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Why do I still have my Omaha Public Schools Drivers Education Certificate card (dated 7-16-90) in my wallet? Why have I been keeping this? Why have I been switching it from wallet to wallet for nearly twenty-one years? Self, whyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anyway. Mostly sleeping, with occasional bouts of checking email/LJ/Tumblr. Cold-thing is starting to improve, but so tiiiiiiiired.

Speaking of Tumblr, is there anyone's out there that I'm missing? My fan one's still http://thingswhatareawesome.tumblr.com/ (and my WoW screenshot one's http://livingflame.tumblr.com/ though it needs updating). The fan one's just like here--focused on Jared, Sam, Wincest, J2, and SPN in general, with occasional reblogs of food, music, games, anime, characters/pairings about which I still get nostalgic, and other stuff that makes me geek out. P.S. for those who still don't know, Tumblr has no LJ cuts except for plain text--THERE ARE SPOILERS THERE. Don't go looking if you don't like.

Made a root beer float earlier (for entirely medicinal purposes, of course), and it's [livejournal.com profile] paxlux's fault.
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I've seen a lot of wrap-ups and memes going around for the end of the year, and have been pondering doing one, but I don't think I will. As much has gone on this year, nothing feels worthy of 'highlighting'. I don't really have a lot of accomplishments or progress to report. But I am glad that 2010 has meant getting to know a lot more of you better. I really do appreciate you guys, and am glad you're still letting me share in your lives and your creativity. ♥

Thought about doing some sort of compilation of the things I've written this year, but I'm not quite sure how to approach all of November. So much of it is just...meh, and the rest is in desperate need of editing (and if I actually do get it edited, real beta and official-with-titles posting). Maybe tomorrow I'll make a list of the little bit I did this year, sans my mininano things.

Anyway, a very, very quiet New Year's here. We were supposed to have several of our friends over, but icy conditions made them uncomfortable with driving, so we postponed that until a couple weeks from now. So it's just the usual him and I doing the WoW thing, in which I've been skilling up the archeology profession. It's tedious, yet strangely addicting. But I will admit resulted in the new pet and mount for Ak:

Oh, and he's now got the title of "Assistant Professor". :p 6 more rare artifacts, and he could get the "Associate Professor" title. Queue the sound of real professors facepalming, eh? ;)

Surprisingly quiet in-game, too. Most of the others in our guild actually had gatherings/parties to go to, I guess, unlike last year where there was quite a group of us hanging out and talking in Ventrilo (until the one drunk guy got pissed and started a slurred argument with others). Only a couple people on tonight, and no one hanging out to talk this time. ^^; I think I need to get some music cranked up, yes?

May wonderful things happen for you all in 2011 ♥


Dec. 29th, 2010 04:08 pm
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Happy birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] wutendeskind and [livejournal.com profile] dahliablue!

Car is back from being repaired as of last evening, rental has been returned. I'm gonna have to get used to a manual transmission again. >_o Also, finally got word about the other person's insurance--they're only accepting 70% responsibility because, despite that their person ran a flashing red light and hit my husband when he was driving, they claimed it 30% his responsibility that he didn't reduce speed for his flashing yellow. Which I guess is technically what you're supposed to do? I guess? Except *no one does*, and it doesn't excuse that their person *ran the red* and if the husband had happened to slow down, she would have hit him worse. What the fuck. \o/ I dunno. Insurances are soulless bastards (no offense, robo!Sam). Anyway, so we get paid back for 70% of our deductible and rental car costs, which is good, I guess. Though we're hoping that USAA doesn't ding us for that 30% bit on our record when that's a technicality and meaningless considering he got hit by her and would still have.

Massive monster headache yesterday afternoon, which is finally gone but for some reason my allergies and asthma are kicking off today and I keep coughing. Oy. Have health insurance issues on my mind very much--have two months left because of the COBRA thing from my last job, but they're switching providers, so I have to go through getting new info and cards just in time to have to switch again. In either case, I'll be losing vision and dental insurance, but I can make my glasses last more and just pay for those when the time comes (will need to learn to go to a real optometrist, but maybe get the glasses from a mall place), and dental I think I'll do okay since I still pretty much only need cleaning twice a year ever. I need to contact the BCBS person for current info again, since application I have is for this year's rates. (I procrastinated, yes :/ Was just easier to keep the COBRA thing going, despite its cost. Yeah, I know my way of thinking/avoiding doesn't make sense.) It's just sort of interesting to note that none of the plans offered offer any sort of mental health coverage--way to go, USA. Nice to see that we continue to refuse to acknowledge that mental health *affects* physical health.

