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phrase from a ficlet over on tumblr:
Jared basically buttered up his cock



Are they fucking or baking a goddamned cake?

Still deciding whether to laugh myself stupid or go hit my head on a wall until my brain's so mush I spazz over this sort of writing just like those liking/reblogging. (And don't even get me started on the need for a beta or phrasing that just makes no sense. But hey, it's porny, so that makes it GOOD, right? \o/)

Hi, I'm a picky bitch. Who hasn't seen something that made me headdesk/facepalm like that in a fic since the Yami No Matsuei fanfic years ago with the phrase "pleasure tool".
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Why do I still have my Omaha Public Schools Drivers Education Certificate card (dated 7-16-90) in my wallet? Why have I been keeping this? Why have I been switching it from wallet to wallet for nearly twenty-one years? Self, whyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anyway. Mostly sleeping, with occasional bouts of checking email/LJ/Tumblr. Cold-thing is starting to improve, but so tiiiiiiiired.

Speaking of Tumblr, is there anyone's out there that I'm missing? My fan one's still http://thingswhatareawesome.tumblr.com/ (and my WoW screenshot one's http://livingflame.tumblr.com/ though it needs updating). The fan one's just like here--focused on Jared, Sam, Wincest, J2, and SPN in general, with occasional reblogs of food, music, games, anime, characters/pairings about which I still get nostalgic, and other stuff that makes me geek out. P.S. for those who still don't know, Tumblr has no LJ cuts except for plain text--THERE ARE SPOILERS THERE. Don't go looking if you don't like.

Made a root beer float earlier (for entirely medicinal purposes, of course), and it's [livejournal.com profile] paxlux's fault.


Feb. 27th, 2011 07:08 pm
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Another episode of How I Suck At Everything. This time, tabletop gaming edition. Can't wait for the next episode, online computer game edition (part eleventy-billion), coming tonight. Yeah, I know, just downhormonemo, but still. Just would like to do things and, preferably, be good at them, or at least just be able to do them and have fun without having to always having it pointed out that I'm fucking up. (And it bothers me when I try to talk about it with someone, and I don't get empathy or sympathy, just get blown off. Thanks.) Sometimes I think, is this the way things really are supposed to be--40 more years of just kind of being a screw-up? I just, seriously, what's the point. It's too bad I have no interest in children, my own or adopted, so I could at least feel like I accomplished something.

Funeral for my uncle is on Tuesday, at practically the exact same time my dentist appointment should have been. So first thing Monday I have to call my dentist and re-reschedule (funny thing how I just rescheduled last week because their office-closed days changed).

Been a fuckin cranky old woman the past couple days. Just...annoyed by stupid crap, and feeling like I am totally missing something by the way I simply don't care about certain things that others fan so hard they're all but in hysterics. I dunno, I guess, I just don't go hysterical about celebrities, and I still just am missing *something* about the one that like the whole fandom is nuts over--and I don't gush over celebrity couples, so when people freaking go insane about them, I just am like "...um, okay?" I dunno. I guess I'm just too old, too cynical and jaded, or something. And I'm a fucking picky bitch, too--saw a fic posted to some comm last night that if I didn't have a brain-to-typing filter, so *so* wanted to comment "Ohmygod, are you 12 or something?" So hi, I am a horrible person and full of unpopular opinions and bad thoughts.
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My addition on my tumblr reblog:
…I’m sorry, but this short, fat woman is going to keep using short, fat cans. I may not be beautiful and confident, but I don’t need any goddamned soft drinks equating “tall and thin” with “beautiful and confident” for me. Keep your social conditioning and objectifying out of my fucking beverages, TYVM.

Not that I drink soda often, but when I do, I think it'll be anything but Pepsi products (though wtf do I do about all the Mtn Dew the husband likes? >_< )
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I swear, I am trying to be better today. Really, I promise. I've been trying. :x But. (You knew there was going to be a "but", right?)

The place repairing the car called to update today and left a message. Now it's not even the Monday/Tuesday promised yesterday. Now they say they're waiting for three parts, the last of which will not arrive until Wednesday the 22nd. But it gets *better*. The scheduled "done" date? DECEMBER 30th. I just...let me summarize my feelings on this by quoting the internet: WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. If that's the case, they want to keep our car--for a minor fender-bender repair that is only requiring *three* parts--for a total of FIFTEEN days?? WTHIF.

I am *livid*. I know there's holidays, but this is fucking *ridiculous*. Even with it coming in the 22nd, I can't understand why they won't just get on it and then get it out by the 23rd. Why is this repair going to take EIGHT fucking days after they finally get the parts?

Called the husband at work and asked him to call the repair place and/or our insurance company. At the least, our insurance company needs to know that one of their chosen repair centers is absofucking dicking us around. And yeah, called the husband at work to make those calls, because while I am at home, if I were to contact them, there would be *screaming*. For fuck's sake.

