICONS OF QUOTES \o/

*Poor Dean in the cell. ^^; And oy, of course the guy would be the DA. ^^;;

*lol at the doing the hand harmonica thing. :p Jensen, you're too fun.

*O_O Oh jeebus, stabbed through the chest, that's not good. Poor watchmaker guy really got screwed. :(

*Aha! UFO-hunter guy! Also, I like Sam sassing him about "not being very clear on the terms".

*Always a price for deals, definitely Show's theme for all time.

*Ooh, notices Sam's lack of soul. ...souls have fragrance? ^^; "Far away, but not completely out of reach", hm. o_o

*"You can make me a real boy again?"
"When you wish upon a star." Hah, nice wish!

*Ooh, parallel fights--and wowsers, Sam gets his ass kicked o_O Hah, nice 'come get some' gesture from the red cap to Dean. Aha, the salt...and XD Sam's "Why didn't I do that earlier?" Indeed, Sam.

*Ohman, scene on the road with the Impala. So reminds me of well, see icon. Gorgeous, gorgeous scene though, when the camera pulls back to show them sitting on the hood, Dean with his beer, Sam looking off in the distance, the span of blue sky with the telephone poles and the stripe of wires behind them. Just really visually neat, pretty. Would love that as a header.

*Uhoh. Here's the serious scene after so much funny. Honestly, even if the leprechaun could have given Sam his soul back, would Dean *really* have wanted Sam to make a deal like that to accomplish it? I mean, *really*? I mean, them of price for deals and deals = bad over and over again. Would he *really* have wanted Sam to make a deal, when every time in their lives, even before their lives HORRIBLE things happen to their family (and others) when deals are made? I know he said he was just trying to understand Sam, but it really seemed like...he would have preferred Sam say yes and make a deal. I know he wants Sam to have his soul back, but c'mon, not with horrible costs, 'kay? :x

*re: second thoughts "You're not, are you?" Uh oh. But Sam's look there. :x Gives me a bad feeling. Oh, Sam. :x

*Tiny preview reaction:
Whoa. o_O What the hell's going on there? And what the hades is with that moment where it looks like Sam's grinning with blood on his teeth. GAH. And now it's two week's wait. D: D: D: D: D: D: Noes D:

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Date: 2010-11-20 10:03 am (UTC)
the_milky_way: (sam/dean (kidding))
From: [personal profile] the_milky_way
I'm laughing all over again reading through this... OMG so icon worthy.

Dean's faces alone and Sam's lines... just... *laughs*

I needed this episode so much and it delivered. Loved it.
But yeah the managed again to take to a serious note at the end.
I have no idea what's going on int that preview. 2 weeks is way too long. *pouts*

Fight the Fairies!!!!

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Date: 2010-11-20 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] whitereflection.livejournal.com
Two weeks is *definitely* too long! :( How are we going to survive it? D: (Ugh, and after that, it'll only be a few more weeks before holiday hellatus, nooooo D: D: D: )

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Date: 2010-11-20 10:34 pm (UTC)
the_milky_way: (pout)
From: [personal profile] the_milky_way
Ugh indeed. Sighs.. Okay I can use this week's hiatus because I have a friend over and no time but the hellatus is just too long. D:

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