Jun. 2nd, 2011 05:28 pm
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YES Thanks to [ profile] paxlux,I can finally see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World :D Plus music and a season of Archer and :D :D :D My weekend is set \o/ Except for having to go out to buy a new entertainment center unit that will allow for our new TV (37" flat upgrading from the 27" ancient picture tube one that was dying) and D&D Sunday but I DON'T CARE \o/ because I have awesomefun things to watch and listen to otherwise :3


(And in other news, let's see if I can make bacon without screwing it up for once tonight.)


May. 28th, 2011 05:06 pm
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Busy, letting things get by me lately. ^^; I keep meaning to post for-real stuff, but wah, I am distractable.  But to sum up--got over the cold, vet bill since Crystal-cat needed her yearly vaccines/bloodwork (still doing oddly well at 23+, but needed yet another med, this one to aid liver function), clogged kitchen sink that turned into an $800 plumbling repair, monster chiller horror headache that ranks among my top 5, and my yearly visit to my allergist in which I didn't make it into a drug trial but did get switched to a new antihistimine (awesome, because Singulair obviously has done jack squat for me this past year.). I think that's most everything. o_O  Going to be doing dinner with my Dad/stepmother this week. And oh, my brother had one of his short stories from his MFA published in an online journal, which is pretty fucking amazing, imo.

Also, a belated thank you thank you to [ profile] cackling_madly for the virtual jellybeans :D *hugs*

Uuuugh, I have to renew my drivers license in the next couple months. Pain in the aaaaaaaaaaass. >P
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*So many thank yous to [ profile] zuben_eschamali for the virtual Jelly Beans :D That is so absolutely cute, and tickles me greatly. ♥ *hugs*!

*Managed to make it two whole months before I got another cold. ^^; My immune system is full of failings. Horribly queasy earlier today, not sure if it's related. Attempted soup for dinner (dry toast at lunch was so bleh :x but did help settle things).

*Guild got a first kill on Heroic Magmaw the other night. Peeked in on Heroic Omnitron and that fight looks...interesting, in which interesting translates to 'a pain in the butt'. Wondering how far we'll progress before Firelands goes live (it'll be awhile, I'm sure, since there was just a major patch, just pondering since it is on the horizon.)

*[ profile] paxlux is my squishy ♥ And [ profile] silverraven is a lovely, wonderful person. ^____^

*Community. Community. I just. This shoooooow. \o/ Still working on 1st season, but still. I honestly don't feel the pull to read fic, but I'm adoring the show and love the graphics and gifs I'm seeing. Reminds me how I was with Avatar: The Last Airbender, where I fanned the show simply in and of itself. And amazing how something some label as just a comedy could hit me with a quote that truly rocked me--see the tumblr post I made after seeing the s1 episode, Beginning Pottery, this afternoon (beware the rest of my tumblr, though, there are some SPN spoilers there).

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A happiest of happy birthdays to one Sam Winchester ♥ Pretend that I have written a little something where he and his brother spend a peaceful day together to celebrate, and they keep on carrying on.  Many happy returns of the day, Sammy.

Thank you to [ profile] akintay and [ profile] santacarlagypsy for tin foil hats! They're freaking adorable ^___^ Many *hugs*!

Finally watched our Secret of Kells DVD on Saturday. Really gorgeously detailed animation and a very interesting and unique art style. Am planning on rewatching sometime on my computer instead of my TV, so I can get a closer look at it.

Have been rereading Kerouac's Book of Haikus recently. Jotted down under the flap of the back cover in a poor attempt at his style:
new leaves
on swaying branches
birdfeeder pendulum swings

Guild got a first kill on Heroic Atramedes last night--took about five attempts total.  Have tried the "new" ZA and ZG (as well as the special quest chain in Stranglethorn), though I have yet to do the children's week stuff again.

[ profile] paxlux is the Jerk to my Bitch. I'm just sayin'. ♥

Ohwow, finally tired. Finally\o/ Too much awakeness and anxiety all evening and night.
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From the meme here:

[ profile] de_nugis filled a prompt of mine Gen or Sam/Dean -- after they retire from hunting, the first time Dean brings a pet or pets home for Sam., and it is the *best thing ever*. ♥
At Grass, Sam/Dean, light R, ~1950 words
I won't say what the pet is, but her choice was absofreaking perfect. This, oh this ♥ A little bit of hurt-convalescing!Sam, books and reading (oh, the boys reading, how I love that so), a gorgeous atmosphere, bits that truly make me laugh, and just one of the sweetest, most beautiful Sam/Dean moments. It's funny, it's charming, it's sweet, and just makes my heart so incredibly freaking happy. This is so many things that I adore, that I have to convince myself that she isn't psychic and poking around in my head. XD So going to be rereading this one often.


