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So many amazing tags to 5.22 already. Makes me want to delete the small thing I did last night/this morning, because it is so very godawful in comparison. But I won't, because I don't believe in deleting creative works. But these other fics are amazing. There are so, so many incredibly gifted writers in this fandom. I stand in awe, and truthfully even if I get better, I will never, ever compare to the talent that's out there (not emo, just simple truth).

I am remembering this one in particular. She gets all character voices so incredibly *right*, I could hear them when I read.
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Title: 'Till It All Starts Over Again
Author: Di/[ profile] whitereflection
Rating: G
Words: ~345
Notes: (Spoilers for the end of 5.22 "Swan Song".) Not the coda I want, at all. Just a scene in my head. Title and cut text from After The Bombs by The Decemberists.

After the rockets calm )

The Decemberists - After The Bombs
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Title: A Journey, Not a Destination: a Supernatural fanmix celebrating five seasons of driving the open road

Summary: A musical and lyrical exploration of the Winchesters, the Impala, and the interstates and highways of America over which they travel.

Notes: This is a fanmix that had its beginnings from a [ profile] spnland challenge, but was set aside for my A Letter To My Brother mix. It's now a mix to celebrate five seasons of a fucking awesome show, and to raise a toast to all those responsible for bringing to life the story arc that spanned all of those years. It's the end, and the beginning. To all the cast and crew (not that they'll see this, but still), and to all my fellow fans: Thank you. Rock on.

Disclaimer: Supernatural, the Winchesters, and the Impala are property of E. Kripke and the CW. All music included is property of the listed artists/bands and their labels. The ownership of America and the roads within is perpetually subject to debate.

A Journey Not A Destination Fanmix cover 350pix

front and back cover, lyric selections and links to full lyrics, individual song downloads and full fanmix .ZIP download (via Mediafire and Sendspace) )
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Feeling sort of hidey, which I guess translates into not replying to comments or working more with the current [ profile] spnland game like I should, while yet being okay with babbling here. :F Also didn't seem to have problems doing some WoW on Bronzebeard, though I didn't really talk much except to Al and Kas. Made myself get Nin to 73 so I can finally start her on Grizzly Hills, finally finished the Draenei starting area stuff I like so much on Sampala. Still think that ending quest series and the little mini-event at the end after you turn it in is one of the coolest things in the game, and certainly *the* best way of ending a starting zone.

Speaking of [ profile] spnland and WoW.... Slept for beans last night b/c of the knot in my shoulder, shallow and restless. Had bizarre dreams all night that I was trying to keep up with comment threads, but at the same (quit spelling that as Sam) time was running Sampala around the Draenei capital city, the Exodar. Then I realized that other characters I was passing by had the name of other community members (I distinctly remembering seeing [ profile] coyotesuspect's name). Yeah, I don't know. I just don't know. Other people get Supernatural dreams, I get [ profile] spnland/game dreams. What.

For my gamer friends:
The Humble Indie Bundle. Being sold for the next 6 days, it's 5 games that you can get either in PC, Mac, or Linux format, and *you name your price*. No lie. You choose how much you want to pay, can either pay by Paypal, Amazon, or Google checkout, and you can choose whether to have what you pay go either all to the Child's Play charity, entirely to the developers, an even split, or a split of your customization. And the games come DRM free. Friend of mine recommends 3 of the games for sure, hadn't tried the other two yet. But it's a great deal, and is worth trying out. The downloads were quick, too.

Also: This is cute.

No more allergy shots, which is yay. Though it was because my allergist says they're really not doing any more to help me, sort of hit a plateau and haven't improved over the past year. It's been about 5 1/2 since I started those though, which is about a normal course. He is having me try new allergy meds though, since the Allegra/Nasonex combo really hasn't been working well anymore.

Finally noticed that my bangs are down to my chin. >_< I'd say I have Sam hair, but mine isn't nearly so thick or wavy or full of awesome. Need to get it trimmed, as I look fugly with it gone so long. Won't lose much off the back though, other than to even it up--very nearly to my goal of knee-length.

One last thing and I shut up:
Incredible fanmix by [ profile] secretlytodream called Not As We, focusing on Sam and Dean this season. I have a thing for s5, I really do, and I've wanted to do a fanmix for it--but she does it just perfectly. And her art is *Amazing*. Truly. And art for each track. The music is just utterly perfect fit, too, and just what I love most--a mix of favorites I already knew, and things I don't know but realize I'm now in love with. (I think I especially fell for Grand Archives, will have to find more of their work someday.)
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Future Tense by [ profile] selecasharp, Sam/Dean, NC17, 31250 words.
I. Have fallen in love with a fic. So in love. SO. Aasdfjkjsdf. It is so many things I utterly love--long casefic, Wincest, hurt!Sam, h/c, season 5 setting, angst and intense emotions leading into such love and first time and happy ending and FFFFFFF. It makes me so very happy. Overly enthusiastic? Perhaps. But this sort of story is my freaking happy place, and I *SO* needed something exactly like it right now. Fit that gnawing craving just right. ♥♥♥
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5.15 )
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Nearly had to do a 10man raid since the guild was looking short of people. Then they had extra folks log in, and they were all "Are you sure you're okay with sitting out?" and I was like "OMFG YES I MUST GO WATCH SUPERNATURAL!" Anyway. :| Shooooooooooow ♥♥♥

5.13 )
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Okay, so. I may have been stressed to the nines all day (worrying of all things about what former library coworkers I might see at Kelly's father's memorial service, and tbh, I saw some, but other than Kel, Anj, and Kelly's mother, they didn't see me). But this evening was full of win \o/ 10man raid was worth it, because we got both Blood Prince Council and Blood-Queen Lana'thel down. And then afterwards, my Spn download went SUUUUPER quick and I got to watch and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *Kermit arms* I AM SO FREAKING FULL OF SHOW FANGLEE.

So. Did my usual 'make notes of responses' while I watched, but instead of transcribing from written notes and cleaning 'em up, I just did 'em in a text file on the computer while viewing, and am cutting and pasting. So. Totally not cleaned up. Just...a mess of me geeking out. But, this is how I make notes while watching, sorry. ^^;

I am going to have bad dreams featuring squidgy brain noises )

Hm, and there will be a s6? This is relevant to my interests :O!!!! find the promo for next show, since that wasn't on the download.

...*boop*. X3 heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee ♥

ZOMG IT IS THE 21ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I don't get to see show right when it airs, at least I will get to see it by tomorrow morning latest. And that is okay. BECAUSE IT IS SHOW AND THE BOYS ARE BACK AND I HAVE BEEN WANTING THIS FIC EPISODE PLOT SO VERY MUCH EEEEE ♥!!! \o/ EEEEEE BOYS. I am going to have so many Samgasms :| ♥
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*squee* \o\ *squee* \o/ *squee* /o/

1. It amuses me. 2. SHOW IS ALMOST BACK YAAAAAAAAY. 3. Boys aaa you are so pretty aaaaa *flails* 4. I am going to eat the ep plot up with a *spork*. ♥ 5. Hellatus is almost doooooone~!

Cannot wait, cannot wait, eeee why isn't it Thursday yet?

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