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Ugh, I need to post. Have fallen out of the habit so badly, and tumblr's mindless reblogging is just so nice when I get to procrastinating about actually saying things, and/or am being a hermit. Anyway, bulletpoints to catch up:

•Had a pipe from the kitchen down to the basement go bad and leak, resulting in the first time ever for making a homeowner's insurance claim. "Minor", but still resulted in weeks of repairs and contractors--plumber, carpenter, water damage treatment company, drywaller, painter, etc, multiple visits of each. And well, not the worst expense, but still expense.

•In amongst that, naturally was time to renew my driver's license and had to plate/pay sales taxes on the new(ish) car

•Had to deal with my aunt's, mother's, and stepmother's birthdays, am now about to my own. Not digging the whole nearly-38 thing.

•Did jury duty, actually got placed in a jury for a county criminal trial. Luckily, found out when it was time for deliberations that I was the alternate juror and could leave. The whole situation massively pushed all my anxiety buttons--I do not deal with new things well, nor with situations involving conflict/arguing. Also luckily, Omaha is 'one day-one trial', so once you do your day/trial (if it goes longer than a day, though mine didn't), your jury duty service is considered complete. So no spending days/weeks on it.

•Family member has gotten themselves into some trouble; nothing I can do for it but listen when my parents want to talk about it. It's not the end of the world, I'm sure they can work through it with some time. Just a strange and weird thing, the way people can fuck up.

•Still haven't gotten to show Sherlock (BBC) to the gals that come over on Saturdays. Stuff keeps coming up. GOING TO ASAP. Am going to demand it Saturday. (Have inflicted Stonehenge Apocalypse on one group of friends; eventually after Sherlock stuff, will make the gals watch it, too. Trolololol.)

•Health willing, as am dealing with a cold for the last few days.

•Over the years, have seen bits and pieces of Nine and Ten era Dr.Who--have downloaded damned near all of the five-so-far seasons, am currently up to s1ep5 of Nine. Enjoying the hell out of it. Need to watch more.

•Have not been raiding in WoW, just doing the new dailies/achievements. But have come to the decision--I'm going to faction switch Akseru from horde to alliance, to do casual raiding with the husband's guild. They seem okay people, stable and low drama, from what I've seen playing on an alt there. I don't like the look of alliance male characters though, so Ak will be changing from a male bloodelf to a female human. In my mental RPG for the character, it actually suits him and is oddly fitting. And it's still him, even when a her. Don't ask :p The husband has done a Figureprints statuette of what he previously looked like for my birthday, and now that that's shipped, will do the faction switch later today. I guess it's come down to that in my very first guild six years ago, I didn't know anyone--but every time since, every time, that I've joined a new guild, I've known RL and/or online friends already in said guild. At this point, I don't want to join somewhere I don't know anyone at all. So this works for me right now.

•PS I am looking forward to more Supernatural, and will be watching s7. I guess the extent of my fanning is just reblogging a bit of stuff on tumblr, and sometimes reading a short fic here or there. It's just sharing my attention with Sherlock, Dr.Who and even Community, and I'm more feeling part of the Sherlock fandom than anything else, atm--even if I've pretty much proven to myself with one poem that I can't write for it for crap :p But I do so love reading the fic. S/J fic yes yes yes ♥

•But seriously: Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock ♥ Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch can shake my boat any day.

•...is that everything? Am I caught up? o_O I think that's everything.

•Oh wait--very, very, very belated thanks to [livejournal.com profile] silverraven and [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte for the vgifts. \o/♥ So sorry it took...a month and a half, ugh >_< for me to say something.
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1999 Saturn SW has evolved into a 2009 Toyota Corolla LE! (We just went out to "start looking", I swear. Sale price was super effective. :p) Anyway. Just under 30k miles, dark gray, light gray interior, and fuck, I always want to spell that grey. Bits that last time we bought were 'features' but are now standard, so we get power windows/locks, stereo with CD and an aux jack for something like an iPod, lock/unlock/trunk release on the key. Yay. Wouldn't believe how barebones the Saturn was. Automatic, though, boo. I'll miss manual transmission. Good downpayment means only 3 years of a not-too-bad car payment. Cool.

Not so awesome: got a notice in the mail for jury duty, my first summons ever. Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

Lunch out today with the mother and husband, the father and stepmother, and the brother and his fiancee. Was nifty.

Jeebus fuck, allergies.
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  • Car is fixed, and it was a simple, cheap repair \o/ Turns out the first repair actually had solved the problem (ie spark plugs, wires), but spark plugs have the same problem as computer parts like RAM: sometimes new ones are simply bad, and they fail spectacularly very quickly. Which is what happened with one of our new spark plugs; replaced, all is well, though the mechanic noted our muffler is going bad. Not surprising considering the age of the vehicle. At least that's something we can get done without it being an ~emergency~.
  • Have downloaded Community s2, but haven't started watching yet
  • Have downloaded the three episodes of BBC Sherlock and OH MY FUCKING GOD WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO WATCH THIS \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ Watched the first episode last night, and I am besotted. *___* I love everything even down to the music, and when Benedict Cumberbatch first spoke I flailed and went all asdfsdkfjsdfsdkfjk because holy shit his voice *____*  I um, may be reading a little fic today, and have a tiny minor Sherlock/John thing, though I am fabulously fascinated by what people might write just in a gen sense or that which would explore this interesting friendship that's started and *_____* Eeee.
  • I'm definitely still Supernatural/Wincest/J2 uber alles, but man, it's so nice to have a little something else I'm wanting to read as well. It's been *so long* since I've had something like that.
  • Ugh, made cocoa with some leftover cream and it was too rich and way too sweet, urgh. :p Milk chocolate, bleh, why do you always disappoint me (and next time I put marshmallows in cocoa, I'm toasting them over an oven burner flame first).
  • Yes, I know I was making cocoa in June. The pursuit of chocolate knows no time or seasonal restrictions.
  • P.S. I want Sherlock's coat. I want his coat. I WANT HIS COOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAT.


