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So recently I bought eggs from the little farmer's market I go to (Tomato Tomäto)--the vendor was Honey Creek Farms from a nearby little town in Iowa. No hormones or medications, free range, has the date the eggs are packed written on the carton. I'm unfortunately slow at getting through stuff like eggs, so though I'd bought them close to the package date of 4/1, just tried them today. But even so, holy freaking cats, freshest I've ever had in my entire life. *__* I'm never buying grocery store eggs ever, ever again.  The yolks were the deepest yellow I've seen--practically orange. It reminds me of when my friend Anj went to visit extended family in the Czech Republic, how fresh and quality the food was in their town. Those things were pricey, I won't lie, but ohman, so good. And supporting local vendors is always a plus.

Almost the time of year where the farmer's markets start up downtown and other spots around town on Saturday mornings. I really need to get in the habit of getting my butt ready early and taking Mom and myself there. There'd be even more offerings than that indoor place, and worth dealing with the hassle of crowds of people (I say this because I have to remind myself of it >_>; Eff people, heh.)

Anyway. Blah blah blah. Husband's off at Ampguard (starting doing that again suddenly a couple weeks ago after seeming to not care about it for years) so some WoW time before meeting the gals for dinner out later for Kelly's birthday. Going to visit the other fancy cupcake bakery place in town after \o/ (Jones Bros. hnnnnnnnnnnngh♥).  Because I'm a dork, I keep thinking about how freaking *good* Sam Winchester looked in last night's episode. You go, Jared!♥

Ohmygod, I just looked at the cupcake menu from that place. I WANT ONE OF EVERYTHING. O____O (And holy handgrenades, do I need to visit every day of the week somehow.)
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