May. 4th, 2011

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like teeth by [info]paxlux
Sam/Dean, R, 6318 words
So, I'm not very into vampire AU fic, I mean I'll read it, but it's not the sort that really gets me geeking out. But werewolf fic involving the boys (or Jared and Jensen)?  Um. YES. *___* I won't lie, when Pax told me she was writing boys-as-werewolves, my response was :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D and I freaking went sparkle-eyed over every snippet I got to preview.

This just has such gorgeous writing, just wonderful ways of phrasing things. And Dean and Sam are not only very, very Dean and Sam, but they're absofreakinglutely Dean'n'Sam and Sam'n'Dean from the word go, with that incredible soulmate connection that makes me so happy in Show. Then when there's bonding and then...not gonna give it away, but ♥♥♥! I have a thing for bonding and certain other werewolf-type tropes and this just all made me happy, okay? ^___^ This story also gets the special note of making me use the phrase ominously cute to describe certain parts. :3


In other news, have just made dark chocolate-covered frozen kiwi slices (this recipe sans popsicle sticks), and as of last night I'm now hooked on Community. :B The muscle knot that's once again developed in my back/left shoulder area that's making it hard to twist and move my head can GTFO, though.

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