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My addition on my tumblr reblog:
…I’m sorry, but this short, fat woman is going to keep using short, fat cans. I may not be beautiful and confident, but I don’t need any goddamned soft drinks equating “tall and thin” with “beautiful and confident” for me. Keep your social conditioning and objectifying out of my fucking beverages, TYVM.

Not that I drink soda often, but when I do, I think it'll be anything but Pepsi products (though wtf do I do about all the Mtn Dew the husband likes? >_< )
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I swear, I am trying to be better today. Really, I promise. I've been trying. :x But. (You knew there was going to be a "but", right?)

The place repairing the car called to update today and left a message. Now it's not even the Monday/Tuesday promised yesterday. Now they say they're waiting for three parts, the last of which will not arrive until Wednesday the 22nd. But it gets *better*. The scheduled "done" date? DECEMBER 30th. I just...let me summarize my feelings on this by quoting the internet: WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. If that's the case, they want to keep our car--for a minor fender-bender repair that is only requiring *three* parts--for a total of FIFTEEN days?? WTHIF.

I am *livid*. I know there's holidays, but this is fucking *ridiculous*. Even with it coming in the 22nd, I can't understand why they won't just get on it and then get it out by the 23rd. Why is this repair going to take EIGHT fucking days after they finally get the parts?

Called the husband at work and asked him to call the repair place and/or our insurance company. At the least, our insurance company needs to know that one of their chosen repair centers is absofucking dicking us around. And yeah, called the husband at work to make those calls, because while I am at home, if I were to contact them, there would be *screaming*. For fuck's sake.

Anyway. At the least, the rental is very nice, a 2010 Mazda 3 4d sedan with many ~features~. Considering I'm used to an eleven year old car with no features at all, it is rather neat. It makes me consider one of that type whenever we do get another vehicle.

But ugh...I want to hide in WoW to destress, but right now even WoW is stressing me. I absolutely don't even want to try more heroics at this point, and sort of want to just hide from the game entirely rather than deal with them. I sort of hate this point in the game. :x I know as a progression raider, that's what has to be done, just working on your main toon until they're ready for raiding so you don't slow down the group. But I want so badly to just play some meaningless alt and hide. I have such juvenile, regressive ways of reacting to stress. :/


Nov. 19th, 2010 08:04 pm
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Son of a...asdfkjk >_< I guess I have to search for downloads after. FFFFFFFFFFFF.


Aug. 2nd, 2010 12:36 am
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What the hell is this head cold out of absolutely nowhere? Up until about 7pm this past evening, I felt perfectly fine. Then bam, utter crap. There isn't even anything going around that I know of.

Noticed during D&D yesterday that at some point, who knows where/when, one of the diamond chips in my wedding ring'd gone missing (There's the main stone, and there were 6 very small stones, now only 5). Awesome.

Anyway. Whee, August. As of the 1st, I've been doing the LJ thing here for nine years. In a couple weeks, I'll have been unemployed for a year. And in 18 more days, I'll be 37 (I've been...stewing about this.) Blargh.
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So when leaving the grocery store, got caught up in some congestion in the parking lot. A lawn service truck and trailer cuts in front of me, but can't completely make the turn, so the dude just makes the congestion worse. I honked at him when he cut me off...and the dude turns to us (mom was in the car, too), and through his open window makes crying motions at us. When we're stopped at the intersection to leave the parking lot, he sat there making more taunting gestures at us.

I'm trying to get ahold of the business, since I could see the name of it on the truck (uh, hello), as well as make note of what the truck and trailer it was pulling's license plates. Haven't been able to get ahold of them though, just a machine. Sounds like it might just be a family business, so I hope to hell I get the woman who did the answering machine message and not the guy (who I'm assuming was the dude driving the truck WAY TO BE A BUSINESS OWNER SIR).

So not like anyone on my flist is from Nebraska, much less from Omaha or the areas that truck screenprinting indicated the business covered (Fremont, Blair, Lincoln), but I figured it was worth noting the business name since this ends up on the internet and can be websearched. Landmark Lawn service who from what I could tell was from 29 county (truck plate 29-8266 and trailer plate ending in -X6654), has an employee/potential owner with extremely poor professionalism and who frankly is a prick while driving his company's vehicle.

Still v. irritable about the extended family situation, now pissed at this (I'd be just annoyed if it were some person in a private car, but a business owner in the business vehicle? PISSED.) And late this afternoon I get to drive to my brother's MFA (creative writing) graduation. Yay for him (his 4th damned degree, christ), but it's an hour drive either way, plus the ceremony time plus the fact that we're supposed to get there 45 min before it even begins. Lovely.

[Edit: I love getting the impression that a parental unit doesn't think I know how to dress appropriately for a graduation. I am, you know, nearly 37 and have attended many official ceremonies and I do have some common sense. I may be a loser slacker-slob, but I'm, you know, going to change into a nice shirt and not stay in this worn out Warcraft shirt. I've still got a few brains left.]
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No offense to those into the brand/company, because once upon a time (long, long ago) I attended some friends' home shows and bought a few products, but...

The shell-pink Mary Kayed-out Escalade I saw while leaving the grocery store kinda made me wanna throw up some.
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Oh, WoW. They've added a new mount for the Valentine's Day-type holiday. It's a "Big Love Rocket". .../facepalm And yes, it's pink. Bright, bright pink. Egads.

What Was I Thinking, part Eleventy-billion: I have signed up for [livejournal.com profile] spnland, and have been sorted into Team Hell. And now I'm nervous and intimidated and mentally flailing and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa \D:/ I so have no idea what to expect. :< *panicpanicspazz* Oy.