Despite my whining, WoW stuff is going pretty well, actually. We haven't yet raided again, but I think when we do we'll do better because more people have gotten to the recommended gear level. Just concerned about how a RL friend has pretty much given up when faced with doing poorly post-changes to his class (and being a RL friend, I feel kind of stuck in the middle, and also unable to be honest with him that I think he's the one mostly in the wrong for not doing what's needed to adapt and adjust). Plus the situation with the one guy being a dick, who I keep hoping will just leave (since he's coming up with reasons why it's my fault that are blatantly incorrect, and since he's not even addressing that any of that doesn't excuse his behavior towards me or our GM, therefore it's doubtful we can expect any remorse or change from him). But really, playing itself is fun, even if the new stuff doesn't have that epic, vast, wild frontier feeling that the Northrend zones and quests had.

Yesterday, I managed to be productive; today, not so much. Need to make sure I Get Things Done tomorrow.

Not that I've seen it (on my to-watch list), but the new Tron soundtrack is pretty neat.
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Still alive o/ Apologies for being kind of absent of late, but you know *hand wave*. Mood, hidey from holiday stress, then busy with family stuffs, same old. ♥ to those that left holiday wishes on my last post, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lady_eilthana for the v-gift :D ♥

Kept it really quiet Christmas Eve, for the most part. Had managed to finish all holiday prep (though the husband's idea of holiday prep seems to be toss things together at the last minute, rather than my stress about it for over a month, yet we both get stuff done about the same time. Hum.). Person in my guild continued to be the cause of ~issues~ so I played on unguilded alts that day to not have to deal with him (the situation is currently being dealt with), and thus finally got to see all the goblin and worgen starting areas and storylines. Won't be doing anything more with the one worgen alt, but I like my goblin priest (aiming to go shadow, of course), and she's kind of cute--named her Akathisia. I stumbled across the word recently on Wikipedia and it is strangely awesome.

Christmas we spent the afternoon with extended family at my cousin's place in Lincoln. Tons and tons of food--between that and our own holiday candy, have been overdosing on sugar for days now. Dad's still dealing with a lot of pain from his shoulder surgery awhile back (he was manic from the pain meds Christmas Eve evening when we were at his and my stepmother's place for gifts), and now it's worse because he took a fall on the ice while walking up the street to my cousin's place. He landed on the plastic cooler he was carrying under one arm and had to be taken to the ER where they found he'd cracked a rib. So he's on even more pain meds now, but still in a lot of pain. It really rattled my cousin (though her wife was just stellar at taking care of my Dad and getting him driven over to the Emergicare place, staying with them while they waited) and my aunt. Said aunt is doing well, all things considered (continuing chemo and such), and ended up weepy for another reason when her adopted daughter's longtime boyfriend called and asked my aunt permission to marry her. It sort of felt like some sort of Lifetime sitcom. :p (Though it's better than Mom's side of the family, who, while there's the "normal" ones, the "not normal" ones have become even more freakish and facepalmingly Jerry Springer recently).

Christmas evening was just Mom, the husband, and I back at home doing our gifts and decompressing from a day of omg-too-many-people. From friends I got a book and a 20-sided die that flashes when it rolls 20 (they gave the same to James, unfortunate since I'd gotten him the same thing :p ), got a couple of frames Mom did up with more cat photo collages to go with the ones she'd already hung up in the kitchen, some poetry compilations, holiday-themed socks, and a few cookbooks from another aunt. James gave me a gift card for the iTunes store and a new keyboard, which even though it's just another standard Apple keyboard is so YAY. Had been so frustrated at how bad some of the keys were sticking where that old drink spill had gotten worse again. Also got a little geeky card game, cocoa, and tons of candy. Another friend gave the husband and I both the WoW Li'l Ragnaros pet for in-game, though we still need to activate the codes for that. Got given the Sam & Max games off Steam as well as getting called Christmas Day by Aaron, too, which was way cool even if I eventually had to rush off, and I'm so going to have fun poking at the games (ty again :) ).

