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shippy shippy that is to say...

So. Still primarily interested in Sherlock and Sherlock/John (while continuing to catch up on Doctor Who, though not feeling the need to read fic). BUT. I seem to be getting hooked by this whole Avengers thing. A bit ago Pax had a Thor/Loki fic that was way cool, then recently, I mean like this past week, my brain went OH HEY STEVE/TONY IS PRETTY NEAT, and I've read some fabulous gyzym fic and am looking forward to poking at a rec list that went by on my tumblr dash. 

But also Pax has done gone and made me fall for a rare pair. :| From my rec post on tumblr:

Halo | by Paxlux | Tony/Loki (Avengers) | R/M | ~36K words

So it starts out with Pax telling me she's going to write something Tony/Loki and me thinking, hm, that could be interesting--and finishes with me being FUCKING RABID for the pair now. Which kills me, because this has got to be a massively rare pair, and where am I going to get my fix of fic of it? Especially more that's written as amazingly well as she does here.

The characters in this are just sparkling and sharp--her Tony is stellar, and her Loki is perfectly layered. Even the secondary characters are just spot on and vibrant, and the various friendships and team bonds (whether wacky and as nuts and the craziest of families in downtime, or a smoothly functioning unit in battle) really shine through. But most importantly, the chemistry between Tony and Loki is intense. Yet it's more than that; there's really something there between the two, more than just chemistry or a meeting of the minds.

It's a long fic, yes, but paced just right, and lets this complicated relationship of complicated characters develop in a very real way, while also having a really good action/villain story arc as well. I said many times in emails to her that I hope I enjoy the movie as much when it finally comes out, and hope the characters and their friendships/team relationships are just as freaking awesome.

But seriously--yeah, I've gotten hooked on the whole Steve/Tony ship that's out there, but I have to admit, I love Tony/Loki, at least how Pax writes it, far, far, far more. Pity her (though it's her own fault :p ) because I've already started gnawing on her about writing more with them. Obviously a 36k epic fic is not enough for greedy me. :|

In other news, in WoW, have accomplished the Through a Glass, Darkly quest, on the way to getting a legendary caster staff.  UGH SO, SO DIFFICULT, or at least it's that hard for a warlock to do, but despite that, managed to succeed after two days' work, respeccing into a talent tree I'd never played before, a lot of in-game gold on materials to buff my character (not to mention repairs), and studying many guides other players had written. A long ways to go yet to get the staff (a couple of months of raiding for the quest drops needed), but the worst is over, and eventually I should be the second in our guild to get one.

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I want that staff for my warlock...but if it requires tons of raiding, I will probably never get it. ): Maybe when LFR comes out...maybe.

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A warlock got ally-side first on my realm two days ago – 'lo and behold, 'twas a pretty spectacle with all the dragons over Stormwind. :3 Our boomkin had to stop playing due to work after she got the 2nd stage of the staff, now the lolmage is at the same stage but I doubt he'll get it before 4.3 hits. Oh well! Best of luck from me though ‐ hope you'll get your staff soon. :3

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