Finally got my character in Leslie's D&D game to a level where I can start on the Deepwoods Sniper thing. Hopefully that'll re-spark my interest in that character a bit--and only a few more levels (which take forever since it's just a once-a-month game) until I can get him started on the Order of the Bow Initiate prestige class.
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Couldn't resist that meme going around:
What was the #1 song the day you were born? Google the date and #1 song and then post your #1 song on your LJ - preferably with a Youtube vid if you can find one!

August 19, 1973. :| I'm so ashamed.

My eyes can not unsee the pants those guys were wearing. >_< What.
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Nearly had to do a 10man raid since the guild was looking short of people. Then they had extra folks log in, and they were all "Are you sure you're okay with sitting out?" and I was like "OMFG YES I MUST GO WATCH SUPERNATURAL!" Anyway. :| Shooooooooooow ♥♥♥

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Jan. 1st, 2010 09:39 am
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•Ushered in 2010 by listening to a couple people on the guild's Vent go from talking to heated discussion to argument, and logging off to flee that and reading bad fanfic until I realized at about 12:30 that oh yeah, it was the new year, wasn't it. Aaaaaaaawesome.

•Having Anj, Gina, and Kelly over today as our belated Christmas potluck. Only from 4-8, but man, I am really wishing I could just not. And just not on the extended family postponed-from-Christmas thing tomorrow. I start 2010 grumpy and very antisocial. Go me. (And just wait for Don's movie thing next Saturday all aft and evening \o/ woooo. *hermits* Good lord, I suck when I'm anti-people.)

•Been watching the self-rec event at [livejournal.com profile] sawedoff_recs and feeling grumblish at myself for not submitting any of the few Spn things I did. I had a couple things I felt okay about, why didn't I submit one. I'm such a dumb chicken.

•Looked out back when I hit bed about 2, saw 3 rabbits silhouetted against the snowdrifts (all eating the critter food in the dark). I wonder what omen or portent that is, to have that be the first thing seen at the beginning of the new year.
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Definitely is October Cold II, just seems a not as bad case of it, I think. I hope?

Main sewer line from house to street blocked up again from the front tree's roots, like it did a few years ago. \o/ Discovered this by the basement drain and old basement shower stall drain flooding during James' shower. Currently have RotoRooter here, and like the other plumber did the last time, they're having to go in through the roof access to clear it out (since previous owner drywalled off where the basement access is). Going to schedule with RR to have them send a rep to give us an estimate for installing external access, which would make future iterations of this a lot easier/cheaper (because of the access to the line then being ground level and thus a one-person job instead of two).

Strongly considering leaving current WoW guild. It's only been a couple months, but I just don't *like* a big chunk of the people. I'm really not comfortable there. And a certain person is developing from guild bitch to queen bee and I don't think I want to be around it. Also, coming to the realization that I enjoy completing/farming regular content, but this hardmode/heroic mode shit is for the birds. I just don't find that stuff *fun*. I know I can play on Sas and Impala (and maybe even Ohia, put her in DotH?) casually, but am trying to figure out what then to do with Ak. I wonder if DotH is allied with any 25man guilds, will have to check.
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Cold continues to be of the suck, and though it has lost the 'throat on fire so much pain my eyes tear constantly' thing, it's now changing to the usual borking cough. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. FML. But, on the other hand, **Show**♥

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1. Life, the universe, and everything: Got flu shots last weekend, was whiny about the resulting muscle-knots (didn't help that I got my allergy shots at the same time); naturally the usual him forgot and grabbed the worst spot, and I rather wanted to hit him. Ulnar nerve thing in my left hand started flaring up badly again, back to wearing the tendonitis armband thing again, blah. Also, still putting out job apps (not a ton, but some : / ), still no interviews. I am awesome \o/

2. Wowowowow. Has gone as usual. Still not a member yet, but vote should be this week? I do ok sometimes, utterly suck other times. Guild peoples have teh dramaz on and off. After a freaking year of working on stupid holiday achievements, got the uberspecial violet protodrake for Akseru. And...that is not violet. Not even close. It is fucking fuschia.

See? http://pics.livejournal.com/whitereflection/pic/00052x6h/g14 I call it Big Gay Akseru's Big Gay Protodrake. :| I suppose it's rather fitting since I consider Ak rather flaming (lolz), but...criminy, it's so...pink. Ish. What it is not, is violet.

3. Yotsuba&! 6 is out \o/

4. I was hit with a very strange idea for fic, and not sure I'll ever do it, but I got the Spark Notes for Dante's Inferno just in case (wanted them for Purgatorio and Paradiso, too, but those don't exist : / Wtf, why not just put out one for the entire Divine Comedy? And what the hell happened to Cliff Notes? Or does B&N just not stock those?) I'd want to call it "I've never been to heaven (But I've been to Oklahoma)", and it would be...Dean and Sam, on a road trip that appears to be in the normal world but is actually a journey through the circles of Hell and fffffffff it would be *fun* to do. >_< ! Got the idea somehow from looking at Anj's book of Gustave Dore art. Thing is, I couldn't do it too serious-like...I would need to give it sort of a Pratchett feel. Not sure I could pull that off. However, this is all probably well better than my ideas for a WoW based DeathKnight!Sam and WarriororHunter!Dean thing, or the related J2 idea about the guys who play those toons getting to know each other in real life. :| Anyway, at the least it's an excuse to pull out my copies of the Divine Comedy (from back when I used to be smart and collect real literature) and look them over again.

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