Sunday was D&D, the husband's alt game, in which my barbarian missed nearly every will save roll (he's got a mighty 1 in it currently), and the module's encounters demanded a freaking *ton* of said rolls. Lost count of the numbers of times he was stunned or feared (including the one where he ran away and then back for a total of six rounds :| ) The rest of the week should be quiet-ish, though several friends are coming over Friday evening for our gift exchange, and I'll do dinner for them (all easy stuff, though, just heat-up type things). Then Saturday another friend will have us over all afternoon/evening for a very-extended New Year's movie "night", followed by the other D&D game next Sunday.

Other than that, have tabs of fic open that I'm hoping to get to soon, and am still trying to decide if I'm ever going to get caught up on the comments I've procrastinated on since November. :B We shall see. Anyway, HI. Glad to see people have been having decent holidays ♥
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I have rewatched this trailer for the new My Chemical Romance CD so, *so* many times these last few days. I need that song (Art Is A Weapon). Seriously, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. Can't wait for the full video, too--such visual crack. All those brilliant colors and wonderful, freaky, Mad-Maxish bizarreness. Hell, I want the whole CD like woah. But especially that song. Stupid tidbit is stuck in my heeeeead. (And so many phrases I want on SPN icons: "louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny", "the future is bulletproof", "it's time to do it now and do it loud"...yeeeeah). Criminy, I'm such a sucker for that sort of music. My brain is forever a teenager.

Cold is finally going away, though yesterday it finally caught up with me and I crashed hard. Spent the entire day sleeping. Just couldn't stop. It was a good thing Mom'd already offered to do soup for dinner, because I was utterly useless for anything but being a lump on the couch (and also a cat pillow).

My mood is very weird right now, and not in a ha-ha way. And outside, summer keeps trying to hold on. I'm behind on my comments, though fortunately/unfortunately there aren't many. And I've been so freaking bipolar about my writing these last few days it's not even funny (sometimes I think I need a writing therapist, honestly).

and yet another quirk of mine :x )
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[livejournal.com profile] seisei_ftw, how are you so awesome? \o/ ♥ Seriously, you are awesome. Random vgifts are full of win. And awesome. ^___^ Thankyou~ *squishhug* (Also: (C o_o)C Crab battle! ♥ )

At least I've finally started on my [livejournal.com profile] summer_sam_love fic, because honestly I've been feeling like the worst failure ever for having not gotten my act together up until now. Was feeling more and more panic since there's only fifteen days left until I post, and I do want to leave sufficient beta and edit time. I'm good at having anxiety attacks over stupid little things, yeah. Anyway, it's only half done, and it won't be long (only about 2k so far), but considering it's sort of like pulling teeth, I'm glad to have that much and to have the basics of the rest bulleted out. But yeah, 2k words for over four hours of work--I'm not kidding when I say I'm a slow writer or when I say that it's like pulling teeth. I have a lot of respect and awe for those who can write fast, whether good or otherwise. This is why I'll never do a big bang.

By the way, I do appreciate those that offered to help me brainstorm ideas on this when I've posted about stressing on this before. I just...I had so little, just tiny seeds of what I wanted to do, that I was embarrassed to write anyone to get plotting help because it would highlight how much next-to-nothing I already had. I'm just glad I finally had bits and pieces finally come together in my head last week. It won't be epic or anything stellar or deep--I'm just hoping for okay, frankly. Simply done will be nice. :p (Ugh, too bad tomorrow's so busy...hopefully Thursday?)

I have a couple of people I'm going to PM about betaing (I haven't gotten beta help in a couple years, since an old fandom, for lack of fellow fans, and then later--seriously--for fear of how bad I'd be told what I did was once I did know fellow fans), but if one of them can't, I'll post and ask here.

Anyway, I still owe a ton of comments, have barely commented on anyone's posts or the ones sitting in my email for several weeks now. Apologies again. Stressing has sort of made me want to hide, a lot. : /

Also also...some of the extended family that was causing teh dramaz? Still going on. I'm glad I don't have to deal with it, but am upset that my mother and those family members I do care about are still having to. Those of my extended family that are freaks and idiots and are generally reprehensible, good lord, I wish someone would slap some sense into them, seriously. Punch some sense into them, better still.

bite down

Aug. 18th, 2010 04:38 pm
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Old weird flash animation nostalgia, part the sixth:
I'll be humming that the rest of the week now.

Man, dentists love my teeth. Hairstylists (and a lot of other folks) love my hair (still procrastinating on the hair trim though >_> ). You'd think that'd balance out the rest enough that I'd like me a bit better. :p

The story of my life.