Thanks to [ profile] santacarlagypsy for the v-gift. Snaaaaaaaaail~ It's so cute :) And thanks, [ profile] keerawa for just being you. I owe you at least a couple comment replies. >_>;
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*Happy birthday to [ profile] purequicksilver! ♥

*Thanks, Anna and Jojo, for the v-gifts! ♥ & *hugs* to you two

*Guh. Should not be so tired from just two errands and two stores for groceries. (Am better, honestly, just the lingering cough is a bit annoying.)

*Wowowow )

*Mood's so weird right now. Got asked an uncomfortable question that I just can't answer without spotlighting how much how much of a failure I am. I hate looking bad to people, especially those I really like--but it's my own fault, isn't it? Just have gotten more and more down thinking about it. Yet at the store, even when I was running out of energy so badly, the music I was hearing made me sort of want to dance around. Self, what, just what. (Also, totally fangirled at Mom when I heard Little Lion Man on the radio again. Sort of amuses me that they refer to it as new, when I first got ahold of an mp3 in October of last year from the EP and the CD version in May. Ah, radio.)

*To balance the emo, cute! Kitty! \o/

P.S. Still not managing to reply to the last couple weeks of comments. -__- Nearly at 3 weeks worth? I'm so awesome at being a friend, asdfsdfkjf. :/ Sorry (again).

Dec. 2nd, 2010 10:11 am
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Because it still needs to be pimped out:
♥Love Meme♥

Speaking of that meme, huge, huge *hugs* to y'all, and extra hugs and thanks to certain of you, you know who you are ♥ You guys, I just ♥♥♥ \o/

♥ also to [ profile] jojothecr for the present :D I should've said something yesterday, but I was slacking. Thanks, hon!

I feel like this is sort of the lost week or something. o_O Can't believe it's Thursday. Just doesn't feel like it. It's all lost in a haze of sleeping and sinus meds and cough syrup. And so many Halls drops, don't think I've ever taken so many. >_o Just wish it would all just go away already. Kind of tired of having my ass so thoroughly kicked by it, yes. ^^; (PS Hey, flu shot, you going to actually prevent anything this year?)

Re:WoW-- Haven't made much progress with the new alts like some folks have, just haven't had the energy to be gung-ho about it. So Deannajude the warrior still's only 21, though my troll druid is 16, I think. I should run Ak through heroics with the new goblin faction tabard so I can get their mount (that ATV looking thing :p ), but, eh, later. Been trying the quest chain in Hillsbrad based off the Plants Vs Zombies webgame, and...I'm horrid at it. :/ I want the sunflower pet you get after finishing all the quests so badly, but I keep failing and failing at the 'set us up the pumpkin bomb' one. Just sucks, because other people have accomplished it with only some struggling, and me, I just can't seem to get it. Will keep trying, but it's frustrating. And the sunflower pet is so damned cute. :(
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Someone out there got me a toy car v-gift the other day, and I don't know who it was. But thank you, whomever you are \o/ ♥ That is so awesome of you ♥

And sorry that I am such a cranky wench who gets too easily worked up and upset by show. :< I'm a bad fan, I know. I'll try to be better. Just like use your best John Barrowman voice at me and call me a stupid bitch. :|

Electric guitars make everything better:

wtb soup

Sep. 13th, 2010 09:02 am
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If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

I normally don't do these sorts of things when they go around, but honestly, you guys. ♥ All of you. I should say more often how very much I appreciate you all are out there. ♥

In other news, saw Kick Ass last night (yeah, giving going to that one guy's place another chance). Enjoyed it, for the most part, but on the other hand, eh. Felt really meh at a lot of aspects about the ending, especially what they did with such a (har) kick-ass character like Hit Girl. Also rolled my eyes at the sort of Watchmen-ish gore. I'm hoping not every movie is thinking that's the cool way to be now. Bleah.

