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I love seeing a fic recced for something like hcbingo at a major rec community, and the fic is entirely hurt and no comfort. I would think if I were reccing it as a feature of something like say, hcbingo, I'd make sure I not only liked the writing, but that it you know, actually *FIT* the h/c theme.  People in this fandom are so stupid about h/c sometimes. They love to hurt, oh how they love to hurt...but then it's like 'okay, I'm done now' after they do the hurting.  Sorry, it's not hbingo or hurtbingo. FFS. I'm not complaining about the hurting being done, or those who write outright torture--to each their own. Just the blatant misunderstanding, mislabeling, and misrepresentation of the trope, and the fact that *SO* many seem to neglect the c in h/c. Anyway, rant off.

Also, I HAVE POST NO-MORE-SHERLOCK-TO-WATCH STRESS DISORDER. D: Asdfasdfkjsdfksdjkjfk WANT MOOOOOORE. I want season 2 NOOOOOOOW. T____T My response to the...ending was thus, as well as the last paragraph and tags here. Fffffffffffffffffffffffff, I want to rewatch it already. And I am reading so much fic that [livejournal.com profile] paxlux is reccing to me. So much fic \o/ (PS. FIC RECS, ANYONE? I already know I need to dig through [livejournal.com profile] mistyzeo 's old fic recs as well as her fics themselves :o ) It is odd that I was never much one for the books, enjoyed the movie but didn't go flailing fangirl over it--but the BBC series? All I can do is capslock and keymash.  Something about modern era and the acting and that chemistry between them and Cumberbatch's voice and the marvelous cinematography and just UNF. 

PS I want the background music for Sherlock, and the open/end credits themes. D: And I WANT HIS COAT SO WHARRGARBL BADLY. Too bad it's no longer being made, and even when it was, cost over $2000. WOE.
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  • Car is fixed, and it was a simple, cheap repair \o/ Turns out the first repair actually had solved the problem (ie spark plugs, wires), but spark plugs have the same problem as computer parts like RAM: sometimes new ones are simply bad, and they fail spectacularly very quickly. Which is what happened with one of our new spark plugs; replaced, all is well, though the mechanic noted our muffler is going bad. Not surprising considering the age of the vehicle. At least that's something we can get done without it being an ~emergency~.
  • Have downloaded Community s2, but haven't started watching yet
  • Have downloaded the three episodes of BBC Sherlock and OH MY FUCKING GOD WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO WATCH THIS \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ \o/ ♥ Watched the first episode last night, and I am besotted. *___* I love everything even down to the music, and when Benedict Cumberbatch first spoke I flailed and went all asdfsdkfjsdfsdkfjk because holy shit his voice *____*  I um, may be reading a little fic today, and have a tiny minor Sherlock/John thing, though I am fabulously fascinated by what people might write just in a gen sense or that which would explore this interesting friendship that's started and *_____* Eeee.
  • I'm definitely still Supernatural/Wincest/J2 uber alles, but man, it's so nice to have a little something else I'm wanting to read as well. It's been *so long* since I've had something like that.
  • Ugh, made cocoa with some leftover cream and it was too rich and way too sweet, urgh. :p Milk chocolate, bleh, why do you always disappoint me (and next time I put marshmallows in cocoa, I'm toasting them over an oven burner flame first).
  • Yes, I know I was making cocoa in June. The pursuit of chocolate knows no time or seasonal restrictions.
  • P.S. I want Sherlock's coat. I want his coat. I WANT HIS COOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAT.


Jun. 17th, 2011 09:07 am
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Also: Car is definitely not fixed, and now is chugging/hesitating so badly, acceleration is problematic. Goes to a different shop Tuesday, am crossing fingers it makes it until then.

And: stopped for comfort donuts on my way back from the vet's, and counter employee translated chocolate with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles to mean vanilla donut with white frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Allrighty then.
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I want. Post-wisdom teeth removal J2 H/C fic SO BADLY right now. SO. BADLY. Asdfasdfdskjk.
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To a certain someone: I got mail. \o/

Oh, and also:
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...but then I was a bad person and read this instead and goddang, insta-rec.

Winter by [livejournal.com profile] destina ; Sam/Dean, R, 23,270 words
Summary: On a snowy, wooded mountain in 1992, John Winchester turned a ramshackle cabin into a refuge for his boys and taught them how to survive. Sixteen years later, as Dean's deal with the crossroads demon comes due, Sam leads his brother back to the safety of that isolated training ground. Haunted by memories of the past and sudden visions of a hellish future, Sam makes a choice to embrace his powers and set a different fate in motion. As storms descend on the mountain, Sam and Dean grow closer, and Sam grows stronger...but the clock is ticking.