Rereading http://www.machall.com. I like Ian and Matt's 3 Panel Soul a lot, but I still dig their Mac Hall a lot more. Used to be my absolute favorite webcomic--and I'm still kicking myself that I never bought their compilation book for the strip when it was available.

Boo for tree pruners that never bother to come by and give me their estimate to fix storm damage. It's been a month >_< (those branches that took down our power line weeks back are still on the left of the driveway). Called another company today, they should give an estimate Monday. Take that, other company.
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Ugh, I am stressing about strange and minor things. I blame the coffee I had earlier, yet at the same time it's obviously worn off, because I'm absolutely drained-tired. >_< Yargh.

At least OPPD replaced the main power line, and Cox will be coming Friday to rerun their cable. Waiting for a tree service to come give an estimate and tell me when they can schedule work (obviously all are busy right now). We had more storm damage than I even realized after last Wednesday. Another branch that had been hanging finally broke off and fell yesterday, though it was thinner and shorter (like 3in at the base), and could be carried by just two of us--and at least it just fell into the yard, not on the lines or on the roof. Other branches are hanging though, and who knows what we don't see. Ugh.

[livejournal.com profile] motherlessguns is having a poet challenge where you pick a poet from the list, and find one of their works that fits the comm theme of being somehow Winchesters. This is a very cool thing, though when I picked Samuel Green, I didn't consider...make sure you can *find* their work. He's only got about 4 or 5 poems online, and neither of his books are available at B&N, the public library, or UNO's library. Not to mention, sold new, his current book is like 35$ at Amazon and 50$ through B&N. I gave in and ordered a used copy from Amazon, because at the least that's approx. 15$. :/ I shouldn't really spend, but I'll count it as my self-education on contemporary poets. Just hoping it's here before the challenge 'due' date of posting by Aug.1 (though Amz did say it would arrive by about the 23rd, so even with potential delays that should be okay).

I did buy a Wislawa Szymborska collection at B&N, though. >_> Still have another of hers on my Amz wish list, but I just kind of weakened on getting this one (view with a grain of sand) now. God, I'm so weak and stupid about resisting books.

[Edit: I keep wanting to find a collection of Richard Siken's work. Am I surprised that I can never find him at B&N, and he's not to be found at the public library or at UNO, despite it being an academic library? No, sadly I'm not surprised at all. Fucking midwest. I guess Crush goes on my Amz wishlist as well.]

that 28 questions meme )
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So the other day James brought a bag of cherries home from work. Yeah, he works in an ag/enviromental lab. His coworkers leave the weirdest stuff on the 'free to take' table in their breakroom.

So these were obviously home grown, small and tart, and this afternoon I tried my hand at pitting cherries. I don't own a cherry pitter (but I think I'll pick a cheap one up), so I tried this method I found online of using a metal tip from a pastry/icing set to push the pit out. It actually worked okay, though I used the writing tip which tended to slide off the pits--I probably should have used the smallest star tip. But yeah, a mess of cherry juice everywhere, didn't seem to stain though. Ended up making cherry syrup from it all, since the skins had a lot of blemishes and bruising and that way I could just sieve the solids out. I'll have to pick up some good ice cream to serve it on.

Also made sticky rice from the recipe off a can of coconut milk (I've got a fresh mango I'll serve with), and a Thai-style peanut sauce to have with the marinated flank steak I'll do in a bit.

So, that whole thing where I cook a bunch when I feel really useless as well as guilty about not being productive and intelligent like you all? Yeah. Definitely there today, and probably a bit this whole week.

Saw this on the CakeWrecks blog, thought it was amusing considering how many on my flist are into the World Cup of late: http://www.cakewrecks.com/2010/06/our-world-cup-overfloweth.html
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Today I got to read something that made me verra happy ♥--but nothing I can rec yet ;) And this evening was once again way late to the party by seeing the live action Alice In Wonderland (with Anj and Gina), which I loved way much. And James grilled hot dogs/polish dogs that Anj brought over, and I baked one of those rhubarb pies from http://villagepiemaker.com/ \o/ Good times.

However...tomorrow is Father's Day, I see my Dad for lunch tomorrow at 1pm (along with Mom, James, my stepmother, brother and his gf). And I don't have a Father's Day gift for him yet. >_> Um.
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Goddang, Samuel Beam. Your voice. Your voice. I think I need to wallow in some Iron and Wine tomorrow (and/or tonight. Also, Flightless Bird, American Mouth ♥ How are you such a wonderful song?)