Aaaaaand, I think I have a cold again. Yeah, I know, it's only been a month. Just thought my allergies were bad, and then that stupid cough started the last couple days, and now I feel sort of ugh. My immune system is full of so many failings and so much incompetence. :p
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People are awesome ♥ Thanks part two from yesterday, to [ profile] psychelock, [ profile] mysticwaters, [ profile] ditta_spn, [ profile] finnigan_geist, [ profile] chyldeofnyte, [ profile] cherie_morte, [ profile] lady_eilthana, and [ profile] joseishijin for birthday wishes and messages. ♥ And thanks to [ profile] keerawa and [ profile] seisei_ftw for the vgifts (omg Katkat you gift-spammer! XD!) Honestly, you all made yesterday AWESOME. Group hug, right here, right now! ♥♥♥♥♥ I'm still all like ^______^ today.

And return fire Happy Birthday to [ profile] finnigan_geist! Back at ya! 8D

Anyway, there was birthday sushi yesterday, and an ice cream cake (despite Cold Stone's best attempts to have *lost* the order Mom called in earlier in the week--they were even kind of snotty and acted like she hadn't called or hadn't called that store, even when she showed them the date/time in her cel phone history >_< ). My brother and his gf sent and Amazon giftcard, Mom gave me a cast iron griddle/grill for the stovetop that I'd been eyeing (watching Food Network shows makes me want things D:), and the husband took care of both birthday and Christmas with a Wii. XD; Mom also did an early Christmas gift and gave me Super Smash Bros. Brawl since she didn't want us to just have the sports/sports resort games the base Wii system comes with. Eeeee, it is awesome and I am never going to grow up \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ Thinking of using the birthday $ from my Dad to get the WiiFit accessory and game, since I've wanted it for ages and could *really* use something for exercise. Though a balance board, I dunno...balance and I are NOT FRIENDS. D: We shall see.

Anyway ^^; This is my brain today: is thunderstorming, and after one particularly good roll of thunder, my brain chimes in "...thunder, Thundercats, hooooooooo!" And if that wasn't bad enough, while I was getting ready earlier, it started throwing SILLY thoughts at me, of Jared as Lion-O, Jensen as a dude!Cheetara (it's the freckles, I tell you :x), Sadie-Kit and Harley-Kat, and oh god, what is wrong with me. (And I can't decide if Misha would be a good Tigra, and I dunno for Panthro. One thing that's certain--Chad Michael Murray as Snarf. Or Mumm-Ra. Or both. Seriously, what the hell's wrong with me. XD;; )

Right. Enough foolishness for today. Or for now at least. :|
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"I'm 37. I'm not old." \:p/
From Clerks, NSFW. What can I say, 37 has reminded me of Clerks for a long time.

And Old weird flash animation nostalgia, part the last (yeah, I've been saving this one):
And what the heck, I love the original song/video, too, so-- \:D/

Also, man, what wonderful stuff to wake up to ♥ Thanks so much to [ profile] cacklesthewitch and [ profile] quoth_the for the vgifts, [ profile] jojothecr and [ profile] chez_amanda for the lovely images, and [ profile] akintay, [ profile] the_milky_way, [ profile] theron09, and [ profile] sharona1x2 for the birthday wishes. You guys have truly made my day already, and it's not even noon yet. :) ♥ *hugs* for everyone!

In WoW news, I despise the heroic Blood Princes fight, and I'm glad we got them because I am NEVER EVER doing that fight again. Had me half in tears/half in screaming rage, and I had to go hit a wall a few times, especially when someone was laughing at how pissed off and frustrated I was. :|
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1. For the [ profile] spnland writing challenge 004: Brevity (one sentence writing challenge). None of mine won, but at least three of them made it to the second round of voting. [ profile] keerawa and [ profile] seisei_ftw kick ass. I'm giving myself brownie points for recruiting 'em both last apocalypse. Team Hell continues to rock out and party hard this apocalypse. ♥

eight entries )

2. I woke up, on my own, without alarm, at 5:35am. What the hell in fuck.

3. Also, still feel like crap. Awesome. Really hoping the cold isn't trying to turn into something needing antibiotics.

4. Didn't go to that one guy's place for movie night (yeah, yeah, I know...husband really tried to play mediator and eh, I just eventually let it all blow over), because of said cold, but I'm glad I had an excuse since what with no air conditioner I guess it was 95F over there. Disgusting. But he loaned us his Batman: Under the Red Hood dvd, so I didn't miss out. Which is rather awesome of him.