Jun. 17th, 2011 09:07 am
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Also: Car is definitely not fixed, and now is chugging/hesitating so badly, acceleration is problematic. Goes to a different shop Tuesday, am crossing fingers it makes it until then.

And: stopped for comfort donuts on my way back from the vet's, and counter employee translated chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles to mean vanilla donut with white frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Allrighty then.
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Car repair is a shifter cable, which luckily can be fixed by today or (most likely) Wednesday. It's "inexpensive", which in transmission speak I guess translates to "you're lucky it's only $500".

Sometimes I make things and they turn out okay.

I like how I started out the month intending to write a poem a day. Ahaha.


weather vanes

sun just warm enough
beer by the side of the road
toast the first clear day

poltergeist rattles
the windows, funnel cloud rends
the roof; nature wins

breath frosts in the air
though bones are smoldering ash
wind smells of burned leaves

wisconsin ice storm
driver and shotgun take turns
scraping the windshield

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So yesterday the husband was out and about with friends, and I get a call from him on one of their cell phones. Car suddenly wouldn't do anything but first gear. So it's at a park across town until Monday when we can get a tow. Ffffffffffuuuuu- car repair T__T Worrying not just about cost, but considering Saturn's a dead line now, if parts will be available and how long the fix will take. You know, the whole that's-our-only-car thing. Ugh.

Finally used the iTunes gc from...was it my last birthday or Christmas, for the Erock EP and all the Born This Way remixes. Also found where to dl all the cover tunes Erock's done, via his website.

Anyway. This Friday. THIS FRIDAY. THIS FRIDAY. That is all. :p

must go to my happy place )


Dec. 29th, 2010 04:08 pm
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Happy birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] wutendeskind and [livejournal.com profile] dahliablue!

Car is back from being repaired as of last evening, rental has been returned. I'm gonna have to get used to a manual transmission again. >_o Also, finally got word about the other person's insurance--they're only accepting 70% responsibility because, despite that their person ran a flashing red light and hit my husband when he was driving, they claimed it 30% his responsibility that he didn't reduce speed for his flashing yellow. Which I guess is technically what you're supposed to do? I guess? Except *no one does*, and it doesn't excuse that their person *ran the red* and if the husband had happened to slow down, she would have hit him worse. What the fuck. \o/ I dunno. Insurances are soulless bastards (no offense, robo!Sam). Anyway, so we get paid back for 70% of our deductible and rental car costs, which is good, I guess. Though we're hoping that USAA doesn't ding us for that 30% bit on our record when that's a technicality and meaningless considering he got hit by her and would still have.

Massive monster headache yesterday afternoon, which is finally gone but for some reason my allergies and asthma are kicking off today and I keep coughing. Oy. Have health insurance issues on my mind very much--have two months left because of the COBRA thing from my last job, but they're switching providers, so I have to go through getting new info and cards just in time to have to switch again. In either case, I'll be losing vision and dental insurance, but I can make my glasses last more and just pay for those when the time comes (will need to learn to go to a real optometrist, but maybe get the glasses from a mall place), and dental I think I'll do okay since I still pretty much only need cleaning twice a year ever. I need to contact the BCBS person for current info again, since application I have is for this year's rates. (I procrastinated, yes :/ Was just easier to keep the COBRA thing going, despite its cost. Yeah, I know my way of thinking/avoiding doesn't make sense.) It's just sort of interesting to note that none of the plans offered offer any sort of mental health coverage--way to go, USA. Nice to see that we continue to refuse to acknowledge that mental health *affects* physical health.

Despite my whining, WoW stuff is going pretty well, actually. We haven't yet raided again, but I think when we do we'll do better because more people have gotten to the recommended gear level. Just concerned about how a RL friend has pretty much given up when faced with doing poorly post-changes to his class (and being a RL friend, I feel kind of stuck in the middle, and also unable to be honest with him that I think he's the one mostly in the wrong for not doing what's needed to adapt and adjust). Plus the situation with the one guy being a dick, who I keep hoping will just leave (since he's coming up with reasons why it's my fault that are blatantly incorrect, and since he's not even addressing that any of that doesn't excuse his behavior towards me or our GM, therefore it's doubtful we can expect any remorse or change from him). But really, playing itself is fun, even if the new stuff doesn't have that epic, vast, wild frontier feeling that the Northrend zones and quests had.

Yesterday, I managed to be productive; today, not so much. Need to make sure I Get Things Done tomorrow.

Not that I've seen it (on my to-watch list), but the new Tron soundtrack is pretty neat.

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