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  • am an incredible klutz today. at one point spilled food all over myself and the floor, then later bobbled a drink can and splattered myself (and my keyboard a little asrfddskjfk)
  • i don't use twitter. i just don't. but @jarpad is now one of my permanently open tabs (along with LJ, my email, my tumblr dash, and my tumblr messages)
  • blended together fresh rasberries, fresh strawberries, some greek yogurt, and a little pomegranate juice, and am using little molds from the grocery store to make frozen fruit bars
  • added some ice to the leftovers and had a rather awesome fruit smoothie type thing--served out of a glass that looks like a toxic waste barrel, with a bendy straw. because that's how it should be
  • have to go out this evening to buy that new entertainment center thing we need. i haaaaaate furniture shopping. hopefully it won't take long


May. 28th, 2011 05:06 pm
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Busy, letting things get by me lately. ^^; I keep meaning to post for-real stuff, but wah, I am distractable.  But to sum up--got over the cold, vet bill since Crystal-cat needed her yearly vaccines/bloodwork (still doing oddly well at 23+, but needed yet another med, this one to aid liver function), clogged kitchen sink that turned into an $800 plumbling repair, monster chiller horror headache that ranks among my top 5, and my yearly visit to my allergist in which I didn't make it into a drug trial but did get switched to a new antihistimine (awesome, because Singulair obviously has done jack squat for me this past year.). I think that's most everything. o_O  Going to be doing dinner with my Dad/stepmother this week. And oh, my brother had one of his short stories from his MFA published in an online journal, which is pretty fucking amazing, imo.

Also, a belated thank you thank you to [livejournal.com profile] cackling_madly for the virtual jellybeans :D *hugs*

Uuuugh, I have to renew my drivers license in the next couple months. Pain in the aaaaaaaaaaass. >P


Apr. 24th, 2011 11:56 pm
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Guild name seen in WoW: <Seven Inches Unbuffed> Oh, eyeroll. Thirteen-year-old boys, unite. :p

Speaking of WoW, I have...been slightly immersed lately. Finally working on another Horde rogue alt, at last finally one I'm happy with and won't end up deleting for annoyance at appearance (or because of server transferring). Am very much enjoying seeing the post-Cataclysm old world zones finally, as I've wanted to do since the xpac began--interesting to see the visual changes, but also the alterations in quest design. Very much liking so far. But the one thing I really dig about the rogue class, is that no matter what changes, I have no problem understanding and playing the combat spec--something that isn't true for any other class I play. Oddly enough, despite female bloodelves not being my favorite to play, the alt is yet another one of them (my third). Because I am a lame weirdo, in my mind she's sort of a fem!Jared in look, named Samaara because of well, yeah (Samarra was taken, but I like this other spelling better now anyway).

Finally got the Stood In The Fire achievement, but of course on Samaara and not on Akseru like I really wanted. :p But it was neat to see--everything goes cherry KoolAid red, the sky goes black, then half a minute later, bam, everything and everyone's fried by the dragon's fire. That means players, game NPCs, monsters, critters, everything in the area. XD Good times.

Today there was Easter candy, woo hoo \o/ Made deviled eggs (which were awesome, tyvm), and a ham/fresh asparagus/hashbrown casserole that included a rather nice red pepper havarti cheese. And in other food news, Late Night Snack is ZOMFG amazing. I have been remiss in not trying Americone Dream, though, and will be doing so next (pint's already in the freezer \:D/ )

Bah, so need to switch out some icons.
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So recently I bought eggs from the little farmer's market I go to (Tomato Tomäto)--the vendor was Honey Creek Farms from a nearby little town in Iowa. No hormones or medications, free range, has the date the eggs are packed written on the carton. I'm unfortunately slow at getting through stuff like eggs, so though I'd bought them close to the package date of 4/1, just tried them today. But even so, holy freaking cats, freshest I've ever had in my entire life. *__* I'm never buying grocery store eggs ever, ever again.  The yolks were the deepest yellow I've seen--practically orange. It reminds me of when my friend Anj went to visit extended family in the Czech Republic, how fresh and quality the food was in their town. Those things were pricey, I won't lie, but ohman, so good. And supporting local vendors is always a plus.

Almost the time of year where the farmer's markets start up downtown and other spots around town on Saturday mornings. I really need to get in the habit of getting my butt ready early and taking Mom and myself there. There'd be even more offerings than that indoor place, and worth dealing with the hassle of crowds of people (I say this because I have to remind myself of it >_>; Eff people, heh.)

