Feb. 6th, 2011 11:58 am
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I enjoy this more than I should. And while I was watching, I was hit with the biggest, biggest craving for J2 fic where both are young cellists who get together to have fun with a duet, then get together in other ways. :3 Then it hit me how much the two guys resemble Jared and Jensen o_O (and then I discovered it's not just me, because the top rated comment on YouTube atm is "It's sam and dean of supernatural !" ! ;) ..." Ahahaha X3 Must admit, was mentally slashing the two cellists in the vid by the end of it, don't judge me I can't help iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit D:

Btw, tumblr is eating my brain. Eating my braaaaaaaaaaaaaaain D:

Minor knife incident yesterday. >_> Was trying to cut slightly stale baguette bread (mistake perhaps) with a steak knife (yeah, mistake for sure--but the bread knife was in the drainer! \D:/), ended up with a bit of a cut/puncture in my left hand pinky finger, palmside. Bleh, I hate band-aids, but think it still needs one. :p

Arghl DnD today, but I need my computer to refresh mail and LJ and tumblrrrrrrrrrrr D: D: D: Ugh, I wish I had a smart phone and data plan. :(
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Just a bout of whining (pretty much just WoW related). Feel free to ignore. Once again emphasizing why on my fanmix about myself, Basket Case would be song number one.

in which the tags say it all )

Wanted to come up with a list of New Year's resolutions, but I think at most I'm going to only focus on 1)use the damned WiiFit thing I bought last summer, and 2)write, especially original poetry. Though I've really dropped the ball on my hc- and au-bingo cards, as well as the j2everafter challenge.


Nov. 2nd, 2010 02:20 pm
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So tired... Not sleeping well, allergies, still that flu shot?, that time depleting my iron and will to live, who knows. The pumpkin spice instant coffee drink thing isn't helping terribly much.

I need to do my 10min/100 words. >_< Honestly, how hard is that. NOT AT ALL. Yet I'm failing at getting started, because tired. Wah. Dear self: quit being a wench and just write, you stupid bitch.

Must vote this evening. Trying to avoid politics and articles/discussions thereof, though. Hate politics, so so much. Just hate the whole...*handflail* everything about it, the attitudes people get toward each other, the way so many treat each other over differences of belief and opinion. And it always seems to highlight how much selfishness, self-centeredness, and greed there is in those of my city/state/country. Just gets me down/frustrated, makes me want to avoid it all.

RIGHT. Time to go write. And by write, I mean stare at a blank, white file and bitch and moan to myself. Woo.
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So, reading a little meta, and it just makes me wonder. At this point, is Sam'n'Dean fixable? (Or Sam/Dean, if you're one for that). I mean, honestly fixable? Like can they come back from where they're at now, or even if it is fixed, will it be Sam & Dean instead of Sam&Dean?

I saw so many points where there seemed to be really big cracks between them in s5, but I never felt like if things were fixed that they couldn't be Sam&Dean again. But seeing things in s6, I wonder. Has it gone too far? And that's just based off the supposition that things would start to be fixed right away--what if this is something that continues to be dragged out, perhaps even the entire season? (No spoilers there, just supposing/theorizing) If this continues on, especially if it continues as a story arc the entire season, does that influence the possibility of a return to Sam'n'Dean as the time of this brokenness is prolonged?

I guess I just wonder, reading a tiny bit of what other people are hypothesizing, if Sam can be 'fixed', and if so, if the damage that has been done to their relationship, to trust and to real true love (familial or otherwise), can be healed, or if the fix will be the classic too little, too late.

Pardon the repeated posting today. I'm actually kind of anxious about tonight's episode and nervous about where they're taking things, so I'm kinda just babbling in hopes that I quit dwelling on it. Because I am lame and spend hours (or more than >_> ) worrying about fictional characters in a TV show. Yeah.

And I'm glad I'm so into J2 fandom, because honestly that's close to all I've been reading fic-wise of late. There just seems to be...less Sam/Dean out there lately and a hell of a lot less gen Sam'n'Dean h/c fic. And what h/c fic there is is so often Dean-centric. It's like either people don't like Sam so they don't focus on him or if they're still supporting him are so unsettled by the way things are right now it's affecting their ability to write him/write about him.
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I have rewatched this trailer for the new My Chemical Romance CD so, *so* many times these last few days. I need that song (Art Is A Weapon). Seriously, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. Can't wait for the full video, too--such visual crack. All those brilliant colors and wonderful, freaky, Mad-Maxish bizarreness. Hell, I want the whole CD like woah. But especially that song. Stupid tidbit is stuck in my heeeeead. (And so many phrases I want on SPN icons: "louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny", "the future is bulletproof", "it's time to do it now and do it loud"...yeeeeah). Criminy, I'm such a sucker for that sort of music. My brain is forever a teenager.

