Mar. 1st, 2011

whitereflection: (winchesters graveyards)
Fudging tired. Mom and I got picked up by one of her sisters before 8:30, just got home at about 5:15. Funeral was lengthy and the funeral home was *packed*, gravesite, then the reception was also long and also v. crowded. Then a group of the sisters came back to town here to visit another of my aunts whose been briefly hospitalized and thus couldn't attend. Lots of people, long day, lots of everyone talking all at once, lots of emotion. Slideshow photos reminded me how much I'd really liked that uncle when I was a kid, and even though we weren't that close once I got older, it really does suck he's gone and so early. So rough on my aunt, his wife--they were together since she was still in high school, he just out of it.

I guess it says something, though, about your life, if your funeral is seriously standing room only.

The music was mostly Christian country, but then at the end they played his "theme song", the Allman Brothers' Ramblin' Man. Awdang. Another old song that I never used to feel emotional about, but now there's that pang.

My brother did a post at his blog about things, remembering some of the same stuff I did, including the blowing up of the junker van. One of my aunts read the last half of the blog post during the remembrances, including the following bit: It’s kind of fitting that I saw him most at those events, since those events are where I saw the thing that I think of most when I think of Gary. Explosions. He loved fireworks, homemade bombs (just the fun kind, not the bad kind), anything that “blew up real good.” What would be the most common phrase you heard at family events? “How are you?” “What have you been doing?” “Great to see you?” Well, the phrase I remember hearing most at these family gatherings was “Fire in the hole!” Later, at the cemetery, when people were taking a moment at the casket after the minister spoke, one of his friends patted the casket and said, "Fire in the hole!" It was a fitting sort of farewell.

Also, thanks to those who left thoughts and hugs when I first mentioned this. Really is appreciated. *hugs* to you guys ♥

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