Anyway. Blah blah blah. Husband's off at Ampguard (starting doing that again suddenly a couple weeks ago after seeming to not care about it for years) so some WoW time before meeting the gals for dinner out later for Kelly's birthday. Going to visit the other fancy cupcake bakery place in town after \o/ (Jones Bros. hnnnnnnnnnnngh♥).  Because I'm a dork, I keep thinking about how freaking *good* Sam Winchester looked in last night's episode. You go, Jared!♥

Ohmygod, I just looked at the cupcake menu from that place. I WANT ONE OF EVERYTHING. O____O (And holy handgrenades, do I need to visit every day of the week somehow.)
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Tangled? Awesome♥ Friend Kelly asked to borrow my 1st season SPN DVDs. Even more awesome. Which makes how I'm so stupidly melancholy today even more incomprehensible >_< Ffffffffff, I still haven't gotten around to buying the DVDs of Totoro or Whispers of the Heart. Why do I never remember this until I need them most?

Guild finally got heroic Chimaeron down. Finally, finally, finally.



pale moon shimmers on
a black metal pond:
wherever we drive
our midnight sky is with us


Mar. 4th, 2011 01:41 pm
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unpopular opinions ahoy )

In other news, omfg almond milk. Best food ever ♥ Especially on this best granola ever I got at the farmer's market (cranberry & pecan, om nom nom).


Feb. 7th, 2011 10:08 pm
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Fri: mood actually up
Sat/Sun until 6:30ish: mood decent
Sun 6:30-730: mood crash (insert sound of airplane crashing/exploding here)

No reason. Just happened, hard and fast. Is like that sometimes. Practically like a switch being flipped. And seems to have taken every bit of physical and mental energy with. Swear my 'personal space bubble' increased to like a 20ft radius, didn't even log into WoW last night, and tonight about begged to sit out of raid. Such a withdrawn, mopey bastard--self, you are awesome. Perhaps is hormonal. Pretty Much Sucks. :p

Anyway. Blah blah blah. Took Mom to Trader Joes this aft, though, so I'm not totally a useless lump \o/


Dec. 29th, 2010 04:08 pm
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Happy birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] wutendeskind and [livejournal.com profile] dahliablue!

Car is back from being repaired as of last evening, rental has been returned. I'm gonna have to get used to a manual transmission again. >_o Also, finally got word about the other person's insurance--they're only accepting 70% responsibility because, despite that their person ran a flashing red light and hit my husband when he was driving, they claimed it 30% his responsibility that he didn't reduce speed for his flashing yellow. Which I guess is technically what you're supposed to do? I guess? Except *no one does*, and it doesn't excuse that their person *ran the red* and if the husband had happened to slow down, she would have hit him worse. What the fuck. \o/ I dunno. Insurances are soulless bastards (no offense, robo!Sam). Anyway, so we get paid back for 70% of our deductible and rental car costs, which is good, I guess. Though we're hoping that USAA doesn't ding us for that 30% bit on our record when that's a technicality and meaningless considering he got hit by her and would still have.

Massive monster headache yesterday afternoon, which is finally gone but for some reason my allergies and asthma are kicking off today and I keep coughing. Oy. Have health insurance issues on my mind very much--have two months left because of the COBRA thing from my last job, but they're switching providers, so I have to go through getting new info and cards just in time to have to switch again. In either case, I'll be losing vision and dental insurance, but I can make my glasses last more and just pay for those when the time comes (will need to learn to go to a real optometrist, but maybe get the glasses from a mall place), and dental I think I'll do okay since I still pretty much only need cleaning twice a year ever. I need to contact the BCBS person for current info again, since application I have is for this year's rates. (I procrastinated, yes :/ Was just easier to keep the COBRA thing going, despite its cost. Yeah, I know my way of thinking/avoiding doesn't make sense.) It's just sort of interesting to note that none of the plans offered offer any sort of mental health coverage--way to go, USA. Nice to see that we continue to refuse to acknowledge that mental health *affects* physical health.