Cold is finally going away, though yesterday it finally caught up with me and I crashed hard. Spent the entire day sleeping. Just couldn't stop. It was a good thing Mom'd already offered to do soup for dinner, because I was utterly useless for anything but being a lump on the couch (and also a cat pillow).

My mood is very weird right now, and not in a ha-ha way. And outside, summer keeps trying to hold on. I'm behind on my comments, though fortunately/unfortunately there aren't many. And I've been so freaking bipolar about my writing these last few days it's not even funny (sometimes I think I need a writing therapist, honestly).

and yet another quirk of mine :x )
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So, anyone remember my cooking fail #3245340989 back awhile ago when I reheated chicken in the oven on an airbake pan (the sort that has holes in the bottom), and nearly set my oven on fire because of the grease/oil pooling on the bottom?

Stupid mistake, but you learn, and life goes on, right? RIGHT?

The other night, I made garlic bread. Margarine all over this bread, in the oven, on the airbake pan with holes in the bottom. I had a momentary thought of, oh hey, maybe I should put foil under these but thought naaah, why would I need to. I had no idea that there was enough margarine that it would seep out of the bread slices (admittedly, a hard-crusty sort). But it did, and thus oil on the bottom of the stove, started to burn and smoke, set off the smoke alarm. So yeah, another stupid, but I guess another one of those learning-stupid sorts of things.


After the chicken, I cleaned the bottom of the stove, got all the oil up.

After this garlic bread--I didn't even think to check the oven. Didn't even look. I think I just sort of assumed oh hey, surely there wasn't that much oil there.

Guess what. There was a lot of oil. And it was still there when I went to pre-heat the oven to start cooking dinner a bit ago.

Didn't just smoke, it SMOKED. House was fucking *filled* with smoke. Had to open the front door, patio door, garage door, and get the kitchen ceiling fans on high, and turn on all the box fans to try to blow air toward the open doors. It stinks in here. And now I've got to let the rest burn away (I won't lie--this was probably stupid, too but I have to admit I pulled out oven racks and found a rag I didn't mind trashing, soaked it with hot water, and sopped up the remaining oil best I could.) so I can even attempt to cook, because how awesome will stuff taste when it's seasoned with burning, huh?

But seriously. Why am I so freaking stupid like that? Why do I make so many stupid, brainless mistakes like that. I allegedly have common sense. Now I'm like the 'gifted' kid in the old Far Side cartoon that's shown pushing on the door marked "pull". Good fucking grief. I swear, one of these days I'm going to end up killing us all because I'm a dumbass. : /


Jun. 27th, 2010 11:09 am
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Seriously awesome. Already also available as a standalone program for PC, and I'm eagerly awaiting when the Mac version is ready.

And speaking of flames... >_> I may have nearly set my oven on fire yesterday. I was reheating fried chicken from the grocery store deli, and I got the brilliant, *brilliant* idea that I would do so on one of my airbake-type pans to help crisp it up. The airbake pan with holes in it. Let's do the math...pan with holes, chicken that when reheated puts out a fuckton of oil and grease, gas oven...yeah. Filled the kitchen with a massive amount of smoke, and I have no idea how it didn't set my smoke alarms off. Awesome. I'm such an idiot. (And today I'm trying to 409 off the bottom of the oven over and over, so it's safe to run the self-clean cycle. At least I had the brains not to just go for the self-clean cycle right off, or I think there truly would have been fire involved.)

Off to James' D&D game today. Still wishing I could somehow switch my cleric out for a barbarian... >_>;
Crashed hard a couple hours this evening (last evening? Ah, the brilliance of middle of the night posting...)--right after having a Mountain Dew, not sure how I managed that. Got woken up by a phone call from Anj, dozed more, then was up again, which of course resulted in being awake until the stupid time of now, rather intelligent of me, yes.

This is the most awesome thing: [ profile] acockalypse. This is another most awesome thing:
spoilery Stonehenge Apocalypse gif of awesome )

The reason Anj had called, though, was that the husband and I were supposed to have gone to a movie night at Don's tonight, I guess. Don did his usual not emailing about it until middle of last week, but I didn't see because I don't check my cable ISP email much anymore--only by chance checked it tonight, saw the email at 6:22 when we would have had to leave at 6:30 (not to mention stop at the store for stuff to bring with, plus the whole neither of us were leaving-the-house ready so that would have required time). Sent him a reply that we weren't going to be there and gave him the Yahoo email I actually check. Honestly, if he wanted to do something with just a couple days notice, I wish he'd call, or if he insists on doing so by email, I wish he'd give more warning. That always drives me nuts about him.