5. Reminds me of internet fandoms. It's a small, small online world sometimes.

6. Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam. Jared, Jared, Jared, Jared, Jared. There. At least he's got *someone* out there thinking about him.

7. Remembered the other day why I liked O-Zone. Some of their slow songs were really pretty. And of course, who can't like Dragostea Din Tei. For some reason, it made me nostalgic for old memes and flash animations.

8. August needs to quit going by so fast.


May. 27th, 2010 03:46 pm
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love meme

I don't have a thread there because I'm a chicken o/ But a lot of lovely people that deserve all sorts of love are there, so iPimp. ♥

Even though I hate buying from iTunes anymore, I broke down and got Elbow's mp3 of Mercy Street because I HAD TO. Also, Marina & The Diamonds' I Am Not A Robot is single of the week there and is thus downloadable *for free* what \o/ Also also, I made brownies, Ghirardelli from a box. Go me.

(Also x3--the writer's block question about music thing. For me can be pretty much summed up as "If I like it, it's because I have bad taste and usually I'm embarrassed about it; but if someone else likes it it's because they're cool and have great taste". Yeah, I dunno.) <-- In which Fabi provides the most gorgeous Sam promo photo in the history of ever. I wish I could buy that as a poster. (Ohman, the lighting in that photo...just beautiful. ♥ )
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So, there is this commentfic meme thing over at [ profile] spn_hurtcomfort that's been going on since the 16th: It is full of awesome.

I'd left a prompt there,and was crossing my fingers someone would do it, but considering how very many prompts there are, mostly figured it probably wouldn't happen. But~! It did! :D :D :D :D :D ♥ HI, I AM HAPPY ♥\o/♥
Safari, J2 (rpf), rating not stated but I'd say G, and not sure how many words but it's really nicely long :D Did I say how happy I am with it? I did? Too bad, saying it again. \8D/ She handled my prompt so *perfectly*, and I'm so full of squee because it is everything that I love in a good h/c and sick!Jared fic. And I've been craving something like that so much! It's *so* cute and adorable and sweet. Her Jared and Jensen are just spot on, as is the way she writes them together. This is definitely something I'll be rereading whenever I need a pick-me-up. :)

Happyyyyyy~! ^______^ So much sparkle and hand-flail and Kermit arms from me right now. So much! ♥
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Oh, John Stewart ♥ Oh, John Stewart, ILUUUUUUUUUU~~~ ♥ *sparkles* Ohman, I think I need a gif or animated icon of him dancing around at the end of that. ♥

And Mel, you are such an awesome, wonderful person. Truly ♥ Thank you *hugemassivehugs* I never do as cool things for you as you do for me, like that.

It is rainy and thunderstormy, all dim and humiddampearthgreen-smelling, and I love it. I swear all the trees just went leaf-crazy last week, like all BAM at once. And I noticed while driving that lilacs are blooming. ♥! Lilacs are only my favorite flower of all freaking time, and SOMEDAY I swear I will get some bushes going in the yard.

I noticed last night when trying to send something in WoW to my new alt on Bronzebeard, Sampala (Yes X3 God, I'm a dork--but Impala was taken on that server WTFFFF!! And by some undead guy, too THAT IS SO WRONG OMGWTF)--anyway, I noticed that one of the DotA members has a hunter alt with the name Samanddean ♥♥♥ I so went *SQUEE*\o/ and sent her an in-game mail saying hi. XD; I am amused at her other alt name (Belaruby, hee), and *cough*I may have snooped her LJ and noticed she watches the [ profile] wincest community. What can I say, finding other fans that share some of my interests makes me happy. :<

And somehow this seems appropriate given show of late: >:3

Oh, and almost forgot--I still ♥ DSotM tags :x
Showdown by Tyranusfan, gen, T, ~6880 words
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omgomgomgomgomgomg yesssssssssssssssssssssssss

rock on

Apr. 7th, 2010 10:04 am
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This is how my flist roooooocks:

[ profile] spnland Inanimately writing challenge--
[ profile] cherie_morte firstplace and most creative winning entries
[ profile] keerawa third place entry (This one should have been second, imo)

[ profile] spnland Spnland Writing header challenge--
[ profile] seisei_ftw's winner for most creative (which I still feel--as I voted--that it shoulda been first place, too ^^ ) Omfg, cutest thing EVER. Who is so happy that KatKat decided to join [ profile] spnland? :D Who is so happy? Meeeeeee \o/

My entry for the Inanimately challenge )

Was surprised to get 2nd with it. I'd been actually feeling of late that maybe I wasn't doing Team Hell a lot of good, and should I rethink participating, but this was a nice little mental boost that I'm doing a little good for the group at least. ♥ There is a game going on that I'm failing at, though D: Fallen phrases, why do you befuddle me so?