Despite my whining, WoW stuff is going pretty well, actually. We haven't yet raided again, but I think when we do we'll do better because more people have gotten to the recommended gear level. Just concerned about how a RL friend has pretty much given up when faced with doing poorly post-changes to his class (and being a RL friend, I feel kind of stuck in the middle, and also unable to be honest with him that I think he's the one mostly in the wrong for not doing what's needed to adapt and adjust). Plus the situation with the one guy being a dick, who I keep hoping will just leave (since he's coming up with reasons why it's my fault that are blatantly incorrect, and since he's not even addressing that any of that doesn't excuse his behavior towards me or our GM, therefore it's doubtful we can expect any remorse or change from him). But really, playing itself is fun, even if the new stuff doesn't have that epic, vast, wild frontier feeling that the Northrend zones and quests had.

Yesterday, I managed to be productive; today, not so much. Need to make sure I Get Things Done tomorrow.

Not that I've seen it (on my to-watch list), but the new Tron soundtrack is pretty neat.
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Still alive o/ Apologies for being kind of absent of late, but you know *hand wave*. Mood, hidey from holiday stress, then busy with family stuffs, same old. ♥ to those that left holiday wishes on my last post, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lady_eilthana for the v-gift :D ♥

Kept it really quiet Christmas Eve, for the most part. Had managed to finish all holiday prep (though the husband's idea of holiday prep seems to be toss things together at the last minute, rather than my stress about it for over a month, yet we both get stuff done about the same time. Hum.). Person in my guild continued to be the cause of ~issues~ so I played on unguilded alts that day to not have to deal with him (the situation is currently being dealt with), and thus finally got to see all the goblin and worgen starting areas and storylines. Won't be doing anything more with the one worgen alt, but I like my goblin priest (aiming to go shadow, of course), and she's kind of cute--named her Akathisia. I stumbled across the word recently on Wikipedia and it is strangely awesome.

Christmas we spent the afternoon with extended family at my cousin's place in Lincoln. Tons and tons of food--between that and our own holiday candy, have been overdosing on sugar for days now. Dad's still dealing with a lot of pain from his shoulder surgery awhile back (he was manic from the pain meds Christmas Eve evening when we were at his and my stepmother's place for gifts), and now it's worse because he took a fall on the ice while walking up the street to my cousin's place. He landed on the plastic cooler he was carrying under one arm and had to be taken to the ER where they found he'd cracked a rib. So he's on even more pain meds now, but still in a lot of pain. It really rattled my cousin (though her wife was just stellar at taking care of my Dad and getting him driven over to the Emergicare place, staying with them while they waited) and my aunt. Said aunt is doing well, all things considered (continuing chemo and such), and ended up weepy for another reason when her adopted daughter's longtime boyfriend called and asked my aunt permission to marry her. It sort of felt like some sort of Lifetime sitcom. :p (Though it's better than Mom's side of the family, who, while there's the "normal" ones, the "not normal" ones have become even more freakish and facepalmingly Jerry Springer recently).

Christmas evening was just Mom, the husband, and I back at home doing our gifts and decompressing from a day of omg-too-many-people. From friends I got a book and a 20-sided die that flashes when it rolls 20 (they gave the same to James, unfortunate since I'd gotten him the same thing :p ), got a couple of frames Mom did up with more cat photo collages to go with the ones she'd already hung up in the kitchen, some poetry compilations, holiday-themed socks, and a few cookbooks from another aunt. James gave me a gift card for the iTunes store and a new keyboard, which even though it's just another standard Apple keyboard is so YAY. Had been so frustrated at how bad some of the keys were sticking where that old drink spill had gotten worse again. Also got a little geeky card game, cocoa, and tons of candy. Another friend gave the husband and I both the WoW Li'l Ragnaros pet for in-game, though we still need to activate the codes for that. Got given the Sam & Max games off Steam as well as getting called Christmas Day by Aaron, too, which was way cool even if I eventually had to rush off, and I'm so going to have fun poking at the games (ty again :) ).

Sunday was D&D, the husband's alt game, in which my barbarian missed nearly every will save roll (he's got a mighty 1 in it currently), and the module's encounters demanded a freaking *ton* of said rolls. Lost count of the numbers of times he was stunned or feared (including the one where he ran away and then back for a total of six rounds :| ) The rest of the week should be quiet-ish, though several friends are coming over Friday evening for our gift exchange, and I'll do dinner for them (all easy stuff, though, just heat-up type things). Then Saturday another friend will have us over all afternoon/evening for a very-extended New Year's movie "night", followed by the other D&D game next Sunday.