Might have also raided [ profile] ysi_leftovers like crazy. Someone had a post with a bunch of Cat Power and Bad Religion albums, and I might have picked up Adam Lambert's two (don't judge me), Kane's plus his EP (hush, I was curious), one of Jem just because, and one of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club since I heard them on a fanmix and wanted more. Also trying some Treetop Flyers, Sean Pinchin, and We Are The Fallen. I know there's a lot on my Amazon mp3 wishlist I need to actually buy, but with the furnance/ac and cat vet bills of late, I'm just, you know. : /
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1. I love it when I forget important things. Argh argh argh. I used to have a brain when I was younger. : /

2. Har.

3. Other fic I liked the past few days:
Year of the Living Dead, Sam/Dean, R, ~7300 words, coda to 5x22
Made me happy ♥
Not Afraid of Dogs, J2, PG-13, 1282 words.
Also for the SPN RPF h/c comment-fic meme at [ profile] spn_hurtcomfort. Gotta support those few hurt/sick!Jared fics, yeah. I have a major soft spot for how protective Jared would be of his dogs. :x
Bottled Up by K Hanna, gen, T, 12,441 words.
New K Hanna fic, and it's long \o/ And hurt!Sam because well yeah, this is me. :| So glad to see she's got more 'zine stories that are finally being released.

4. Going to play some dungeoncrawl board game called Descent with some of the folks I DnD with tomorrow afternoon. I suck at board games. Should be interesting. >_o Then racing home for the usual gang to come over in the evening--and hopefully everyone should be there so we can watch Blues Brothers like we were supposed to last Saturday. (Must not forget other important thing in between those two events!)

5. Been running on about 3 hours of sleep a night this week, can't afford to sleep in tomorrow. Good thing I have all that MDWhiteout now, yeah huh?
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It's funny that the thing I was looking forward to doing most for [ profile] spnland was writing, and ironically, what's the thing I haven't been able to do almost at all since it started? Yeah. Started out okay, but ever since.... Nearly nothing. Wouldn't even call it being blocked or locked up, because that implies there's something there to block or lock up. There's just really nothing in my head, writing-wise. And I'm gonna just laugh at myself for the whole "I wanna be a poet" thing, because yeah. To write as a career, you have to be able to, you know.... There's just no words, not for fan stuff, not for original projects.

Naturally, I actually had one idea for this one challenge due tomorrow (love letter from one character to another), and I was like yay and worked on it, and then realized the rules state it's got to be major, named characters and what I had won't work, not a bit. Sooo yeah. Awesomes. Least there's games there, because that's the only stuff I seem to be able to accomplish. That and voting on things.

I guess I could understand if I were just having trouble with character-focused things, because I'm a pretty lousy fan that just isn't as into secondary characters all that much, and some I'm outright *blah* on. I mean, yeah, I like Bobby and some others, but really if it isn't Sam or Dean (or okay, maybe the Impala), I just don't get too motivated. But there's been plenty of general writing challenges that don't demand certain characters, in which I could have written with Sam and Dean. Yet still no inspiration or success at motivating myself.

Then lately when I see everyone talking about their big bang projects, I get the little thought in my head of "Next year I'll try that!". Hey, self? Yeah. This is me pointing and laughing at you. LoooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooool. Pull the other one, it's got bells on. Dumbass.

At least I can accomplish things in WoW (Nin to 72, Sampala to 17), that's worth something right? Right? Yeah, didn't think so. :|
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I wonder, has anyone done a fanvid for SPN to Lady Gaga's Boys Boys Boys?

If not, why not? :B

Boys boys boys
We like boys in cars
Boys boys boys
Buy us drinks in bars
Boys boys boys
With hairspray and denim
Boys boys boys
We love them!
We love them!