Mar. 31st, 2010 04:33 pm
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This: individual's post right here has absolutely made my day. The Merchesters bit is giggle-inducing enough...but the Calvin and Hobbes treatment of Sam, Dean, and Castiel? I just...I have no words for how charming and adorable and happymaking that fanart is. Need more fanworks that make a person just feel good and cheery like that. ♥
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Someone sent me a sugary bunny virtual gift :D :D :D I don't know who it was, but whomever you are, ilu~! ♥ It's so cute X3 Thankyou!

I need to find the link of it, but one of my uncles on my mom's side (one of her younger brothers) pointed her at a Youtube video he and some friends did of them blowing up a junk van with dynamite. Mom's family is odd like this, yes. This is my genetics. :| And he's one of the *good* crazy ones. (Though at times he's somewhat of a lazy, forgetful doofus, but anyway.)

In WoW news, I used the AV weekend to finally accomplish two goals I've had for Ak for a very, very long time. One was to get exalted with the AV (Frostwolf) faction (38th exalted--need Timbermaw and...something else now, for the 40 exalteds achievement). The second, was finally FINALLY getting the 100 mount achievement.

And the reward~! )

I have wanted the red dragonhawk for so very long--it's one of those in-my-own-head roleplay things. There are certain things important to him as a character, including the Wyrmrest Accord faction and his red drake mount, his black drake mount, anything to do with the Argent Crusade faction/Ashen Verdict faction and his standing as 'exalted champion' for such and title of Crusader. But most of all, his racial identity and loyalty to Silvermoon City (the rebuilt bloodelf capital). That red dragonhawk looks just like the ones in Eversong Forest in the bloodelf starting zones, and to me is iconic of the race. Thus it was something I wanted to really have a sense of him being "of Silvermoon City" (which is the title I've switched back to for the moment). Anyway. Yay ♥ (And getting the last 3 mounts I needed only took two grueling, grueling days of pvping in mostly AV with some Wintergrasp thrown in. Ohgod, all the losses, over and over and over and over, with so few wins, just to eek out the honor and the rep. Egads.) Also, yes I know it looks orange but is labeled red. Blizzard is colorblind (see 'violet' protodrake that is pink/fuschia).

Friends wandered over for the evening, spent more time playing the original God of War with Kelly spectating and Anj walking me through. Post title is something I said during the proceedings. :p Have gotten past the Cerberus fight, and left off in this godawful room where you're supposed to get into alcoves for chests before you get trapped in and impaled on spikes. The 'puzzles' or minigames or whatever you call it in GoW are designed by sadists, I think. I normally don't talk when I game, but this one has me going from "crapsticks" to "fucksticks" to "AUGHWTFWTFWTFshitshitshit!". But Anj says I'm picking up on it faster than she did her first run through, so go me or something. \o/ Random tangent--I love Kratos' Artemis blade. Love. After I first got that, I started cleaving mobs in two and decapitating things and it made me honest to god *giiiiiiiiiiggle* in glee. And it's pretty 8D (First sparking blue and now sparking purple X3 ♥) You can keep your dressy girl stuff--I want me a Big Ass Sword that's pretty and glowy and sparking/sparkling. 8D 8D (Or axe. Big Ass Axe also works. :3 )

P.S. also [ profile] ysi_leftovers is my new best friend. :x Yes, I am very late to the party on this sort of thing I'M SLOW OKAY D: But omg muuuuuuusic music music music. I found so much yesterday >_> I will have to poke at it more soon. :3 (I do buy and will still buy, I promise \o/ This just...helps, with the whole not getting to do so often thing.)


Mar. 6th, 2010 10:47 pm
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I luff [ profile] purequicksilver and [ profile] auroraprimavera so freaking much. :D Just had to be said. ♥

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