Other than that, have tabs of fic open that I'm hoping to get to soon, and am still trying to decide if I'm ever going to get caught up on the comments I've procrastinated on since November. :B We shall see. Anyway, HI. Glad to see people have been having decent holidays ♥
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The tub drain plug/lever thing's being replaced, about 150$ as I expected. Less expected was the discovery that the pipe leading away from the bathtub drain has become frighteningly corroded this past year, and absolutely requires replacing of said segment, for another 500$. D:, *facepalm*, arghlwarghl, etc., and so on.

After last week's hormone-induced anxiety and then massive anger, I've meandered through a more typical low mood and then back to holy crap anxiety. :x Hence a panicky bout of Doing Things of a RL and holiday nature. At least that means the bills and present-wrapping are caught up on (only bits left are the last couple things yet to arrive). Have started planning my must-do list of things for January, including insurance and house-related issues. I guess this is the sort of thing I am good for now, but it means contacting people, which yeah, not my best skill.

foolish WoW fretting )

Jojo, I swear that beta will happen tomorrow, I mean it this time. :( It'll be my first thing on the list this time, I promise.
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*Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] purequicksilver! ♥

*Thanks, Anna and Jojo, for the v-gifts! ♥ & *hugs* to you two

*Guh. Should not be so tired from just two errands and two stores for groceries. (Am better, honestly, just the lingering cough is a bit annoying.)

*Wowowow )

*Mood's so weird right now. Got asked an uncomfortable question that I just can't answer without spotlighting how much how much of a failure I am. I hate looking bad to people, especially those I really like--but it's my own fault, isn't it? Just have gotten more and more down thinking about it. Yet at the store, even when I was running out of energy so badly, the music I was hearing made me sort of want to dance around. Self, what, just what. (Also, totally fangirled at Mom when I heard Little Lion Man on the radio again. Sort of amuses me that they refer to it as new, when I first got ahold of an mp3 in October of last year from the EP and the CD version in May. Ah, radio.)

*To balance the emo, cute! http://icanhascheezburger.com/2010/12/08/funny-pictures-well-heres-your-problem/ Kitty! \o/

P.S. Still not managing to reply to the last couple weeks of comments. -__- Nearly at 3 weeks worth? I'm so awesome at being a friend, asdfsdfkjf. :/ Sorry (again).
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Yeah, still sick. But improving, I promise. This thing seriously kicked my ass, and I'm unfortunately used to how colds treat me. Least I don't feel like I need a dr/antibiotics anymore, just normal-cold cruddy. No energy though, which really gets aggravating. A good night of sleep would help, but just can't seem to thanks to waking myself up contantly coughing--either getting up for cough syrup/drops keeps me up for awhile or if it's past 5am, I might as well just get up, you know? But a few hours a night is gettin' a mite old. ^^;

UGH, need a new keyboard. Long time ago, I'd had a spill that'd gummed up a few keys--they got kinda-sorta better, but then recently have out of the blue gummed up even *worse*, and my 6-7-8 are darned near non-functional. Guess I know what my Christmas money from Dad will go toward.

OMFG WOW: CATACLYSM TONIGHT \o/!!! Shows how out of it I am--I kept thinking when I heard midnight release 12-7, that meant midnight Tuesday. No, Beavis, you dumbass, that means Monday midnight. Oy. I seriously only realized this *last night*.

For some reason, realizing Cata comes out tonight instead of tomorrow night started me on some sort of anxiety-cascade, and thus massive insomnia before the coughing problem even factored in. >_< Aasfsdkjfk. I'm just so behind on basic house stuff, and thought I was okay on holiday things but now feel hugely behind. And I'd wanted to do cards for people, but honestly that's not going to happen. :/ So I really love all those that have posted entries saying to leave an address for a Christmas/holiday card, but I feel really weird taking and not giving. Bad enough I've left prompts for comment-fic when I'm not going to have anything to offer.

Was supposed to go to the husband's work holiday dinner tonight, but highly likely not doing so. And of course, had planned on waiting at Gamestop this evening for the midnight release, but that's probably not a good idea. :/ The husband is willing to do it, which is cool, since he's not one for standing out in crowds and usually I'm the weirdo that does that sort of thing. (Unfortunately it does mean standing out in the cold again >_< Which is why I definitely can't do it.)