Anyway. At the least, the rental is very nice, a 2010 Mazda 3 4d sedan with many ~features~. Considering I'm used to an eleven year old car with no features at all, it is rather neat. It makes me consider one of that type whenever we do get another vehicle.

But ugh...I want to hide in WoW to destress, but right now even WoW is stressing me. I absolutely don't even want to try more heroics at this point, and sort of want to just hide from the game entirely rather than deal with them. I sort of hate this point in the game. :x I know as a progression raider, that's what has to be done, just working on your main toon until they're ready for raiding so you don't slow down the group. But I want so badly to just play some meaningless alt and hide. I have such juvenile, regressive ways of reacting to stress. :/
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Recently, a local high school teacher here was killed when hit by a car. A sad thing, a tragic accident, but...

Westboro Baptist Church is going to be picketing the funeral Friday. (http://www.ketv.com/news/25753392/detail.html, http://www.ketv.com/news/25766842/detail.html)






This isn't some major political figure, this isn't some person who lived in the public spotlight. This was just a person like you or me, who lived a decent, normal life and who had that ended tragically early.

And Westboro Fucking Baptist Church is fucking protesting at her funeral.

I just can't imagine what this must be like for her family, friends (she was an friend of my stepmother's), colleagues, and students. I have no words. But I have so very much anger. These twisted, sick fucks have evil in their hearts.
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Was woken up a little bit ago by the doorbell (yeah I know, I'm a slacker, I suck)--flowers from my in-laws, as a belated birthday gift. I guess maybe the husband's birthday coming up on the 31st reminded them they'd missed mine back in August? To be honest, I didn't even notice they missed it...currently thinking "didn't they send a card/check or something?"--but I guess they must not have or they think they hadn't?

Had to have a tech out yesterday evening because our internet, cable tv, and even our phone were acting weird. Turns out that one, there was a broken component where the main cable company line meets the line run to the house. But also--the line to the house had been chewed into by squirrels exposing and damaging the inner wire. Squirrels. I just...what.


I dunno, I think the 'how to ruin forever' options for all three should be boxes where no one says anything at all.

For so little happening, life feels very strange at times. Also, holy hell, why is waking up so hard. And fuck allergies, seriously.
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._. 8115. What. I thought this was going to be short. Let's call today "In which Diane writes a whole bunch of words about nearly nothing at all" wooooooooooo \o/

I so need to beat it soundly with an editing stick. And then get a beta to whip it into submission (I still need to ask someone(s) about that, hello I am chicken argh.). But let me revisit this link http://explodingdog.tumblr.com/post/1055795868/i-tried because WOOOOO done. Basically. :p

What is that, just about 6k words today? What the helllllllllllllllllllllll. Though to be honest, I've done pretty much nothing else and have been at the computer since something like 10:30am. :|

Now I'm going to worry like hell that it'll need major reworking since there's not all that much time left. ^^; Hi, I'm your poster child for why procrastination's bad, mm-kay?
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So when leaving the grocery store, got caught up in some congestion in the parking lot. A lawn service truck and trailer cuts in front of me, but can't completely make the turn, so the dude just makes the congestion worse. I honked at him when he cut me off...and the dude turns to us (mom was in the car, too), and through his open window makes crying motions at us. When we're stopped at the intersection to leave the parking lot, he sat there making more taunting gestures at us.

I'm trying to get ahold of the business, since I could see the name of it on the truck (uh, hello), as well as make note of what the truck and trailer it was pulling's license plates. Haven't been able to get ahold of them though, just a machine. Sounds like it might just be a family business, so I hope to hell I get the woman who did the answering machine message and not the guy (who I'm assuming was the dude driving the truck WAY TO BE A BUSINESS OWNER SIR).

So not like anyone on my flist is from Nebraska, much less from Omaha or the areas that truck screenprinting indicated the business covered (Fremont, Blair, Lincoln), but I figured it was worth noting the business name since this ends up on the internet and can be websearched. Landmark Lawn service who from what I could tell was from 29 county (truck plate 29-8266 and trailer plate ending in -X6654), has an employee/potential owner with extremely poor professionalism and who frankly is a prick while driving his company's vehicle.

Still v. irritable about the extended family situation, now pissed at this (I'd be just annoyed if it were some person in a private car, but a business owner in the business vehicle? PISSED.) And late this afternoon I get to drive to my brother's MFA (creative writing) graduation. Yay for him (his 4th damned degree, christ), but it's an hour drive either way, plus the ceremony time plus the fact that we're supposed to get there 45 min before it even begins. Lovely.

