Mar. 20th, 2010

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I think listening to (ie the Subterranean program) via's webstreaming is my new Friday/Saturday midnight-2am activity. Been meaning to for *years*, but I always, always forget. Since I'm always awake anymore anyway *shrug* why not. Love this sort of music, never get a chance to listen since I don't get to go dancing anymore and since I have so little of it in my iTunes library.

Experimented with cooking again. Thanks to a link by to the blog, I got the hankering to try the recipe:
Did several substitutions--penne since I forgot which type of pasta to buy, sweet italian turkey sausage since I like it and Omaha grocery stores are too boring to have something like lamb sausage, fresh asparagus cut into 1" pieces since I was on the fence about the broccoli florets and it's just coming in season (thus yum and also cheap), shallots for the red onion since I like shallots and really don't like the other. Also used dried oregano instead of fresh, also added some dried basil and parsley. Still got the feeling of the recipe, and it was pretty awesome. I think next time I'd separate out more pasta water--the 1/4 wasn't really enough, and it was too thick. Could have easily done a half cup.

Only thing that got me was how freaking expensive the goat cheese was--an 11oz log was a $10+ which is like wow for a pasta dish. But dang, so good. Crumbling it is such a danged mess, but precrumbled is even more expensive. Though the goat cheese was a touch heavy, presence-wise, so maybe two 4 oz logs instead, which isn't as good a deal per oz, but would be a little cheaper. Dunno. The other thing--I cannot *stand* my large silicone cooking spoons. The things bend and flex with any bit of weighty food, which makes stirring stupidly a pain. >_< Must find something better. Also also, my average sized cooking pot, the Calaphon nonstick, has lost its stupid coating--just like the one I had previously. So much for lifetime yeah. Can't even blame a dishwasher this time, as it's never been in one. And we use nonstick-safe scrubbers on our dishes, so wtf. Time to ditch Calaphon for another brand, at least for that sort of pot, since it's something I use almost every time I cook.
Ahaha. Gonna make an icon of the last panel, I think. >3 Aaaand, another Dean-sort of comic: Dean gets philosophical? :p
And this guest comic at Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name made me snortlaugh. Best thing ever:

I need it to be the 25th *flails* And can't forget--yay for [ profile] keerawa and [ profile] seisei_ftw joining the ranks of Team Hell! :D :D :D :D :D Freaking awesome ♥

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