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Artery by [livejournal.com profile] paxlux, Sam/Dean, R, 11,075
♥♥♥♥♥ I just. \o/ Freaking awesome fic inspired by a freaking gorgeous bit of Siken poetry. Reflections of the poem are woven into the story so well, and she writes the boys *SO* right--and with such brilliantly snarky banter and roughhousing between them. And I love how the snark is perfectly *them*, like tradition, the way they've always been--then becomes like a mask to hide the thing developing between them, and then shows the blend the old and the new of their relationship. This made me grin and snicker and laugh and want to draw hearts on things. And leave an overly long comment. (Again. ^^; ps Carhenge! \o/)

In other news, nearly set the oven on fire again. I dunno. I guess using two cookie sheets on the same rack screwed up air circulation so the thermostat wasn't reading right, and it just kept blasting hotter and hotter--nearly charred the parchment paper and the food thereon. Only realized something was wrong because of the smoke alarm, though it wasn't smokey at all (the heat, I guess?). Who knows. I suck. (Though I at least succeeded at break-apart cookies and nearly from scratch carbonara pasta). In other other news, I seriously freaking suck at a computer game. It is pathetic how badly so. Just makes it feel worse, not feeling truly comfortable, knowing that those certain few are judging me. I just..why do I make such *stupid* mistakes, and give them ammunition?

Also, love this song, so so much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wAS8JUP39I http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858671084/


Feb. 6th, 2011 11:58 am
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I enjoy this more than I should. And while I was watching, I was hit with the biggest, biggest craving for J2 fic where both are young cellists who get together to have fun with a duet, then get together in other ways. :3 Then it hit me how much the two guys resemble Jared and Jensen o_O (and then I discovered it's not just me, because the top rated comment on YouTube atm is "It's sam and´╗┐ dean of supernatural !" ! ;) ..." Ahahaha X3 Must admit, was mentally slashing the two cellists in the vid by the end of it, don't judge me I can't help iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit D:

Btw, tumblr is eating my brain. Eating my braaaaaaaaaaaaaaain D:

Minor knife incident yesterday. >_> Was trying to cut slightly stale baguette bread (mistake perhaps) with a steak knife (yeah, mistake for sure--but the bread knife was in the drainer! \D:/), ended up with a bit of a cut/puncture in my left hand pinky finger, palmside. Bleh, I hate band-aids, but think it still needs one. :p

Arghl DnD today, but I need my computer to refresh mail and LJ and tumblrrrrrrrrrrr D: D: D: Ugh, I wish I had a smart phone and data plan. :(
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Just a bout of whining (pretty much just WoW related). Feel free to ignore. Once again emphasizing why on my fanmix about myself, Basket Case would be song number one.

in which the tags say it all )

Wanted to come up with a list of New Year's resolutions, but I think at most I'm going to only focus on 1)use the damned WiiFit thing I bought last summer, and 2)write, especially original poetry. Though I've really dropped the ball on my hc- and au-bingo cards, as well as the j2everafter challenge.
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Someone out there got me a toy car v-gift the other day, and I don't know who it was. But thank you, whomever you are \o/ ♥ That is so awesome of you ♥

And sorry that I am such a cranky wench who gets too easily worked up and upset by show. :< I'm a bad fan, I know. I'll try to be better. Just like use your best John Barrowman voice at me and call me a stupid bitch. :|

Electric guitars make everything better:
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Finally picked up the Wii Fit Plus I've been planning on getting. I'd sort of been putting it off, feeling like I shouldn't spend that much, but the money Dad had given me back on my birthday exactly covered the cost, so really, was I going to just put gift cash in the bank for normal day to day stuff? Though I just happened to be at Best Buy because I was also picking up SPN s5 DVDs, so where was my avoiding frivolous spending when it came to those? The thing is, I got s1 and s2 DVDs last year when I first fell for the show, but I've only put s3 and s4 on my wish list, had intended to do the same with s5, because I don't need any of those *right now*, can wait on them all. So why then? That damned keychain (yeah, I preordered). I am weak for stupid things.