Apr. 4th, 2010 02:11 am
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About a year and a half ago, my previous dentist noted my top two front teeth were rather worn down and added some sort of substance to build up their edges--to stop the wearing, protect the inner tooth, and so on. Realized this morning that the right top front tooth where that polymer was added has chipped. Along the right two-thirds, about a millimeter of the bottom edge just is gone and it's all rough and a bit sensitive. Lovely. Will have to get into the dentist and see what needs to be done to fix it. And I would really like if whatever gets done doesn't just chip away *for no freaking reason argh* and actually lasts. Seriously, it happened just after I woke up I think--on its own, I wasn't eating or biting or chewing anything. Do I grind my teeth in my sleep or something (and if so, wouldn't that cause problems with the side/back teeth, not the top front incisors?) Crapsticks.

Got Wynnchester to 40 (yay) and thus got the paladin charger mount, and extra w00t for finally getting to use plate armor. Also dual specced and muddled through starting a prot spec and figuring out blessings/seals/glyphs/judging/rotation for it. Still not interested in instance tanking (sorry, Kas :| ♥ ), but am digging the idea of fun with prot leveling. And for some reason since Wynn is my girl!Sam toon, I sort of ponder when bloodelves can be warriors come the Cataclysm xpac doing a girl!Dean warrior maybe instead of a male toon. Not sure what I'd call her though--Deanna is already in use (also not sure I like the look of Deana, hate Dee, and Deano is just no :p )

More 5.16 tags that are ♥:
Recycled Air, Sam/Dean, R, 2400 words
Heaven Without You by Mousme, gen, T, 7482
omg a hurt!Sam coda *squeewibbles* I'm sorry :| I have a thing. :|
Perspective by sUnKiSsT, gen, K, 345 words

I saw a post of Dean/Castiel or Dean & Castiel 5.16 tags at the sawedoff_recs comm, so I'm really hoping they also do a Dean & Sam and Sam/Dean 5.16 coda recs post as well. But sort of trying to compile a list of my own just in case they don't.

Special idiot moron moment of the day: went to finally transfer my druid from Bronzebeard (with plans of faction switching from nightelf to tauren)...and moved her to Hellscream instead of Eldre'Thalas. I do not know why I had such a moment of moron dumbassness. So I took advantage of the fuckup to make sure all my alts there learned the Murky pet (since I sent the old 2005 Blizzcon murloc egg with her that had been originally on Sasu, after of course making sure all my Bronzebeard toons learned the pet). Now I have to wait three days before I can then transfer her to Eldre'Thalas--way to waste 25$ by screwing up, self.


Feb. 9th, 2010 10:51 am
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Whooooo thought it'd be a good idea to stay up until 5:20am reading fic when having to be up at 6? \o/ \o/ \o/ A winner is so me. Oh, self, your utter brilliance overwhelms. I hate when I get manic-y. (And why are you so weak for wingfic, self, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy...) Napped as the husband got ready for work, after dropping him off at work/before dropping off Mom at the outpatient place for the carpal tunnel surgery, and will probably nap a little more shortly. Do I know how to completely waste a day, or what? : /

It is stupid cold outside, with stupid wind chills. Stuuuuuuuuuupid.
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Nearly had to do a 10man raid since the guild was looking short of people. Then they had extra folks log in, and they were all "Are you sure you're okay with sitting out?" and I was like "OMFG YES I MUST GO WATCH SUPERNATURAL!" Anyway. :| Shooooooooooow ♥♥♥

5.13 )
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Please to be getting out of my head, ASW. It's sorta creepy when you do that.

I have 8 books on my desk, and I am managing to read none of them. Have been failing to get motivated on reading anything for like the last month, save for fanfiction. What the hell, self?
"Arctic front takes aim"
Two blurbs on that page:
Monday's low of 20 degrees below zero was the coldest Omaha has seen since 1996, when temperatures dropped to 23 below zero in February. Since 1935, there have been only eight other winters when the mercury dropped that low.

With 5 to 7 inches of snow expected this week ... and more expected this winter, Omaha could land in the top 10 for:
•Total snow on the ground. Based on records dating to 1947, the most snow on the ground in Omaha over a winter was 27 inches in 1959-1960. Already some 17 inches are on the ground.
•Longest period with snow-covered ground. Based on records, the longest stretch is 92 days in 1974-75. As of Wednesday morning, Omaha has gone 32 days.

Our "high" temp on Friday is going to be a negative number. Asdfsdkjfskf. Everything this season is just testing my belief that I like winter. Also, where the hell are we going to shovel 5-7 more inches. Everywhere along the driveway and sidewalks are fucking drifts from previous snows and previous shovellings already. Fffffffffff. Now I want fic where Sam and Dean are trapped in a cabin and it just keeps snowing over and over and over and they have similar trouble with shoveling out over and over and running out of room to put it. But they have a lot of sex so it's okay. :|

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