May. 8th, 2011

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Happy Mother's Day to all those on my flist who are or who fill the role ♥ Took Mom out to the Cheesecake Factory at lunch to celebrate, also sent her someecards from us and from the cats (because I am weird that way).

Too much food, though, ugh. Huge meal there today, following a huge meal last night (at a really nice steak/seafood place down on Omaha's riverfront) when the husband and I did dinner out for an anniversary-a-day-late thing. To be honest, I really do eat too much usually--but even for me, ugh, so damned much food. Very much feel like I need to be comatose. -__-

I swear, though, was fine today until about 2pm, then my mood went to crap for no reason. So stupidly grumpy now. Doesn't help that a certain website is being broken again (no, shockingly I'm not referring to this one).

Planted two catnip plants between the front walk and the house yesterday. Hoping we can keep them alive and that they'll grow and spread nicely, fill in that sparse area. Seemed a good plant to do, especially considering we and every freaking friend we have owns cats.

Grump, grump, grump.

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