Big B (Feat. Everlast a.k.a. Whitey Ford) - Before I Leave This Place
Not my usual style of music, but caught my ear on the radio. Made me choke up on first listen, made me outright cry when I just watched the video. I don't get me sometimes. Maybe it's hormones.
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Apologies. I shouldn't do 2:30am rant posts. It's as bad as drunk texting, without the alcohol to blame for it, and I just feel stupid later/the next day/whatever.
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I. I. What. But for some reason it *amuses* me.

This afternoon and evening was almost entirely comprised of doing a [livejournal.com profile] spnland puzzle challenge, and then redoing half because I am a dumbass who can't read instructions right. I love the feeling of "1am?? Where the fuck did my evening go??" :| (Even had WoW running, but barely actually managed to play, just treated it like a extra-fancy IM program--though not sure why, because I was talking with everyone in Vent as it was.) Also, I seem to have missed the Team Hell chat (last night?), because I can't seem to manage converting dates and time zones right. Dumbass x2 \o/

Having a cookout tonight with the folks I D&D with, though no fireworks planned. Should still be cool. Originally was going to make something to bring with, but just bought something premade, one because I'm lazy and two at the rate I'm going I probably would have bolluxed that all up as well, or maybe just burned the house down. :p (Nearly messed the oven up *again* Friday night, thanks to two el cheapo frozen pizzas on the oven rack and only one not-as-wide-as-the-two-pizzas cookie sheet beneath them. Woo, go me \o/ )

3am is probably not a wise time to decide I need schmoopy fic *right now*. :|
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Back to the 4am insomnia a lot again lately. Too bad I can't be productive during those hours and get something done with them--just end up awake but mostly useless. Today especially am extra dead, though--other than driving Mom to her errands and reading a short fic over for someone, all I can do is nap (earlier) or stare (currently). There's stuff I should be doing but all I want to do is sleep again. Which won't help come tonight but even with caffeine there's just no energy at all left. Have even run out of energy for reading, and I mean come on, how hard is it to *read*? Dear self, way to be a waste of oxygen. (And it's stupid, I think hey, at least I get up no later than 8-9 or even as early as 6, but how getting up and then napping a lot different than just sleeping in super late?)

Over the past couple days the songs For Blue Skies by Strays Don't Sleep, Turn and Turn Again by All Thieves, and The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine have made me not just cry, but sob/weep. Fuck you, hormones, fuck you (I was never this bad when I was in my teens/20s. I just, I mean, what.)

As much as I hate Nebraska, I'm glad I'm not having to worry about a tropical storm/hurricane right now. :x Stay safe down there, folks.

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Diane's super special, non-spoilery, one-word review of Iron Man 2? WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! \o/

After, friend Don treated us to late dinner at IHOP as a belated anniversary sort of thing. And after after, I made an absolute fool of myself. We were walking out of the restaurant, talking about who knows what (the conversation had covered various comic universes and meandered through Star Trek recent vs. original, Babylon 5, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force), and I managed to trip over the seam between two sidewalk squares.

Thanks to having been starting to step off the curb, trip led to swearing multi-stumble led to full 100% wipeout. I am awesome. Only reason I didn't end up shredding my hands and knees was I think I twisted left overcompensating to keep from falling off the curb and landed side first before front. Now to see if all the padding stops bruises or no. :p Various bits are freaking complainy, though (hello, wrists). As is my pride, considering that was all right along restaurant windows, as well as in front of the husband and the guys we were with. Haven't tripped so stupidly since my early high school days when I was still the sort of person to go on a youth group retreat, and did a full somersault tripping over air molecules while running through a motel parking lot with other kids.

Did I ever mention how I don't have depth perception/stereoscopic vision, technically? Yeah. (And someday I'll have to tell about what a great idea it was to sign up for softball when I was 11, from my best friend smacking me right between the eyes with a softball while we were playing catch, to the coach having yelling fits because I tended to swing while the ball was still a good five feet in front of the plate. Or not, that's probably all good enough story right there. :| )
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It's funny that the thing I was looking forward to doing most for [livejournal.com profile] spnland was writing, and ironically, what's the thing I haven't been able to do almost at all since it started? Yeah. Started out okay, but ever since.... Nearly nothing. Wouldn't even call it being blocked or locked up, because that implies there's something there to block or lock up. There's just really nothing in my head, writing-wise. And I'm gonna just laugh at myself for the whole "I wanna be a poet" thing, because yeah. To write as a career, you have to be able to, you know.... There's just no words, not for fan stuff, not for original projects.