Btw, fanmixes are awesome:
(Also, yay, I finally after all these years listened to a K's Choice song that wasn't Shadowman >_>; )

Both Gina and Kelly ended up feeling ill and didn't come over, so no Blues Brothers after all (boo). Instead just watched Cars with Anj. Yes, I know Cars is forever old and we've owned the DVD for ages, but I'd just never gotten around to watching it. The ending made me all B'awwwwwww because I am a sap. And now I wish I could roadtrip more than ever. The soundtrack needs to be used to prompt for a J2 driving Route 66 fic. I'm just sayin'.

A 95% energy-efficient furnace, heat pump/ac, humidifier, thermostat, ductwork adjustment, vent cleaning, etc. doesn't cost five digits. But it is terribly close to that amount. Er. Happy fun installation times on Monday. (We're lucky to have savings, but I'm still flailing in panic up in the brain a bit anyway.) Hooray for the energy tax credit.

Ah, Shrek Twinkies are back. "Cream" filling colored the most unholy and unnatural shade of green known to humankind. Gotta love a "food" product that's so unrepentantly non-nutritious that you might as well go all the way and food-color part of it chartreuse. ♥ (In which the one part of my brain that isn't a 12-year-old boy is a 5-year-old one. :| )
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Diane's super special, non-spoilery, one-word review of Iron Man 2? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! \o/

After, friend Don treated us to late dinner at IHOP as a belated anniversary sort of thing. And after after, I made an absolute fool of myself. We were walking out of the restaurant, talking about who knows what (the conversation had covered various comic universes and meandered through Star Trek recent vs. original, Babylon 5, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force), and I managed to trip over the seam between two sidewalk squares.

Thanks to having been starting to step off the curb, trip led to swearing multi-stumble led to full 100% wipeout. I am awesome. Only reason I didn't end up shredding my hands and knees was I think I twisted left overcompensating to keep from falling off the curb and landed side first before front. Now to see if all the padding stops bruises or no. :p Various bits are freaking complainy, though (hello, wrists). As is my pride, considering that was all right along restaurant windows, as well as in front of the husband and the guys we were with. Haven't tripped so stupidly since my early high school days when I was still the sort of person to go on a youth group retreat, and did a full somersault tripping over air molecules while running through a motel parking lot with other kids.

Did I ever mention how I don't have depth perception/stereoscopic vision, technically? Yeah. (And someday I'll have to tell about what a great idea it was to sign up for softball when I was 11, from my best friend smacking me right between the eyes with a softball while we were playing catch, to the coach having yelling fits because I tended to swing while the ball was still a good five feet in front of the plate. Or not, that's probably all good enough story right there. :| )
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It's funny that the thing I was looking forward to doing most for [livejournal.com profile] spnland was writing, and ironically, what's the thing I haven't been able to do almost at all since it started? Yeah. Started out okay, but ever since.... Nearly nothing. Wouldn't even call it being blocked or locked up, because that implies there's something there to block or lock up. There's just really nothing in my head, writing-wise. And I'm gonna just laugh at myself for the whole "I wanna be a poet" thing, because yeah. To write as a career, you have to be able to, you know.... There's just no words, not for fan stuff, not for original projects.

Naturally, I actually had one idea for this one challenge due tomorrow (love letter from one character to another), and I was like yay and worked on it, and then realized the rules state it's got to be major, named characters and what I had won't work, not a bit. Sooo yeah. Awesomes. Least there's games there, because that's the only stuff I seem to be able to accomplish. That and voting on things.

I guess I could understand if I were just having trouble with character-focused things, because I'm a pretty lousy fan that just isn't as into secondary characters all that much, and some I'm outright *blah* on. I mean, yeah, I like Bobby and some others, but really if it isn't Sam or Dean (or okay, maybe the Impala), I just don't get too motivated. But there's been plenty of general writing challenges that don't demand certain characters, in which I could have written with Sam and Dean. Yet still no inspiration or success at motivating myself.

Then lately when I see everyone talking about their big bang projects, I get the little thought in my head of "Next year I'll try that!". Hey, self? Yeah. This is me pointing and laughing at you. LoooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooool. Pull the other one, it's got bells on. Dumbass.