Ohhhh, so good. Swear I didn't so much read as devour. I already love destina's writing, but I'm pretty danged sure this one will remain one of my big bang favorites this year even after they're all posted.
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  • am an incredible klutz today. at one point spilled food all over myself and the floor, then later bobbled a drink can and splattered myself (and my keyboard a little asrfddskjfk)
  • i don't use twitter. i just don't. but @jarpad is now one of my permanently open tabs (along with LJ, my email, my tumblr dash, and my tumblr messages)
  • blended together fresh rasberries, fresh strawberries, some greek yogurt, and a little pomegranate juice, and am using little molds from the grocery store to make frozen fruit bars
  • added some ice to the leftovers and had a rather awesome fruit smoothie type thing--served out of a glass that looks like a toxic waste barrel, with a bendy straw. because that's how it should be
  • have to go out this evening to buy that new entertainment center thing we need. i haaaaaate furniture shopping. hopefully it won't take long


Jun. 2nd, 2011 05:28 pm
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YES Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] paxlux,I can finally see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World :D Plus music and a season of Archer and :D :D :D My weekend is set \o/ Except for having to go out to buy a new entertainment center unit that will allow for our new TV (37" flat upgrading from the 27" ancient picture tube one that was dying) and D&D Sunday but I DON'T CARE \o/ because I have awesomefun things to watch and listen to otherwise :3


(And in other news, let's see if I can make bacon without screwing it up for once tonight.)
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Wishbone by [livejournal.com profile] paxlux ; Sam/Dean, R, 4350 words, post s6/AUish
Domestic future fic *______* But in a way that's so very Winchesters in every tiny detail, and that suits the boys so very well. There's a bar, the best juke box ever, a wishbone or two, and an ending that made me freaking sparkle honest to god ♥ I just, I want them to have this sort of life together so much I can't even begin to tell you. I guarandamntee I'll be rereading this one with frequency.
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Sunday morning,
just past 6
or 7
road dust on your shoes
creeping up your
pant legs
and you smell
like you've been rolling in a bonfire.
Some days
you think you sweat
charcoal lighter fluid.

(There's always salt on your
Some days
you think when you snap your fingers
you'll spark fire
At least then
you won't have to
carry all that with you anymore.)

Cleaning your tools of the trade
the plowshares
you both beat back into
gravel grinds
beneath your feet
as your stance shifts with the motions
(Your stance was steady
last night--
mountain wide, redwood tall,
you've grown up
solid as you
dreamed you'd be.)

Hum a song
you know he hates.
He whistles while he works
(some ancient tune you can't stand)
rebuilding guns
like Jenga puzzles
(take out the
but they don't fall down)
You're a discordant harmony.

Funny how it sounds
just fine
to you.

The world slams shut
hollow metal whomp
but everything you orbit is still
right here
He stands next to you;  you're taller
but he always plants himself as your
Shoulder pressed to shoulder
hip to hip
There's the bump of knees;
there's the kick of his boot
against yours.
You kick him back.

Sunrise spreads flames
across the sky
like wildfire
It's dawn, and you smell like


May. 28th, 2011 05:06 pm
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Busy, letting things get by me lately. ^^; I keep meaning to post for-real stuff, but wah, I am distractable.  But to sum up--got over the cold, vet bill since Crystal-cat needed her yearly vaccines/bloodwork (still doing oddly well at 23+, but needed yet another med, this one to aid liver function), clogged kitchen sink that turned into an $800 plumbling repair, monster chiller horror headache that ranks among my top 5, and my yearly visit to my allergist in which I didn't make it into a drug trial but did get switched to a new antihistimine (awesome, because Singulair obviously has done jack squat for me this past year.). I think that's most everything. o_O  Going to be doing dinner with my Dad/stepmother this week. And oh, my brother had one of his short stories from his MFA published in an online journal, which is pretty fucking amazing, imo.

Also, a belated thank you thank you to [livejournal.com profile] cackling_madly for the virtual jellybeans :D *hugs*

Uuuugh, I have to renew my drivers license in the next couple months. Pain in the aaaaaaaaaaass. >P

Mary, Mary

May. 24th, 2011 02:23 pm
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Oral Tradition

My mother is a fairy tale
a fable that never happened
She's the story no one will tell me
so I whisper her to myself in the dark
until I fall asleep.