Naturally, I actually had one idea for this one challenge due tomorrow (love letter from one character to another), and I was like yay and worked on it, and then realized the rules state it's got to be major, named characters and what I had won't work, not a bit. Sooo yeah. Awesomes. Least there's games there, because that's the only stuff I seem to be able to accomplish. That and voting on things.

I guess I could understand if I were just having trouble with character-focused things, because I'm a pretty lousy fan that just isn't as into secondary characters all that much, and some I'm outright *blah* on. I mean, yeah, I like Bobby and some others, but really if it isn't Sam or Dean (or okay, maybe the Impala), I just don't get too motivated. But there's been plenty of general writing challenges that don't demand certain characters, in which I could have written with Sam and Dean. Yet still no inspiration or success at motivating myself.

Then lately when I see everyone talking about their big bang projects, I get the little thought in my head of "Next year I'll try that!". Hey, self? Yeah. This is me pointing and laughing at you. LoooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooool. Pull the other one, it's got bells on. Dumbass.

At least I can accomplish things in WoW (Nin to 72, Sampala to 17), that's worth something right? Right? Yeah, didn't think so. :|
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I sort of noticed yesterday, but have really, really, really noticed today, that I am extremely, horribly, excruciatingly irritable and cranky. And petty and petulant. :< I understand being tired and drained but good freaking grief, this is ridiculous. I've been snarky at folks online here, short with the husband, and extremely snippy with Mom. Even annoyed with the cats.

And now I'm finding I'm the sort of lousy person that can't just accept that people at a community are having fun with a topic that I'm not interested in, but instead am feeling whiny that they're not choosing a topic I do happen to be interested in. I mean, ffs, self, get over yourself and grow up. Let them have their fun and excitement and enthusiasm. Just because it is often emphasized that they're interested in this subset of fandom you're just not that into, it doesn't mean you're being left out or excluded.

Afsdfjghasdf arghlblargh. I hate me.

L.H. Puttgrass signing off and heading for the tub. (No, not really. Old Bloom County quote. I miss Bloom County.)

[Oh right, and to mention something that isn't me being a whiny little bint, here's a Supernatural video that is absofucking amazing. Seriously. Ab-so-fuh-king a-ma-zing.
Supernatural (go.back.to.sleep.) by TikiTyler9. Damned good shit. And I so freaking love that song. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fabilimah for reccing the video.]
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I wonder, has anyone done a fanvid for SPN to Lady Gaga's Boys Boys Boys?

If not, why not? :B

Boys boys boys
We like boys in cars
Boys boys boys
Buy us drinks in bars
Boys boys boys
With hairspray and denim
Boys boys boys
We love them!
We love them!
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Spaced off the gas utility bill, just realized as I was doing financial stuff a bit ago. It's due tomorrow, and of course when I went to put the mail out to send it, the mail person had already been by here. See, if I got up at a normal time instead of sleeping in too late (again), and if I would have gotten ready and done bills right away instead of messing around on the computer first, I would have had it out to be picked up in time. This is how not to be an adult.

Also, I'm an irritable bitch to people in my WoW guild, and am awesome at screwing up on the Sindragosa fight, more than anyone else. Yay.
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Nearly had to do a 10man raid since the guild was looking short of people. Then they had extra folks log in, and they were all "Are you sure you're okay with sitting out?" and I was like "OMFG YES I MUST GO WATCH SUPERNATURAL!" Anyway. :| Shooooooooooow ♥♥♥

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Made a fool of myself on my guild's forums, feeling like I'm only put up with at my other guild, cranky at just about everything (up to and including *of all the silly dumb things* the fact that the Spn h/c community I like seems to be like 95% hurt Dean or Jensen anymore and goddangit I very much prefer hurt Sam or Jared and *criminy* this is a really stupid thing to be irritable about >_< ).

And Sasu-rogue's new chest armor looks like--no lie--a leather corset. Am not sure whether to be put off or amused or find it hot (because leather armor's always been bland, it's plate and cloth that gets the sexay stuff). Though the haHA of it is the t9.whatever rogue armor set is named after a *male* NPC, so what does that say about Mr.VanCleef, hmm?

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