[Edit: I love getting the impression that a parental unit doesn't think I know how to dress appropriately for a graduation. I am, you know, nearly 37 and have attended many official ceremonies and I do have some common sense. I may be a loser slacker-slob, but I'm, you know, going to change into a nice shirt and not stay in this worn out Warcraft shirt. I've still got a few brains left.]
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I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

...what? Wat. Brb, killing myself and/or never writing again. (Sorry. Read a lot of his stuff in high school based on a teacher rec. Only liked The Shining--and even that just for the plot. Not fond of his writing style.)

Now if I could just find one of these that'd tell me that I wrote poetry like Bukowski and all would be forgiven. Except that won't happen b/c I wrote poetry like an emo high schooler. :|

Edit: That was based off a short fic I did (the post-5.22 one), but a journal entry also came up King. >_< But trying that poem, Songsense, from the other day gave me Mario Puzo as a result. Not familiar with that author, hm. (Re-edit: Okay, after checking Wikipedia, all I have to say is o_O...what, again. Oy.)
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Back to the 4am insomnia a lot again lately. Too bad I can't be productive during those hours and get something done with them--just end up awake but mostly useless. Today especially am extra dead, though--other than driving Mom to her errands and reading a short fic over for someone, all I can do is nap (earlier) or stare (currently). There's stuff I should be doing but all I want to do is sleep again. Which won't help come tonight but even with caffeine there's just no energy at all left. Have even run out of energy for reading, and I mean come on, how hard is it to *read*? Dear self, way to be a waste of oxygen. (And it's stupid, I think hey, at least I get up no later than 8-9 or even as early as 6, but how getting up and then napping a lot different than just sleeping in super late?)

Over the past couple days the songs For Blue Skies by Strays Don't Sleep, Turn and Turn Again by All Thieves, and The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine have made me not just cry, but sob/weep. Fuck you, hormones, fuck you (I was never this bad when I was in my teens/20s. I just, I mean, what.)

As much as I hate Nebraska, I'm glad I'm not having to worry about a tropical storm/hurricane right now. :x Stay safe down there, folks.

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yes well

Jun. 22nd, 2010 01:37 pm
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Probably says something about my brain that my first thought on seeing that image was that it needed to be used as a J2 fic prompt.


Jun. 16th, 2010 09:31 am
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I swear, ASW would make the freaking best Supernatural fic prompts. Best, I say.

Omg, [livejournal.com profile] spnland is overrrrrrrr *flails* Well, the apocalypse is over, but points are still being tallied and there's not been an official announcement of a winner quite yet (though we pretty much know which team it is already). The next apocalypse will start July 1, and I think I am going to be crazy and join in again (woo! \o/). Omg, I did a fan thing and I didn't get overwhelmed and give up partway through I actually finished it yaaaaaaaaay. \o/ And speaking of [livejournal.com profile] spnland...

I wrote something homfg dumb for the crossover/fusion challenge no really hellooo crack )

Yeah. What is this I don't even \o/ I blame it on Team Hell's mod saying that bad fic was better than no fic at all. And I swear I caught a typo of a couple dropped words after I submitted it for the challenge, but hell if I can find where it was now. Ohwell \:p/ (Oh, and that was one of the two entries voted Most Creative. It was that, I guess. XD; )
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HAPPY STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE DAY! \o/ Though I have to admit, as much as I think Misha Collins is cool, I'll not be watching just for him. I'm gonna watch because goddang, I love stupid, cheesy supernatural and paranormal stuff so much. 8D I was the kid that went to the library and read every damned book on ghosts, Stonehenge, the Bermuda triangle aliens/UFOs, ESP, 'ancient astronauts', etc etc they had. The few times we moved or I started a new school, one of the first things I did was find what sort of books on this stuff the new library had. I even had a special class because of being gifted I was in when in sixth grade, on the supernatural, and I thought that shit was the coolest ever. And I did a report on the Bermuda triangle, complete with a construction paper mock-up. :p I read the hell out of Erich von Däniken when I was younger, though it was only last weekend before I realized I've been mispronouncing his name for 25 years (saying Danken instead of Daniken).

You know, I think that's one of the things that sucked most about growing up, losing that sense of 'could be', and giving it up instead for being realism and 'not possible'. There was always a sort of excitement or hopefulness to that feeling that someday we might finally discover this or that was really possible. Ah, Time-Life series on the Mysteries of the Unknown, if only we could still be together~

Anyway. Love the paranormal/supernatural, love such being used for cheesy-bad scifi movies. Woohoo \o/
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I...so wrong. And yet tempting. At least it's better than some of their holiday flavors. Maybe.
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So my mother had a phone conversation recently with one of her younger sisters, who mentioned that an animal had chewed off the bark around the base of one of her trees. She said the animal had a tail, maybe about 6" long.

This aunt is insisting the animal was a hedgehog.

...a hedgehog.

A. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog.


She. She says it was a hedgehog because she looked in one of her grandkids' books of nursery rhymes and saw a picture and I DON'T FUCKING EVEN KNOW, HEDGEHOG WTHIF. I just. I just. I AM RELATED BY BLOOD TO THIS WOMAN.