At least I can accomplish things in WoW (Nin to 72, Sampala to 17), that's worth something right? Right? Yeah, didn't think so. :|


Mar. 5th, 2010 12:18 pm
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9vAOzYz-Qs Gorillaz - Stylo
Holy BEANS, I love this video! \o\ \o/ /o/ I damn near squee-ed when I saw a certain person show up about 1/3 of the way through. And I blame show for the fact that some of the bits I loved best were the cars and that gun. Unf. And mmm, love a good HD video for looking awesome even when in full screen mode. ♥

The Amz gc haul:
Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More CD
Iron & Wine - Around the Well CD
Tomcraft vs. Sunbeam - Versus EP
Michael Franti - Say Hey (I Love You)
Switchfoot - Mess of Me
Alice In Chains - Check My Brain
Cage the Elephant - Back Against the Wall
Paper Tongues - Ride To California
Rob Zombie - What?
AFI - Miseria Cantare--The Beginning
M.I.A. - Paper Planes

30 goes farther than I would have thought, so yay! \o/ Couldn't resist some of the single mp3s >_> They're some of my Sam songs, yaknow? Though some are just ones I've wanted forever. And the Rob Zombie one is because my brain is still a 12-year-old boy. My wish list is still nuts, but oh well, a few new things is awesoome \o/ I'm all mentally *kermit arms* about it--for some people it's clothes and shoes, for me it's mp3s (and sometimes icons). ♥
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Seeing the extended family was decent. Ended up being a lot of my cousins' other side of the family, which was kind of a neat thing since it's been forever since seeing some of them, not since my one uncle's and aunt's funerals. Odd discovery was my cousin telling me she's written poetry, and been published in something, and that another aunt's written as well (It's amazing how even close family can still not know each other.) Sounds like she's interested in seeing some of mine, and I definitely want to see what both of them have done (got the feeling she might put together something of 'family' writings, which would be pretty cool). Wish I'd had the Xmas poem with me somehow, because she'd put together photo albums of old Christmases and it would have gone so well with that. Same cousin also gave me a bunch of photocopies of materials she'd gotten from a life coach, which is really freaking awesome of her to do, since I know she's spent a lot to meet with that individual. Definitely will be reading through it this week.

James' DnD game tomorrow...blah about it, but only mainly because I'm wanting 'hang around by myself and do nothing' time. Least it's a bit better than having Leslie's game because there'll be a break between end of it and raid time.

And now your moment of zen insecurity: More and more often, I find that damned near everybody I know (beyond fandom) writes, even writes poetry. How can I be thinking I could make anything of it if everybody else out there's already/also doing it, and mine isn't any better than theirs? How can I consider what I do special enough to even think I could attempt it as a livelihood?
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I intended to do a thoughtful 2009 retrospective post like so many have today, but I seem to be able to only produce babbling blurbs, so, a brief thought plus ordered list fun:

stuffs )

Anyway. Despite playing the game for five years now, this is the first time I've had an icon of either of my main characters. Long past time, no? [livejournal.com profile] verbranden is the awesomest of the awesome for surprising me with it. ♥♥♥
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*Christmas shopping actually happened \o/ It is sad to feel so accomplished over so little. (Now to see if I can meet my goals of wrapping and mailing. Woo \o/ Yeah, I remember when I used to do about 5x more every day and it wasn't a big deal, it was *normal*, I dunno either : / )

*I very much like this fic:
lucky graveyard boots & a song to sing by [livejournal.com profile] paxlux and [livejournal.com profile] whereupon, PG, Gen (Sam, Dean), 6050 words.
I really, really like it. Left a goddanged inane 3-paragraph rambling comment liked it. I'm such a dumbass when I'm spazzing. But it's gorgeous, so very so. Oh, boys. ♥

*For some reason, chocolate/mint esp peppermint is my freaking obsession this year. It is absolutely not safe around me. Anytime I see that's chocolate/peppermint, especially if it's candy cane bits, it's GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER It's a bug hunt!

*Biggest klutz that ever lived? Right here.

*Man, for some reason I so don't want to raid tonight. Don't think it'd go over well to post absent for reasons of pms-ness. :|


Dec. 8th, 2009 01:03 pm
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Snooooooooow. Snoooooooooooooow. D< Not so \o/ about it today, as I had to drive in it, and I forgot my street coming from the east is IMPOSSIBLE to drive up when given more than a dusting thanks to just a tiny bit of hill. Hence, nearly couldn't get up the block to the house, took a good 10 minutes creeping inch by inch and all but killing the engine. I am never going outside again. ...wind chill of -15F tomorrow? Seriously. NEVER going outside again. Just FYI.