PS REGARDING A CERTAIN TV GUIDE COVER WOOOOOO HELL YEAH FANDOM :D :D :D Holy cats, for the first time in like a decade I actually give a shit about buying a TV Guide. XD;
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Sudden, inexplicable, out-of-the-blue urge to hear that song again. Still makes me all teary ♥ I need to watch that movie again sometime soon. And I need to get the urge to write a J2-Anastasia AU *out* of my head, because I so need to start work on my [livejournal.com profile] j2_everafter Castle In The Sky AU like pronto and not get distracted by anything else. :x

Show tonight! \o/

Almost two weeks behind on comments and email D: D: D: Afdsfkjf so sorry T___T

Also...peppermint sandwich cookies, peppermint cocoa, peppermint spray-whipped-cream...is there such a thing as too much peppermint? >_> (Answer: No :B ) (PS Don't ask about the peppermint ice cream up in the freezer. :| And the peppermint mocha ice cream up there is my Mom's fault.) (PPS Peppermint is also way, way, way better than cough drop flavor. So tired of medicinal cherry-menthol >:pp )

ETA: OH RIGHT. ALSO. The radio station I listen to (http://897theriver.com/) played Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man this morning and that is the BEST THING EVER \o/ Never thought since discovering the group last year that such a thing would happen ♥ Also, Mom is awesome for still considering Muse's Resistance as her favorite song and bugging me to send her a link for the YouTube video of it :3

the usual

Nov. 24th, 2010 12:09 pm
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Despite sinus meds, horrible allergy attack kept me up most of the night, since laying down was a bad thing. Still yuck today. More meds and sleep sound dandy.

Got my mininano/wrisomifu out of the way at least. More pointless J2 schmoo. Can't seem to come up with the energy to think of much else lately. Yay, so uncreative. \o/

more twenty-somethings )
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Eh. Half-assing the mininano/wrisomifu thing again today, because I suck with words. I like how I had this grand idea that I'd give it my all and start developing all these ideas (the superhero au, plus several others I haven't even tried to start--a cyberpunkish j2 AU, a s/d dragon/wingfic thing, a s/d Mage: the Ascension-ish sort of AU), but really other than a few days of actual inspiration and energy, I'm mostly just tossing out crap to just get it done and out of the way. So it's developing a habit, sort of, but is it a *good* or useful habit?

Would help if I weren't doing the insomnia-but-not-let-myself-sleep-in thing lately. Few hours a night followed by being kinda zombieish during the day isn't leading to being productive, much less a pleasant person for the husband and mother to deal with.

someday I want to do a j2 college au )

P.S. http://memebase.com/2010/11/10/comixed-csi-the-final-frontier/


Nov. 2nd, 2010 03:52 pm
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Background/history/world-building, I dunno. Not very interesting/good, but at least it's something.

more for the superhero au )


Oct. 12th, 2010 12:34 pm
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Ohyeah, got tagged for a meme (hi [livejournal.com profile] theron09 :) ), which like never happens, so--

What's your favorite season?
Fall fall fall fall fall ♥

What's the latest movie you watched?
My rewatching of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Am really, really fail at seeing stuff in theaters anymore (I think the last thing was IronMan 2?), mostly wait for them to come out on DVD, and for one of my friends to share. I am lazy and cheap. :/

What is/are your favorite song(s) at the moment?
MCR - Na Na Na, most of the new Linkin Park CD, Jimmy Eat World - My Best Theory, Civil Twilight - Letters From The Sky

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Supernatural and World of Warcraft

What's your favorite musical instrument?
Electric guitar, piano

What web sites do you always visit when you're online?
LJ, Yahoo mail, a couple ff.net communities (Limp Sam and Sam Winchester), wokentoosoon.com, a bunch of webcomics

What was the last thing you bought?
Food and stuff for the cats from the vet

If you won 10.000 buck today, what would you do with it?
Put most of it in savings, but maybe a PS3 and a sushi dinner, too.

What's your favorite thing to do during your free time?
reading fanfic, web surfing, WoW

What's the last thing that made you cry?
Hormones. Friday/Saturday sucked ass. Just kept crying for no reason at all, very stupid.

Do you want to learn another language?
I like learning languages, but fail utterly at retaining them. I've had a little German, Russian, and Japanese, but don't recall almost anything. But for some reason, I'd kind of like to learn Latin.

Five things you can't live without?
my computer, the internet, music, imagination, you guys and my WoW friends

I guess I was supposed to replace a question if I didn't like any, but eh, didn't feel like it. Also, said to tag 11 people, but not gonna do that either. Lazy. ¬_¬ In other non-news, massive patch day today in WoW, the start of all the tons of changes in preparation for the Cataclysm xpac. Omg changes *flailpanic*

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