My and Mom's theories, btw, would be potentially beaver or maybe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coypu. Yeah, I know I have a BS in biology and had some ecology classes back when, but I'm sorry, pretty much any junior high or highschooler could tell you the differences between a hedgehog and a beaver and how a hedgehog could NOT be chewing bark off a goddanged tree in stupid Nebraska. >.< HOW. Are people so stupid. And why is it someone related to me. ARGH. I just. ARGH.

My mother tried to convince my aunt otherwise, but eventually let the subject drop. : / I would not have been so nice. I probably would have yelled at the woman to get some real research materials and not relied on a *kids' nursery rhyme book* and OMGWTF the world is in the state it's in right now because of people like her ARGH is she seriously *stupid*?. Wharrgarbl.

I know I tend to consider myself pretty unintelligent. But I guess I can tell myself I'm not like that. And if I'm ever like that? Put me out to pasture. Seriously.

Though maybe I'm a dumbass in my own ways, because in WoW news I've started a couple new hordeside alts during this deguilded raiding break--Jhayred the mage and Padalecki the rogue. >_> Way to go, self.
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I. What. Ahahaha. What.
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May 12 and we've had to turn on the heat again? W(eather)TF, mate. The brother said they even had a dusting of snow on the roofs in Denver. (I'd say "in before someone out in the world claims this means global warming doesn't exist", but I'm certain I'd be too late already.)

The SPN CuddleCommentFic Meme

This shit is bananas. I mean adorable. Adorable bananas.

I'm shocked--the thing I wanted to do to celebrate the SPN season finale tomorrow, I actually very nearly have it ready. \o/ Not writing (ahahahaha, I wish). But just a bit of something. Couple of times before, I've put a little special thing together for the show, only to end up tossing it out. Am a little bit happy with it, so hopefully others will enjoy.

Countdown to SPN season finale song-sharing:
Green Day - Working Class Hero http://www.mediafire.com/?neizygwdtqj
Tomorrow! \o/
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Feeling sort of hidey, which I guess translates into not replying to comments or working more with the current [livejournal.com profile] spnland game like I should, while yet being okay with babbling here. :F Also didn't seem to have problems doing some WoW on Bronzebeard, though I didn't really talk much except to Al and Kas. Made myself get Nin to 73 so I can finally start her on Grizzly Hills, finally finished the Draenei starting area stuff I like so much on Sampala. Still think that ending quest series and the little mini-event at the end after you turn it in is one of the coolest things in the game, and certainly *the* best way of ending a starting zone.

Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] spnland and WoW.... Slept for beans last night b/c of the knot in my shoulder, shallow and restless. Had bizarre dreams all night that I was trying to keep up with comment threads, but at the same (quit spelling that as Sam) time was running Sampala around the Draenei capital city, the Exodar. Then I realized that other characters I was passing by had the name of other community members (I distinctly remembering seeing [livejournal.com profile] coyotesuspect's name). Yeah, I don't know. I just don't know. Other people get Supernatural dreams, I get [livejournal.com profile] spnland/game dreams. What.

For my gamer friends:
The Humble Indie Bundle. Being sold for the next 6 days, it's 5 games that you can get either in PC, Mac, or Linux format, and *you name your price*. No lie. You choose how much you want to pay, can either pay by Paypal, Amazon, or Google checkout, and you can choose whether to have what you pay go either all to the Child's Play charity, entirely to the developers, an even split, or a split of your customization. And the games come DRM free. Friend of mine recommends 3 of the games for sure, hadn't tried the other two yet. But it's a great deal, and is worth trying out. The downloads were quick, too.

http://malandchad.com/ This is cute.

No more allergy shots, which is yay. Though it was because my allergist says they're really not doing any more to help me, sort of hit a plateau and haven't improved over the past year. It's been about 5 1/2 since I started those though, which is about a normal course. He is having me try new allergy meds though, since the Allegra/Nasonex combo really hasn't been working well anymore.

Finally noticed that my bangs are down to my chin. >_< I'd say I have Sam hair, but mine isn't nearly so thick or wavy or full of awesome. Need to get it trimmed, as I look fugly with it gone so long. Won't lose much off the back though, other than to even it up--very nearly to my goal of knee-length.

One last thing and I shut up:
Incredible fanmix by [livejournal.com profile] secretlytodream called Not As We, focusing on Sam and Dean this season. I have a thing for s5, I really do, and I've wanted to do a fanmix for it--but she does it just perfectly. And her art is *Amazing*. Truly. And art for each track. The music is just utterly perfect fit, too, and just what I love most--a mix of favorites I already knew, and things I don't know but realize I'm now in love with. (I think I especially fell for Grand Archives, will have to find more of their work someday.)

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