I should not have bought 2 poetry compilations at B&N. But I did.

And am noticing as others are that comment notifications aren't showing up. I see what you did thar, LJ :| No more kudos for j00.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Freddie Mercury, no ifs ands or buts. Seriously, it kills me that I really became besotted with Queen (after being fond of their music since *gradeschool*) just as he died. Queen would have been the most epic concert in the universe to see. (Not that they're dead but I also regret that I'm the wrong generation to have seen the Waters/Gilmour-era Pink Floyd live, too.)

Anyway, figured today needed more reccage:
http://masterlist415.livejournal.com/63259.html: You Even Write Like a Girl by [livejournal.com profile] anyothergirl415, Sam/Dean, R. As seen recced at [livejournal.com profile] sawedoff_recs today, and it goes under the BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE category. I adore when people do humor fics for the fandom, because while I love the angst and the serious and the dramatic (that ends HEA of course, this is me), show and Sam & Dean even during the dark times are so about the funny. This is creative and brilliant and ♥--the character voices are just *bullseye*, Yahtzee if you will.

Also, have I spazzed about [livejournal.com profile] paxlux's Howl verse recently? No? No? For *SHAME*, self.
http://community.livejournal.com/huntersarchives/35600.html with the newest being
http://community.livejournal.com/huntersarchives/40003.html under the wartime blue floodlight of the moon
(Sam/Dean, NC-17 as always) Dark, twisted, brutal, wild, feral, but so full of life and joy in a wrongtwistedbutrightperfect way. I am about the schmoop and the warmfuzzy and the happysquishy--but I *LOVE* this and am addicted to it, and I always read these slowly so I can savor each word and let each scene play movies in my head. Also, okay, it's fuckin hot and sexy. :| Mmmmm bloodplay and biting kinks and and unf unf *¬*

Okay, shutting up now. But first--scene: driving through the parking lot as Mom and I leave the grocery store, Mom muttering about Bakers (aka Krogers) having sweet potatoes with a coupon for California cheese products but *not actually carrying any products with the required California cheese logo*.
Mom: I guess they don't have any happy cows.
Me: *mutters* Bipolar cows.
Mom: *almost chokes on her coffee*
whitereflection: (sam now dean (studio audience LOLOL))
Cool beans, time to get smacked upside the head by some hormonemo, and time to start omnoming the ibuprofen. Tomorrow will be the usual trip to friend's place for the usual holiday foods, in which I'm sure she'll have me make deviled eggs (she already sent over the stuff to do the hummingbird cake and frosting, of course she never, ever lets me buy the ingredients). Not sure what bad movies Greg'll show, or if there'll be the traditional Army of Darkness.

Anyway, that which makes me happy to counter the hormonemo:
*[livejournal.com profile] emerald_embers asked for pairing prompts and an emotion for pr0n writings \o/, and I totally took advantage of the fact that she'll write Sam/Dean/Castiel, and the result was:
\o/ ♥ \o/ Mmmmm, threesome kink, yessssss.

*89.7 the River played Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving song (stuck in my head all stupid week), as well as The Lonely Island's On a Boat, and Green Jelly's Three Little Pigs while I was driving to the vet. Also discovered Bad Religion's Infection, which is very (imo) s4 Sam&Dean, and Cage the Elephant's Back Against the Wall which seems very Sam to me. Need to add both to my amz wishlist, and flail until Christmas. Need need need.

*http://mickeym.livejournal.com/1151238.html One of the BigBangs from this summer I hadn't gotten to until now. This Course We Plotted, J2 (RPS), lovely, really nice building up of friendship and relationship, sweet and fun and gave me warm fuzzes.

*In game for the 'pilgrim' holiday, there's an achievement for getting rogues of different races with a 'turkey shooter'. Hung out in Dalaran for several hours last evening with a bunch of friends from DotA and DotH--our group covered all the races needed for the achievement--and just had fun, and let people shoot us over and over.

*Lastly, http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=20677329926&sid=1 It is...take World of Warcraft, mix in a text based suspense/horror RPG from days gone by, add in a dose of http://www.mspaintadventures.com/ type humor, mix in prompts from readers and the result is *brilliant* and genius. Cracks me the hell up. Whoever this Dusk guy/gal is, they're absolutely amazing. Some game company needs to hire them, if they aren't employed at such already.

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