My mother is a folklore of blood and fire
an interdiction teaching me what lurks in my shadows
so I can be a moral lesson to others
when I do wrong.

She is no happy ending
happily never after;
we her sons are brothers, grim.

(dvad 5-24-11)

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*So many thank yous to [livejournal.com profile] zuben_eschamali for the virtual Jelly Beans :D That is so absolutely cute, and tickles me greatly. ♥ *hugs*!

*Managed to make it two whole months before I got another cold. ^^; My immune system is full of failings. Horribly queasy earlier today, not sure if it's related. Attempted soup for dinner (dry toast at lunch was so bleh :x but did help settle things).

*Guild got a first kill on Heroic Magmaw the other night. Peeked in on Heroic Omnitron and that fight looks...interesting, in which interesting translates to 'a pain in the butt'. Wondering how far we'll progress before Firelands goes live (it'll be awhile, I'm sure, since there was just a major patch, just pondering since it is on the horizon.)

*[livejournal.com profile] paxlux is my squishy ♥ And [livejournal.com profile] silverraven is a lovely, wonderful person. ^____^

*Community. Community. I just. This shoooooow. \o/ Still working on 1st season, but still. I honestly don't feel the pull to read fic, but I'm adoring the show and love the graphics and gifs I'm seeing. Reminds me how I was with Avatar: The Last Airbender, where I fanned the show simply in and of itself. And amazing how something some label as just a comedy could hit me with a quote that truly rocked me--see the tumblr post I made after seeing the s1 episode, Beginning Pottery, this afternoon (beware the rest of my tumblr, though, there are some SPN spoilers there).

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Ugh, we have to turn on the air conditioner already, nooooo >_< It's supposed be just about 90F for the next three days, and already it's 79F inside the house despite it being still 70s outside because of how warm it was yesterday. And it's starting to get humid, which makes it feel sticky even with fans running. Yuuuuuuck. Nooo, Nebraska, this is the opposite of what I wanteeeeeed DX
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Happy Mother's Day to all those on my flist who are or who fill the role ♥ Took Mom out to the Cheesecake Factory at lunch to celebrate, also sent her someecards from us and from the cats (because I am weird that way).

Too much food, though, ugh. Huge meal there today, following a huge meal last night (at a really nice steak/seafood place down on Omaha's riverfront) when the husband and I did dinner out for an anniversary-a-day-late thing. To be honest, I really do eat too much usually--but even for me, ugh, so damned much food. Very much feel like I need to be comatose. -__-

I swear, though, was fine today until about 2pm, then my mood went to crap for no reason. So stupidly grumpy now. Doesn't help that a certain website is being broken again (no, shockingly I'm not referring to this one).

Planted two catnip plants between the front walk and the house yesterday. Hoping we can keep them alive and that they'll grow and spread nicely, fill in that sparse area. Seemed a good plant to do, especially considering we and every freaking friend we have owns cats.

Grump, grump, grump.
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like teeth by [info]paxlux
Sam/Dean, R, 6318 words
So, I'm not very into vampire AU fic, I mean I'll read it, but it's not the sort that really gets me geeking out. But werewolf fic involving the boys (or Jared and Jensen)?  Um. YES. *___* I won't lie, when Pax told me she was writing boys-as-werewolves, my response was :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D and I freaking went sparkle-eyed over every snippet I got to preview.

This just has such gorgeous writing, just wonderful ways of phrasing things. And Dean and Sam are not only very, very Dean and Sam, but they're absofreakinglutely Dean'n'Sam and Sam'n'Dean from the word go, with that incredible soulmate connection that makes me so happy in Show. Then when there's bonding and then...not gonna give it away, but ♥♥♥! I have a thing for bonding and certain other werewolf-type tropes and this just all made me happy, okay? ^___^ This story also gets the special note of making me use the phrase ominously cute to describe certain parts. :3


In other news, have just made dark chocolate-covered frozen kiwi slices (this recipe sans popsicle sticks), and as of last night I'm now hooked on Community. :B The muscle knot that's once again developed in my back/left shoulder area that's making it hard to twist and move my head can GTFO, though.
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Congratulations to all those on my flist who finished big bangs! Every one of you is absolutely awesome \o/ And for those who didn't finish--like me--there's always next year. Or hey, just write your story whenever you feel like. Any time of the year's good for having a long fic to read :)

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