Mar. 17th, 2010

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Short jaunt over to B&N with Mom, and got the FFXIII guide like I'd planned, so at least I have that for whenever I get the game and PS3. Even if that's like 2011 or worse :p Also was a bit bad :< and got a CD, Music of Ireland - Welcome Home, which I guess is a selection of music from a PBS special (also has a DVD with it with part 1 of that special). Been really craving that style of music lately, for some reason. While there, read volumes 1 & 2 of the manga Fairy Tale (which I heard of when I heard the soundtrack for the anime, and the music is damned fine). I think I'm hooked. :x I can't help but be weak for a shounen manga series, even if the females are pretty damned boobular (seriously huge tracts of land)--but the art style, characters and story are cute and silly in that usual shounen sort of way, and it involves wizards and magic, so ♥

Forgot to post here the news article I did for the [ profile] spnland_writing challenge 002 (News Reporting) from a weekish ago. The basic concept was to write an article of the sort that would attract Sam and Dean to a case. Got third place, which is not bad at all. :)

Local Man Attacked By Giant Bird )

Basically it was all about this: ^^ Sort of want to write the casefic that would result from it, heh. Anyway. Was lazy, didn't do the Mary drabbles challenge or the meta challenge, but there was one meta winner in particular that I was incredibly impressed by:
[ profile] waterofthemoon's "Well, You Are Kind Of Butch": The Bisexuality Of Dean Winchester
Very well thought out and well written.

Insert WoW blather here, minor guild drahmaz blah blah, sloppy slacker people one side, officers being kind of brick wallish tards on the other side, guildmate friend getting his pants way too much in a bunch over it on yet another side, me and Kas sort of stuck in the middle of it all, yadda yadda. Whee. Also, Wynnchester-pally is already up to 30-nearly 31, woo! People *cough*[ profile] verbranden*cough* are trying to make me a tank but It Will Not Happen No. Except that running with Alevva's hunter alt made me actually use my taunt/threat gen stuff but it goes no further than that. >:E

Egads, too much talking from me. Shutting up now.

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