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1999 Saturn SW has evolved into a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE! (We just went out to "start looking", I swear. Sale price was super effective. :p) Anyway. Just under 30k miles, dark gray, light gray interior, and fuck, I always want to spell that grey. Bits that last time we bought were 'features' but are now standard, so we get power windows/locks, stereo with CD and an aux jack for something like an iPod, lock/unlock/trunk release on the key. Yay. Wouldn't believe how barebones the Saturn was. Automatic, though, boo. I'll miss manual transmission. Good downpayment means only 3 years of a not-too-bad car payment. Cool.

Not so awesome: got a notice in the mail for jury duty, my first summons ever. Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

Lunch out today with the mother and husband, the father and stepmother, and the brother and his fiancee. Was nifty.

Jeebus fuck, allergies.


May. 28th, 2011 05:06 pm
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Busy, letting things get by me lately. ^^; I keep meaning to post for-real stuff, but wah, I am distractable.  But to sum up--got over the cold, vet bill since Crystal-cat needed her yearly vaccines/bloodwork (still doing oddly well at 23+, but needed yet another med, this one to aid liver function), clogged kitchen sink that turned into an $800 plumbling repair, monster chiller horror headache that ranks among my top 5, and my yearly visit to my allergist in which I didn't make it into a drug trial but did get switched to a new antihistimine (awesome, because Singulair obviously has done jack squat for me this past year.). I think that's most everything. o_O  Going to be doing dinner with my Dad/stepmother this week. And oh, my brother had one of his short stories from his MFA published in an online journal, which is pretty fucking amazing, imo.

Also, a belated thank you thank you to [livejournal.com profile] cackling_madly for the virtual jellybeans :D *hugs*

Uuuugh, I have to renew my drivers license in the next couple months. Pain in the aaaaaaaaaaass. >P
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Countdown to SPN season finale song-sharing #2:
Grasshopper Takeover - Omaha http://www.mediafire.com/?umemn32jeom

And I know these allergy meds they switched me to are gonna take like a week until they're fully effective (that is, if they even work for me), but I'd kinda like it if they hurried the heck up. Because bleah. Spring sucks the big one.

Two of the cats are being little furry, manic *freaks*.

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